Bills and Resolutions by Failed Deadline

Note: Bills that have failed to meet a deadline may not be marked as such for up to one day after the deadline date. Please check back periodically on the day following the deadline for the full list of bills.


14 Results

Provides for the certification of behavioral healthcare peer recovery support specialists. (BDR 54-712)

Requires an accommodations facilitator to collect and remit room taxes under certain circumstances. (BDR 20-874)

Revises provisions governing emergency medical services at special events. (BDR 40-928)

Makes various changes relating to bail bonds. (BDR 57-464)

Revises provisions governing warnings against trespassing. (BDR 15-76)

Revises provisions relating to the election of members of certain local governing bodies. (BDR 20-786)

Authorizes the establishment of a public health laboratory in certain counties. (BDR 40-752)

Revises provisions relating to the transportation of children in motor vehicles. (BDR 43-349)

Requires a license or permit issued by a local government to operate certain businesses in which the use of marijuana is allowed or to allow the use of marijuana at certain events. (BDR 20-43)

Revises provisions relating to peace officers. (BDR 23-539)

Exempts certain professionals who are licensed in another jurisdiction from provisions governing the practice of those professions for certain purposes relating to athletics. (BDR 54-319)

Revises provisions relating to the Department of Corrections. (BDR 16-608)

Creates a procedure for the establishment of paternity in proceedings concerning a child in need of protection. (BDR 38-344)

Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-450)

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