Bills and Resolutions by Failed Deadline

Note: Bills that have failed to meet a deadline may not be marked as such for up to one day after the deadline date. Please check back periodically on the day following the deadline for the full list of bills.


15 Results

Urges the Reno City Council to take steps to protect the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery. (BDR S-652)

Provides for the revocation of the business license of a place of transient lodging where repeated acts of prostitution have regularly occurred. (BDR 20-278)

Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-88)

Revises provisions relating to certain loans secured by a lien on real property. (BDR 54-857)

Revises provisions governing transportation. (BDR 35-885)

Revises provisions governing total loss vehicles. (BDR 43-314)

Creates provisions governing casualty insurance. (BDR 57-1034)

Revises provisions relating to public works. (BDR 28-1013)

Urges the United States Senate to protect a woman's reproductive rights as it undergoes the process of vetting a nominee for the United States Supreme Court. (BDR R-880)

Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions relating to the compensation of certain elected officers. (BDR C-1068)

Makes various changes relating to water. (BDR 48-357)

Revises provisions relating to the collection of certain taxes on passenger carriers. (BDR 32-1116)

Makes various changes relating to the cybersecurity of critical infrastructure. (BDR 19-794)

Authorizes certain local governments to increase diesel taxes under certain circumstances. (BDR 32-1002)

Revises provisions relating to business license fees. (BDR 31-93)

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