Bills and Resolutions by Failed Deadline

Note: Bills that have failed to meet a deadline may not be marked as such for up to one day after the deadline date. Please check back periodically on the day following the deadline for the full list of bills.


10 Results

Expands the category of personnel of the Department of Public Safety upon whom the powers of a peace officer are conferred. (BDR 23-335)

Increases the penalty for the first offense of unlawfully selling a controlled substance to a minor. (BDR 40-336)

Revises provisions relating to school police officers. (BDR 23-152)

Revises provisions relating to sex trafficking. (BDR 14-63)

Revises provisions governing nonprofit corporations. (BDR 7-223)

Revises provisions relating to real property. (BDR 3-417)

Revises provisions governing medical records. (BDR 40-233)

Revises various provisions governing workers' compensation. (BDR 53-754)

Revises provisions relating to utilities. (BDR 20-497)

Establishes a civil cause of action against certain employers who condition certain employment on a noncompete clause. (BDR 3-1110)

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