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      Abandoned nuisances, abatement, 268.4126

      Alms solicitation, use of minors prohibited, 609.210

      City ordinances, 207.030, 268.409

      Civil protective custody of alcohol abusers, 458.250-458.280

      County ordinances, 207.030, 244.357

      Jurisdiction, municipal courts, 5.050, 266.555

      Lodging on property without permission or on foreclosed or abandoned property, penalty, 207.030

      Public nuisance, place where vagrants resort, 202.450-202.480

      Public works, employment on, 207.040-207.070

      Town ordinances, 207.030, 269.217

      Vacant dwellings, unlawful entry or occupancy (See HOUSEBREAKING)


      Establishment, boundaries, 407.110



      Age for legal purchase, 202.2493

      Labeling and packaging requirements, 202.2493


             Employers may provide products to minor employees for purposes of handling or transporting, 202.2493

             Inspection of retailers to enforce laws, use of minors, 202.2496, 202.2497

             Notice concerning prohibition against sales to minors, requirements, 202.2493

             Sales or distributions to minors unlawful, penalties, 202.2493

      Notice concerning prohibition against sales to minors, requirements, 202.2493


      Cemeteries, 452.210-452.270, 452.410

      Locksmiths and safe mechanics, generally, ch. 655


      Civil penalties for certain violations, deposit and use, 587.900

      Craft food operations, 587.691-587.699

      Farm-to-fork events, 446.0145, 446.868, 446.869

      Farmers’ markets (See FARMERS’ MARKETS)


             Grade requirements, marking or labeling of containers, 587.580

             Growers, Advisory Board, assessments, ch. 556

      Organic agricultural products, certification of producers and handlers, 587.700-587.830

      Pest control, 555.005-555.125

      Potatoes, 587.109, 587.570

      Produce vendors, registration, regulation, 576.0175, 576.1285

      Transportation and sales, 587.460-587.660

      Unsound, diseased or unwholesome produce

             Condemnation and destruction, 585.360

             Sales unlawful, forfeitures for violations, 583.060, 583.700

      Vegetable seeds (See also SEEDS)

             Definition, 587.071

             Germination standards, 587.083

             Labeling requirements, 587.091, 587.097, 587.099, 587.115

             Penalty for violations, 587.123

             Prohibitions, 587.111-587.114

             Records and samples, retention, 587.107

             Screenings or cleanings from premises, permit required, treatment of screenings, 587.119

             Seizure, 587.121

             Seller, responsibility for incorrect labeling limited, 587.117



      Applicability of laws, 482.3161

      Bond or deposit, 482.3167, 482.3175

      Definition, 482.137

      Legislative declaration, 482.316

      License plates, 482.3165, 482.3169-482.3173, 482.3175


             Application, 482.3163

             Child support obligations, effect, 482.31632, 482.3174

             Denial, suspension or revocation, 482.31632, 482.3174, 482.3175

             Expiration and renewal, 482.3163, 482.31632

             Fees, 482.3163

             Fingerprinting, 482.3163

             Requirement, 482.3161

             Revocable privilege, 482.316

      Movement of vehicle, authority, prohibited acts, 482.3171, 482.3173

      Registration certificates, issuance for use on motor vehicles being delivered in State, 482.3169


      Animal-drawn vehicles

             Lamps and reflectors, 484D.175

             Liability insurance requirements for commercial enterprises, 706.303

             Running on public road prohibited, 574.180

             Slow moving vehicle emblem, display, 484D.545

             Traffic laws, applicability, 484B.103

      Animals, carrying in cruel manner prohibited, 574.190


      Cigarettes, throwing lighted cigarettes from moving vehicle unlawful, 475.030

      Controlled substances

             Forfeiture of vehicle for violations, 453.301

             Place of unlawful use, keeping, 453.326

      Definition, 482.135, 484A.320

      Embezzlement, failure to return rented or leased vehicle, 205.312

      Firearms, unlawful discharge, 202.285, 202.287

      Homemade vehicles, identification number, 482.553

      Inspections by Commissioner of Food and Drugs, 585.240, 585.245

      Liens (See LIENS)

      Mobile homes (See MOBILE HOMES AND PARKS)

      Mopeds (See MOPEDS)

      Motor vehicles (See MOTOR VEHICLES)

      Motorcycles (See MOTORCYCLES)

      Off-road vehicles (See OFF-HIGHWAY VEHICLES)

      Property tax, vehicles defined as personal property, 361.030

      Recreational vehicles (See RECREATIONAL VEHICLES)

      Rental cars (See RENTAL CARS)


      Retail installment sales, ch. 97

      Seizure of certain vehicles by police officers, 482.540, 482.542

      Sidewalks, driving on unlawful, 405.250

      Slow moving vehicle emblem, display on certain vehicles required, 482.276, 484D.545

      Spark arrestor, when required, 475.060

      Special mobile equipment (See SPECIAL MOBILE EQUIPMENT)

      Traffic laws (See TRAFFIC CONTROL)

      Trailers (See TRAILERS)

      Travel trailers (See TRAVEL TRAILERS)

      Trimobiles (See TRIMOBILES)


      Affirmative defense, 484C.130

      Alcohol or drug abuse

             Evaluation before sentencing, 484C.300

             Treatment program, restrictions on participation, 484C.340

      Arrest without warrant, 484A.710

      Definition, 484C.130

      Driver’s license, revocation, 483.460, 484C.160, 484C.210

      Habitual felons, definition, punishment, 207.012

      Ignition interlock device, installation required, 484C.460

      Mandatory suspension of registration, duration, exceptions, 484C.520

      Penalties, 484C.440

      Preliminary or evidentiary testing of driver and other persons

             Admissibility of test results or refusal to submit to tests, 484C.180, 484C.240, 484C.250

             Arrested person may choose qualified person to administer test, 484C.180

             Failure to submit to tests, effect, 484C.150, 484C.160, 484C.210

             Fee for chemical analysis, 484C.510

             Implied consent to preliminary and evidentiary testing, procedures, 484C.150, 484C.160

             Substitution of test prohibited, 484C.180

      Victim impact panels, defendant to attend meetings, 484C.530


      Arrest without warrant authorized, 484A.710

      Definition, 484B.657

      Driver’s license, revocation, 209.517, 213.12185, 483.460

      Driving record, inclusion of convictions, 484B.657

      Pedestrian safety zones, additional penalties for violations in, 484B.135

      Penalties, 484B.657

      Work zones, additional penalties for violations in, 484B.130


      Blind, persons who are

             Operation, 426.590, 426.630-426.720

             Property tax exemptions, 361.157, 361.159

      Cigarettes (See also CIGARETTES)

             Dispensing of items other than tobacco products prohibited, 202.2494

             Placement in certain public areas accessible to minors prohibited, 202.2494

      Coin boxes, possession or use of devices to remove coins unlawful, 205.2705

      Coins, use of unlawful coins in vending machines prohibited, 205.2705

      Insurance vending machines, 683A.370

      Prisons, operation in visitors’ areas, 209.229

      Regional transportation commissions, authority to construct and maintain stands, 277A.320

      Theft of money or property of $650 or more, 205.2707

      Unlawful sale, solicitation or delivery of certain goods on public property, 426.715


      Generally, 113.040, 113.050



      Grand jurors, summoning, 6.110, 6.120

      Trial jurors, summoning, 6.090


      Corporation for public benefit to provide private equity for certain businesses, 355.250-355.285

      Revenue bonds for financing

             Account for Venture Capital, 349.929

             Agreement, contents, 349.915

             Allocation of proceeds of bonds, 349.914

             Definitions, 349.901-349.909

             Faith of State pledged, 349.927

             Form and terms, 349.923

             Fund for the Retirement of Bonds, 349.921

             Investment and deposit of bond proceeds, 349.921, 349.924

             Issuance, 349.919, 349.920

             Legislative declaration, 349.900

             Liability of Director of Department of Business and Industry limited, 349.911

             Limitation of actions, 349.926

             Management company

                   Definition, 349.909

                   Prerequisites, 349.918

                   Selection, 349.912

             Management of proceeds of sale by banks or trust companies, 349.924

             Refunding, 349.925

             Special obligations, 349.922


      Accessory in commission of offense, 171.065

      Acquittal in other county, effect, 171.075, 193.290

      Aircraft, crimes committed on, 171.040

      Animals ranging in two or more counties, 171.045

      Arbitration, 38.246

      Bigamy and incest, 171.055

      Boundary of two or more counties, commission or crime on or near, 171.035

      Burglary, 171.060, 205.060

      Business tax actions, 363B.180, 363B.220

      Change of venue


                   Court of Appeal’s jurisdiction to review decisions, 2A.170

                   Subject of appeal, NRAP 3A(b)(6), JCRCP 72A

                   Supreme Court’s jurisdiction to review decisions, 2.090

             Business court, to county with, 13.050

             Consent of parties, 1.050, 13.050

             Court’s power to order change, 2.110, 2A.170

             Criminal actions

                   Accused in custody, proceedings on removal, 174.495

                   Appeal of order changing or refusing to change, 174.455

                   Application, requirements, 174.455, 174.464

                   Authority of court receiving action, 174.505

                   Entry of order, 174.485

                   Grounds, 174.455

                   Order, 174.475, 174.485

                   Transmission of papers on, 174.485, 174.505

                   Trial and judgment after, 174.505

             Deferred deposit loans, high-interest loans or title loans, violations, 604A.415

             Grounds, 13.050

             Justice courts, 66.020-66.070

             Local and special legislation providing for change of venue prohibited, Art. 4 § 20

             Mechanics’ liens, foreclosure actions, 108.239

             Order of court, 13.050

             Other county within judicial district, transfer to, 13.060

             Papers on, transfer on change, 13.050

             Stipulation of parties, 1.050

             Time for filing, 13.050

             Witnesses’ convenience, 13.050

      Commencement of actions, 13.010, 13.040

      Commerce tax, certain actions, 363C.640, 363C.680

      Common carrier, crime committed on, 171.040

      Contracts, 13.010

      Conviction in other county, effect, 171.075, 193.290

      Counties, actions by or against, 13.030

      Court of Appeals, civil actions, 2A.170

      Court, power to change place of trial, 1.050, 13.010, 13.020, 13.040

      Criminal offenses committed partly in one county, 171.030, 171.035

      Deceptive trade practices, actions by Attorney General or district attorney, 598.0989


             About to depart from State, 13.040

             Residence outside Nevada, 13.040

             Unknown, 13.040

      Deferred deposit loans, debt collection in justice court, 604A.415

      Distance medicine, where acts deemed to occur, 630.049

      Dueling, 171.025

      Embezzlement, 171.060

      False claims submitted to governmental entities, actions by Attorney General, designee or private plaintiffs, 357.080

      Financial and mining business tax, actions, 363A.190, 363A.230

      Firearms, unlawful discharge at or from means of transport, 202.285, 202.287

      Foreclosures, real property, 13.010

      Forfeitures, actions for recovery, 13.020, 179.1171

      Guardians, appointment, 159.037, 159.039

      High-interest loans, debt collection in justice court, 604A.415

      Homicide, 200.110

      Human trafficking, actions by victims, 41.1399

      Humboldt River Decree, proceedings relating to, 3.0199

      Identity theft, 205.4657

      Improper venue

             Grounds for dismissal of actions, N.R.C.P. 41(b), JCRCP 41(b)

             Waiver, 13.050

      Indian burial sites, action following destruction or unlawful excavation, 383.190

      Injunction pending action, application for, 13.010

      Inland port authorities, actions against, 277B.400

      Insurance companies, delinquency proceedings, 696B.190

      Insurance Product Regulation Commission, actions involving, 687C.010 (Art. III)

      Invasion of the home, 205.067

      Justice courts

             Collection of certain debts, 604A.415

             General rules, 66.010, JCRCP 82

      Larceny, 171.060

      Letters, when sending of letter made criminal, 193.310

      Libel, 200.540

      Live entertainment tax actions, 368A.290, 368A.330

      Livestock and farm products dealers and other licensees, actions against, 576.150

      Mining corporations or associations, actions against minority owners, 520.050

      Motor vehicle dealers, limitation on settlement of controversies prohibited, 482.3638

      Motor vehicle fuel tax actions, 365.460

      Nevada Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, actions against, 686C.380

      Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure, construction relating to venue, N.R.C.P. 82

      Organized retail theft, prosecution, 205.08345

      Pandering, 201.350

      Partition of real property, 13.010

      Paternity actions, 126.091

      Penalties, actions for recovery, 13.020

      Property feloniously taken in one county and brought into another, 171.060

      Property tax, suits for, 361.435, 361.650

      Prostitutes, living from earnings of, 201.350

      Public officers, actions against, 13.020

      Public works, actions on contractors’ payment bonds, 339.055

      Railroads, crimes committed on, 171.040

      Real property actions, 13.010

      Removed actions from state court to United States court, N.R.C.P. 81(c)

      Robbery, 171.060

      Sales and use tax actions, 372.705, 372.710, 374.685, 374.710

      Sex trafficking, 201.350

      Special fuel tax actions, 366.660

      Stalking, 200.581

      State of Nevada, actions against, 13.020, 41.010

      Supreme Court’s jurisdiction, criminal actions, 2.090, 2.110

      Tahoe Regional Planning Compact, actions under, 277.200 (Art. VI)

      Technological crimes, civil forfeiture actions, 179.1229

      Title loans, debt collection in justice court, 604A.415

      Transfer of cases for trial to another county within judicial district, 13.060

      Trials on appeal, NRAP 3A(b)(6), JCRCP 72A(c)

      Unincorporated nonprofit associations, 81.795


             Crimes committed on, 171.040

             Firearms, unlawful discharge at or from vessel, 202.285


      District courts

             Civil actions

                   Adjournment of court pending verdict, 16.160

                   Answers to interrogatories, inconsistency, N.R.C.P. 49(b)

                   Clerk or jury foreman, duty on receiving verdict, 16.190

                   Correcting verdict, 16.180

                   Death after verdict, survival of actions, 12.100

                   Directed verdict, N.R.C.P. 50

                   Failure to reach verdict, discharge of jury, 16.150

                   Form of judgment, N.R.C.P. Form 31

                   General verdict, N.R.C.P. 49(b)

                   Informal or insufficient verdict, correction, 16.180

                   Judgment in accordance with verdict, N.R.C.P. 49(b)

                   Judgment notwithstanding verdict, N.R.C.P. 49(b)

                   Majority verdict, Art. 1 § 3

                   Manner of giving verdict, 16.170

                   Poll of jury, 16.190

                   Recess or adjournment, verdict sealed during, 16.160

                   Rendering, 16.170

                   Return of jury with verdict, 16.170

                   Sealed during recess or adjournment, 16.160

                   Setting verdict aside, N.R.C.P. 61

                   Special verdict, N.R.C.P. 49(a)

             Criminal cases

                   Acquittal (See ACQUITTAL)

                   Agreement upon verdict, proceedings, 175.481

                   Attempt to commit crime charged, finding of guilty or guilty but mentally ill, 175.501

                   Conviction of one offense charged, statement, 175.511

                   Death penalty cases, 175.554, 175.556

                   Declaration of verdict, 175.481

                   Disagreement, juror announcing after verdict given, 175.531

                   Guilty but mentally ill, 175.533

                   Joint trial, verdict as to some defendants, new trial as to others, 175.491

                   Judgment of conviction, inclusion, 176.105

                   Lesser offense, finding of guilty or guilty but mentally ill, 175.501

                   Manner of taking by court, 175.481

                   Offenses to be stated separately, 175.511

                   Poll of jury, 175.531

                   Presence of accused on rendition of verdict, 178.388

                   Return, 175.481

      Influencing verdicts, 199.040

      Justice courts, civil actions

             Answers to interrogatories consistent or inconsistent, JCRCP 49(b)

             Directed verdict, judgment as a matter of law, JCRCP 50

             General verdict, JCRCP 49(b)

             Judgment in accordance with verdict, JCRCP 49(b)

             Judgment notwithstanding verdict, JCRCP 49(b)

             Majority verdict, JCRCP 48

             Setting verdict aside, JCRCP 61

             Special verdict, JCRCP 49(a)

      Majority verdicts, Art. 1 § 3, JCRCP 48

      Promising verdicts, 199.050

      Short trials, judgment on jury verdict, form, N.S.T.R. Form 1

      Unanimous verdicts may be required, Art. 1 § 3

      Wills, contests, 137.050


VESSELS (For specific provisions, see BOATS AND BOATING)

      Generally, ch. 488


      Abandoned property, transfer to Department of Veterans Services, 120A.610, 417.090

      Adjutant General, reports, 417.0194

      Administration, Department of, reports, 417.0194

      Advisory committees for veterans’ cemeteries, creation, duties, 417.150, 417.230

      Alcohol or drug abuse treatment for criminal defendants (See ALCOHOL OR DRUG ABUSE PROGRAMS)

      Benefits received by direct deposit, exemption from execution, 21.105

      Cemeteries, establishment, 417.200-417.230

      Certificate of discharge, recording, 419.020

      Conservation and Natural Resources, Department of, reports, 417.0194

      Corrections, Department of, reports, 417.0194

      County office of coordinator of services for veterans, 244.401, 244.406

      Death, burial or cremation of certain bodies, 417.210, 451.027, 451.420, 451.430

      Department of Veterans Services (See VETERANS SERVICES, DEPARTMENT OF)

      Disabilities, veterans with (See also DISABILITIES, PERSONS WITH)

             Domestic relations actions, seizure or assignment of federal disability benefits, 125.165, 125.210

             Fishing and hunting licenses, issuance, 502.072

             Governmental services tax exemption, 371.104-371.106

             License plates, issuance and use, exemption from parking fees, 482.3765-482.3783, 484B.463

             Parking spaces designated for persons with disabilities, authorized use, 484B.467

             Property tax exemption, 361.091, 361.155, 361.1565

             Public works contracts, preferences, reports, 338.1384-338.13847, 417.0194, 417.105

             State parks, annual permits, 407.065

             State purchasing contracts, preferences, reports, 333.3361-333.3369, 417.0194, 417.105

      Driver’s license or instruction permit

             Commercial driver’s licenses, exemption from driving test, 483.933

             Declaration and designation of veteran status, 483.292, 483.2925

             Motor Vehicles, Department of, reports, 417.0194

      Education, Department of, reports, 417.0194


             Federal act concerning reemployment, enforcement, 418.030

             Interagency Council on Veterans Affairs, receipt of reports, duties, 417.0194

             Payroll tax, deduction of wages paid to certain newly hired veterans, 363A.133, 363B.113

             Political subdivisions, preferential employment, 281.060

             Public works, preferential employment, 338.130

             State employment

                   Economic Development, Office of, reports, 417.0194

                   Preferential employment, 281.060, 284.260

                   Reinstatement, 284.359

             Training programs in actual employment, 418.045

      Ex-POW’s, special license plates and exemption from parking fees, 482.377

      Fund for a Healthy Nevada, benefits and services for veterans, 439.630, 439.665, 439.745

      Funding of programs and services for veterans, receipt of reports, 417.109

      GI loans, disability of minority removed, 129.020

      Gift Account for Veterans, creation, sources and use, 417.115

      Governmental services tax exemption, 371.103-371.106


             Proceedings, receipt of notices and citations, 159.034

             Veterans’ Guardianship Act, Uniform, ch. 160

      Health and Human Services, Department of, reports, 417.0194

      High school diplomas, issuance to certain veterans, posthumous issuance, 390.630


             Assistance to finance, 315.9981-315.99874, ch. 319

             Housing authorities

                   Power to provide housing, 315.580

                   Veterans’ preferences, 315.510

             Veteran defined, 315.300

      Identification card application or renewal

             Declaration and designation of veteran status, 483.852, 483.853

             Motor Vehicles, Department of, reports, 417.0194

      Interagency Council on Veterans Affairs, 417.0191-417.0195

      Laws regarding veterans, receipt of copies, 417.103

      Legal assistance, Office of Military Legal Assistance, 228.650, 228.660

      Legislative Committee on Senior Citizens, Veterans and Adults With Special Needs, 218E.745-218E.760

      License plates

             Bronze Star Medical recipients, 482.3783

             Congressional Medal of Honor recipients, 482.378

             Decals indicating military unit of service, 482.37635, 482.3764

             Disabilities, veterans with, 482.3765-482.3783, 484B.463

             Ex-prisoners of war, 482.377

             Female veterans, issuance of alternative special license plates, 482.3763, 482.377

             Motor Vehicles, Department of, reports, 417.0194

             Outreach programs and support services, use of fees for, 482.3763, 482.3764

             Pearl Harbor survivors, 482.3765

             Purple Heart recipients, 482.3775

             Silver Star recipients, 482.3783

      Lobbying activities, exemption from certain fees, 218H.410, 218H.500

      Mental illness, veterans with

             Criminal defendants, treatment programs (See MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES — Criminal defendants)

             Transfer to veterans’ hospital or other federal facility, 160.160-160.162, 433A.420

      Military Children, Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for, ch. 388F

      Military Legal Assistance, Office of, 228.650, 228.660

      Nevada System of Higher Education

             Implementation of measures to ensure educational needs are met, 396.504

             Reports regarding students who are veterans, 396.504, 396.507

             Tuition charges, exemptions, 396.540

      Nevada Will Always Remember Veterans Gift Account, creation, sources, use, 331.125, 407.066, 408.119, 417.410

      Occupations and professions

             Licensing requirements

                   Alcohol and drug abuse counselors, expedited license or certificate by endorsement, 641C.356, 641C.396, 641C.470

                   Audiology or speech-language pathology, expedited license by endorsement, 637B.175, 637B.204

                   Behavior analysts, expedited license by endorsement, 641.196, 641.228

                   Clinical alcohol and drug abuse counselors, expedited license by endorsement, 641C.3306, 641C.470

                   Clinical professional counselors, expedited license by endorsement, 641A.242, 641A.290

                   Detoxification technicians, expedited certificate by endorsement, 458.0256

                   License reciprocity, generally, 622.510

                   Marriage and family therapists, expedited license by endorsement, 641A.242, 641A.290

                   Massage therapists, expedited license by endorsement, 640C.426, 640C.520

                   Nurses, expedited license by endorsement, 632.162, 632.282, 632.345

                   Occupational therapists, expedited license by endorsement, 640A.166, 640A.190

                   Optometry, license by endorsement, 636.143, 636.207

                   Pharmacies, expedited license by endorsement, 639.170, 639.2316

                   Pharmacists, expedited certificate by endorsement, 639.1365, 639.170

                   Physical therapists, expedited license by endorsement, 640.090, 640.146

                   Physician assistants, expedited license by endorsement, 630.268, 630.2752, 633.4336, 633.501


                          Exemptions from laws, 630.047, 633.171

                          License by endorsement, fees, 630.268, 633.501

                   Podiatric physicians, expedited license by endorsement, 635.0665

                   Problem gambling counselors, expedited certificate by endorsement, 641C.433, 641C.470

                   Psychologists, expedited license by endorsement, 641.196, 641.228

                   Social workers, expedited license by endorsement, 641B.272, 641B.300

             Reporting requirements, 417.0194, 622.120

      Organizations (See VETERANS’ ORGANIZATIONS)

      Pearl Harbor

             Remembrance Day, designation and proclamation, 236.045

             Special license plates, 482.3765

      Postsecondary Education, Commission on, reports, 417.0194

      Property tax exemption, 361.090-361.091, 361.155, 361.1565

      Public Employees’ Retirement System, benefits and service credit, 286.215, 286.300, 286.303, 286.479

      Public Safety, Department of, reports, 417.0194

      Real estate licensees, reinstatement of license after military service, 645.600


      Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944, disability of minority removed, 129.020

      Sexual trauma victims, plans and programs to assist, funding, 417.090, 417.119

      Small business start-ups, funding of loan program, 612.607

      Stolen valor, penalty, 205.412

      Suicide Fatalities, Committee to Review, representation, 439.5104

      Taxation, Department of, reports, 417.0194

      Teach Nevada Scholarship Program, considerations in awarding grants and scholarships, 391A.580, 391A.585

      Unclaimed remains of veterans, procedures, 451.027, 642.0197

      Veterans Day at the Legislature, designation, 236.047

      Veterans’ homes

             Accounts, creation, sources and use, 417.145, 417.148

             Administrators, appointment, 417.147

             Funding, 417.147

             License plates supporting, 482.37635

             Location, 417.147

             Maintenance and operation, 417.147

             Money belonging to residents, deposit and disposition, reserve cash fund, 417.149

             Room rates, setting of schedule, 417.147

             Tax exemptions for veterans, designation of any amount for support of homes, 361.0905, 361.091, 371.1035

      Wildlife, Department of, reports, 417.0194

      Women Veterans Advisory Committee, 417.300-417.330


      Banks, investment in bonds or notes insured by Department, 662.095

      Cigarettes and other tobacco products, excise tax refund allowed for sales to veterans’ hospitals, 370.280, 370.503

      Construction controls, approved projects exempt from bond requirements, 627.180

      Dentists and dental hygienists, state licensing laws inapplicable, 631.115

      Dietitians, state licensing laws inapplicable, 640E.090

      Guardianship Act, ch. 160

      Hospital, acquisition of state land, consent given, 328.310

      Installment Loan and Finance Act, inapplicability to approved firm, 675.040

      Mental illness, persons with

             Powers of Department and court, 160.161

             Transfer to Department, 160.160, 160.162, 433A.420

      Public records, certified copies provided without charge, 239.020

      Savings and loan associations, investment in bonds and notes insured by Department, 673.310


      Annual reports, 417.0195

      Chair and Vice Chair, 417.0193

      Creation, 417.0191

      Duties, generally, 417.0195

      Meetings, ch. 241, 417.0193

      Members, 232A.020, 417.0191, 417.0193

      Nevada Veterans Services Commission, receipt of reports, 417.190

      State agencies and regulatory bodies, receipt of reports, duties, 385A.800, 417.0194, 612.237, 622.120

      Women Veterans Advisory Committee, cooperation, 417.330


      Legal holiday, 236.015


      Accounts, 160.100, 160.110

      Applicability, 160.030

      Construction and interpretation, 160.180, 160.190

      Definitions, 160.020


             Appointment, 160.050-160.080

             Bond, 160.090, 160.120

             Compensation, 160.120

             Discharge, 160.040, 160.170

             Investments, 160.130

             Removal for failure to file account, 160.110

      Maintenance and support of other than ward, 160.140

      Money, investment and use, 160.130, 160.140

      Public records, furnishing of copies, 160.150

      Short title, 160.010


             Commitment to hospital, 160.160-160.162

             Limitation on number, exceptions, 160.040

             Minor ward, discharge of guardian, 160.170


      Advisory committees for veterans’ cemeteries, representation, 417.230

      Burial of deceased veterans, powers and duties, 417.210, 451.420, 451.430

      Circuses, tent shows, theme parks and permanent exhibitions, local license issued without charge, 244.340, 268.0975

      Department of Veterans Services, cooperation with, 417.090

      Insignia, registration and protection, 600.240-600.400, 601.020, 601.050, 601.110

      Lotteries, regulation, ch. 462

      Names, protection, ch. 601

      National Guard armories, use, 412.106

      Nevada Veterans Services Commission, representation, 417.150

      Property tax exemption, 361.095


      Audit by Legislative Auditor, 232B.235


             Base budgets, fundamental review, 218E.435-218E.450

             State Budget Act, 353.150-353.246

      Chair, 417.160

      Creation, 417.150

      Duties, 417.190

      Gifts or grants, authority to accept, 353.335-353.339

      Internet website, duties, immunities, 237.360, 239.008, 239B.050, 239B.060

      Meetings, ch. 241, 417.160, 417.170

      Members, 232A.020, 417.150, 417.160

      Memorials, naming of state facilities after deceased members of Armed Forces, duties, 331.125, 407.066, 408.119, 417.400

      Payments of money for services provided by agency, procedures, 353.146-353.148

      Quorum, 417.180

      Records, 237.370, ch. 239

      Records official, designation, duties, 239.008

      Sunset Subcommittee, review of Commission, 232B.220-232B.250

      Vacancies, 232A.020, 417.150, 417.180

      Vice Chair, 417.160


      Abandoned property having military value, receipt, 120A.610, 417.090

      Cemeteries, establishment, duties, 417.200-417.230

      Creation, 417.020

      Criminal actions, award of attorney’s fees and litigation expenses to prevailing party, 41.0393

      Definitions, 417.005-417.014

      Deputy Director

             Appointment, 417.030

             Classification, 417.060

             Duties generally, 417.090

             Oaths, authority to administer, 417.100

             Office, location, 417.070

             Other employment prohibited, exception, 417.060

             Qualifications, 417.030

      Diplomas, establishment of guidelines for issuance to certain veterans, 390.630


             Administrative expenses, reimbursement, 417.080

             Appointment, 417.030

             Bond, 417.035

             Classification, 417.060

             Duties generally, 417.020, 417.090

             Guardian of incompetent veteran or child of deceased veteran, appointment as, 160.040, 160.090

             Interagency Council on Veterans Affairs, member, 417.0191

             Nevada Veterans Services Commission, duties, 417.150, 417.160

             Oaths, authority to administer, 417.100

             Office, location, 417.070

             Other employment prohibited, exception, 417.060

             Qualifications, 417.030

      Documents, authority to certify, 417.100

      Employees, 239.008, 417.080

      Funding of programs and services for veterans, annual reports, 417.109

      Internet website generally, duties, immunities, 237.360, 239.008, 239B.050, 239B.060

      Laws regarding veterans, distribution, duties, 417.103

      Nevada Veterans Services Commission, advice and recommendations, 417.190

      Powers and duties generally, 417.020

      Preferences for businesses owned and operated by veterans with service-connected disabilities, duties, 417.105

      Records, 237.370, ch. 239

      Regulations, authority to adopt, 417.018

      Reports from Department of Motor Vehicles, 483.292, 483.852

      Sexual trauma victims, development of plans and programs to assist, funding, 417.090, 417.119

      Sovereign immunity waived, 41.0305-41.039

      Unclaimed human remains of veterans, receipt of reports, duties, 451.027, 642.0197

      Women Veterans Advisory Committee, duties, 417.320, 417.330


      Action for compensation for services, proof of licensure required, 638.019

      Admission to practice without examination, 638.105

      Animal remedies, ch. 577

      Animal technicians (See Veterinary technicians, this heading)

      Armed Forces members and spouses, opportunities for license reciprocity, duties of Board, 622.510

      Attorney General, duties, 638.1419, 638.151, 638.1525, 638.153, 638.160

      Business licenses

             Prohibited acts by local governments, 244.335, 266.355, 268.095, 269.170

             Renewal of professional license, requirements, 622.240

      Cats (See also Sterilization of animals, this heading)

             Examination before resale, duties, 574.450

      Child support obligations of licensees, effect, 638.103, 638.1409

      Citations for violations, 638.1471

      Civil penalties, 638.147, 638.1471

      Communicable diseases, reports to health authority, 441A.150, 441A.920

      Computers for transmittal of information to pharmacy, provision by pharmacy or insurer, 639.275

      Continuing education requirements, 638.070, 638.128, 638.147

      Controlled substances (See also CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES — Practitioners; PRESCRIPTIONS)

             Practitioner defined to include veterinarian, 453.126

      Cruelty to animal grounds for disciplinary action, 638.1408

      Dangerous drugs (See also DANGEROUS DRUGS; PRESCRIPTIONS)

             Authority of technicians and assistants to possess and administer, 454.213

             Practitioner defined to include veterinarian, 454.00958

      Definitions, 638.001-638.013

      Dimethyl sulfoxide, restrictions on sale, 585.485

      Diplomates, limitations on practice, 638.105

      Disciplinary and other actions

             Authorized actions, 638.147

             Background checks authorized, 622.360

             Complaints, investigations and summary orders, 638.1413-638.1445

             Consent or settlement agreements, conditions and limitations, 622.330, 622A.170, 638.1429

             Contested cases, procedures, ch. 622A

             Grounds generally, 638.140-638.1408

             Hearing officers and panels, authority, 638.083

             Immunity from civil action, 638.152

             Medical use of marijuana, discipline prohibited, 453A.510

             Open Meeting Law, applicability, 622.320

             Proceedings, 638.145-638.148, 638.151, 638.1515

             Records, 622.330, 638.087, 638.089, 638.142, 638.1429, 638.147

             Standards of practice, failure to meet, 638.134

             Summary of action, availability to public, 622.100

             Suspension or revocation of license

                   Child support obligations, effect, 638.1409

                   Contested cases, revocation and reinstatement of license, 622A.410

                   Dangerous drug convictions, effect, 454.361

                   Effect of suspension or revocation, 639.2107

                   Fingerprints, refusal to submit to licensing board, 622.360

                   Health examination ordered by Board, refusal to submit to, 638.142

                   Human beings, provision of medical assistance, treatment or counsel, 638.1525

                   Summary suspension authorized, procedures, 233B.127, 638.1423

      Diseased animals, notification to State Quarantine Officer, 571.160

      District attorneys, duties, 638.1525, 638.153, 638.160

      Dogs (See also Sterilization of animals, this heading)

             Examination before resale, duties, 574.450

      Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act, Uniform, ch. 415A

      Equine activities, immunity from liability, 41.519

      Euthanasia technicians

             Controlled substances (See also CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES — Practitioners; PRESCRIPTIONS)

                   Practitioner defined to include euthanasia technicians, 453.126

             Definition, 638.005


                   Application, 638.103, 638.116

                   Child support obligations, effect, 638.103, 638.1409

                   Debt owed state agency, effect, 353C.1965, 622.240

                   Examinations, 638.117, 638.127

                   Fees, 638.116

                   Forfeiture and reinstatement, 638.127

                   Qualifications, 638.116

                   Reciprocity, restrictions on issuance of license, 638.127

                   Renewal, 622.240, 638.103, 638.127

                   Surrender upon cessation of employment, 638.118

                   Suspension or revocation (See Disciplinary and other actions, this heading)

             Regulations, 638.119

      Fee splitting and rebates, 638.1404

      Fines, 638.070, 638.147, 638.1471

      Fingerprints, 622.360

      Generic drugs, substitution for brand name drugs, 639.2583-639.2597

      Health, State Board of, representation, 439.030

      Homeopathic physician licensing laws inapplicable, 630A.090

      Human medicine, practice unlawful, 638.1525

      Immunizations, recommendations, 638.134

      Inactive status, placement on, 638.128

      Inspection of facilities, 638.077

      Libraries defined as personal property for property tax purposes, 361.030


             Applications, 638.100, 638.103

             Child support obligations, effect, 638.103, 638.1409

             Confidentiality of information, 638.089

             Debt owed state agency, effect, 353C.1965, 622.240

             Denial, 638.100, 638.110, 638.145, 638.147

             Diplomates, license without examination, 638.105

             Examinations, 638.100, 638.105, 638.110, 638.127

             Exemptions, 638.015

             Expiration and renewal, 233B.127, 622.240, 638.103, 638.127

             Fees, 638.100, 638.105, 638.110, 638.127

             Forfeiture and reinstatement, 638.127

             Inactive status, 638.128

             Issuance, 638.105

             Limitation on practice, 638.129, 638.147

             Proof of licensure before bringing action for compensation, 638.019

             Qualifications, 638.100

             Reciprocity, restrictions on issuance of license, 638.127

             Reinstatement, 638.129

             Suspension or revocation (See Disciplinary and other actions, this heading)

      Liens of agistors, feeders or breeders, 108.540-108.570


             Claims, reports, 638.133

             Grounds for disciplinary action, 638.140

             Limitation of actions, 11.207

             Settlements or awards, reports by insurers, 690B.250

      Mental or physical examination of licensee, 638.142

      Milk commissions, county, membership, 584.207

      Negligence, 638.133, 638.140

      Nevada State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

             Action by Board, approval by majority of members present required, 638.060

             Appearance before Board, licensee to make certain disclosures, 622.300

             Attorney’s fees and costs, recovery, 622.400, 622.410, 638.083

             Audits, 218G.400, 232B.235


                   Base budgets, fundamental review, 218E.435-218E.450

                   State Budget Act, 353.150-353.246

             Child support obligations of licensees, duties, 638.103, 638.1409

             Creation, 638.020

             Criminal actions, award of attorney’s fees and litigation expenses to prevailing party, 41.0393

             Criminal history records, inspection, 179.259, 453.3365

             Delinquent fees or penalties, procedure for collection, ch. 353C

             Deposits, 638.080, 638.083

             Drugs, poisons and chemicals, destruction of unsafe materials, 639.282


                   Contracts for services, 284.013

                   Generally, 638.070

                   Per diem allowance and travel expenses, 638.040

                   Records official, 239.008

                   Restrictions on employment of certain persons, 622.210-622.230

             Enforcement of laws for public benefit and protection, 622.080

             Examinations, duties, 622.090

             Executive Director, 622.220, 638.017, 638.050, 638.080, 638.100, 638.116, 638.122, 638.127, 638.1413, 638.1419, 638.148

             Expenses of Board, payment, 638.083

             FBI, requests for criminal history records, 179A.075, 239B.010

             Financial administration, laws inapplicable, 353.005

             Fiscal year, 638.085

             Hearing officers and panels, delegation of authority, 638.083

             Hearings, legal representation of Board, 638.151

             Injunctive relief, 638.155, 638.1551

             Internet website, duties, immunities, 237.360, 239.008, 239B.050, 239B.060

             Legal advice, appointment of special deputy, compensation, 228.091

             Legislative Counsel Bureau, reports to, 622.100

             Legislative review of public agencies, ch. 232B

             Legislature, reports to, 622.520

             License reciprocity, powers and duties, reports, 622.500-622.520

             Malpractice or negligence, claims, receipt of reports, 638.133, 690B.250


                   Audio or video teleconferences, notices, requirements, 622.340

                   Generally, 638.060

                   Open Meeting Law, ch. 241, 622.320

                   Out-of-state meetings, restrictions, 622.350

                   Quorum, 638.060


                   Number, appointment, 638.020

                   Oath of office, Art. 15 § 2, 638.030

                   Per diem allowance and travel expenses, 638.040

                   Qualifications, 232A.020, 622.205, 638.020

                   Removal, 638.020

                   Salary, 638.040

                   Training, 622.200

                   Vacancies, 232A.020

             Oaths, authority to administer, 638.073

             Officers generally, 638.050

             Offices, 331.110, 638.070

             Payments of money for services provided by agency, procedures, 353.146-353.148

             Powers, 638.070-638.077

             Prescription tracking program, access, 453.164

             President, election, duties, 638.050, 638.060, 638.073, 638.080, 638.1429, 638.148, 638.1551

             Public health concerns, sharing of information, joint investigations, 622.315


                   Complaints and disciplinary proceedings, 638.087, 638.089, 638.142, 638.1423, 638.1429

                   Confidential information, 622.310, 638.087, 638.089, 638.142

                   Correspondence, maintenance by Executive Director, 638.050

                   License information, 638.087

                   Public records, generally, ch. 239

                   Settlement agreements, 622.330, 638.1429

                   Transmittal between state agencies, 237.370


                   Euthanasia technicians, 638.119

                   Executive Director, duties and qualifications, 638.050

                   Facilities, 638.131, 638.132

                   General powers, ch. 233B, 638.070

                   Licensing examinations, 638.110, 638.123

                   Veterinary technicians, 638.123, 638.124

                   Violations, grounds for disciplinary action, 638.140

             Regulatory proceedings, 622.300-622.360

             Reprimands, private reprimands prohibited, 638.147

             Search warrants, 638.1445

             Sovereign immunity waived, 41.0305-41.039

             State Controller, provision of licensee information to, duties, 353C.1965

             Subpoenas, issuance and enforcement, 638.144

             Sunset Subcommittee, review of Board, 232B.220-232B.250

             Veterans Affairs, Interagency Council on, reports to, 417.0194, 622.120

             Vice President, election, duties, 638.050, 638.073

      Nonprescription drugs, permit required for sale, 639.2345

      Nonresidents, practice without license in areas inadequately serviced, 638.125

      Osteopathic physician licensing laws inapplicable, 633.171

      Pharmacies, licensing prohibited, 639.232

      Physician licensing laws inapplicable, 630.047

      Poisons, sales to or on prescription of veterinarian, 454.090, 639.268

      Practice of veterinary medicine defined, 638.008, 638.012

      Practice without license

             Areas inadequately served, 638.125

             Criminal penalties, 638.170

             Unlawful acts, 638.090

      Prepaid services contracts with public employee organizations, 287.500-287.530

      Prescriptions (See PRESCRIPTIONS)

      Probation, 638.147

      Property, exemption from execution, 21.090

      Records maintained by veterinarians, violations involving, 638.140, 638.1408

      Reprimands, private reprimands prohibited, 638.147

      Sanitary conditions of facilities, 638.131, 638.1408

      School of veterinary medicine defined, 638.009

      Service of process, 638.017

      Standards of practice, duty to meet, 638.134

      Sterilization of animals

             Ordinances regarding, posting of notice, 574.670

             Pets adopted from certain agencies, duties, 574.600-574.660

      Veterinary biologics or pharmaceuticals, ch. 577

      Veterinary drugs

             Donated drugs, acceptance and reissuance, 638.200

             Permit to sell required, 639.2345

      Veterinary technicians

             Controlled substances, authority to possess and administer, 453.375

             Definition, 638.013


                   Application, 638.103, 638.122

                   Child support obligations, effect, 638.103, 638.1409

                   Debt owed state agency, effect, 353C.1965, 622.240

                   Examination, 638.123, 638.127

                   Fees, 638.122

                   Forfeiture and reinstatement, 638.127

                   Qualifications, 638.122

                   Reciprocity, restrictions on issuance of license, 638.127

                   Renewal, 622.240, 638.103, 638.127, 638.147

                   Suspension or revocation (See Disciplinary and other actions, this heading)

             Regulations, 638.123, 638.124

             Supervising veterinarian, responsibility, 638.124


             Criminal penalties, 638.1525, 638.170

             Injunctions, 638.155-638.1555

             Prosecution, 638.153, 638.160


      Power of Governor, Art. 4 § 35



             Applicability and interpretation of laws, 688C.350

             Control system, duties of licensees, 688C.360

             Deceptive advertising prohibited, 688C.370-688C.420

             Disparagement prohibited, 688C.400

             Submission to Commissioner of Insurance before use, 688C.220, 688C.370

             Time of viatication or monetary amounts available, required disclosures, 688C.430

      Annual statements, 688C.230

      Brokers or providers

             Disclosures to issuers of life insurance policies, 688C.268

             Disclosures to purchasers, 688C.262-688C.266

             Documents related to viator’s mental or physical condition, acquisition, 688C.280

             Evidence of financial responsibility, 688C.200

             Financial and mining business tax, ch. 363A


                   Business organizations, 688C.190

                   Exemption for certain producers of insurance, 688C.215

                   Expiration and renewal, 688C.190

                   Fees, 680B.010, 680C.110

                   Issuance, 688C.200

                   Requirement, 688C.190

                   Suspension, revocation or denial, 688C.210

             New or revised information, provision to Commissioner, 688C.200

             Nonresidents, agent for service of process, 688C.200

             Notice to insurer regarding proposed viatication, 688C.280

             Probation, 688C.213

             Prohibited acts, 688C.275

             Records, retention, 688C.240

             Transfer of ownership or change of beneficiary, duties following, 688C.330

             Verification of coverage, requests for, 688C.280, 688C.285

      Confidential information

             Felonious acts, investigative information, 688C.480

             Fraud prevention plans, 688C.490

             Identity of insureds and viators, restrictions on disclosure, 688C.230

             Medical information obtained by licensees, 688C.320

      Definitions, 688C.010-688C.150

      Examinations and investigations by Commissioner of Insurance, 688C.180

      Financial planners negotiating settlements, licensure, 688C.212

      Forms, approval, 688C.220

      Injunctive relief, 688C.510

      Insurance laws, applicability, 688C.175

      Investment agents

             Disclosures to purchasers, 688C.262-688C.266

             Licensing, 688C.190, 688C.215

             Probation, 688C.213

             Prohibited acts, 688C.244

             Representatives of providers of settlements, 688C.242

      Regulations, adoption, 688C.170

      Rescission of agreements to purchase, 688C.510

      Securities include viatical settlement investments, 90.295

      Statement regarding insurance fraud, inclusion in applications and contracts, 688C.500

      Unlawful acts

             Allowing certain persons to participate in business, 688C.440

             Brokers or providers, 688C.275

             Disclosures to Commissioner of Insurance, 688C.460-688C.480

             Felonious acts, 688C.450

             Insurers, 688C.285, 688C.330

             Interference with enforcement or investigation, 688C.440

             Investment agents, 688C.242

             Remedies and penalties, 688C.510


             Contacts regarding address, telephone number or health status, 688C.310

             Disclosure of information to viators, 688C.250, 688C.260

             Entry into settlement within 2 years after policy issued, requirements, 688C.270

             Executed documents, submission to escrow agent, receipt of payment, 688C.290

             Identity, restrictions on disclosure, 688C.230

             Rescission of settlement, 688C.300

             Residents of different states covered by same policy, governing law, 688C.160


      Actions for personal injuries

             Computers and information services, crimes related to, 205.511

             Conviction of in related criminal action, effect, 41.133, 217.120

             Domestic violence victims, 41.134

             Liability of victim for injuries sustained by offender, limitation, 41.135

             Minors (See Minor victims, this heading)

             Older or vulnerable persons, 41.1395

             Preference in setting date for trial, 16.025

      Actions for property loss or damage, 41.580, 205.980

      Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice, creation of Subcommittee on Victims of Crime, 176.01245

      Attorneys, unlawful solicitation of legal business from tort victims, 7.045

      Bad checks, fees collected by district attorney used for assistance to victims, 205.471

      Common-interest communities, board members not personally liable to certain victims, 116.4117

      Compensation for certain victims

             Airplane, injury or death resulting from operation of, 217.220

             Appeals, 217.110, 217.113, 217.117

             Application for compensation

                   By whom made, 217.100

                   Denial, 217.110, 217.220

                   Medical reports, 217.090, 217.100, 217.110

                   Recommendations and decisions, 217.110

                   Time limitation, requirement, exceptions, 217.210

             Attorney’s fees, 217.140

             Boat, injury or death resulting from operation of, 217.220

             Change of address, notification to compensation or hearing officer, 217.112

             Child pornography, minor used in production of, 217.070

             Compensation officers, appointment, duties and instruction, 217.090

             Confidentiality of information, 217.105

             Conviction conclusive evidence of commission of offense, 41.133, 217.120

             Criminal act, injury or death as direct result of, 217.070

             Criminal history records, dissemination to officer, 179A.090

             Definitions, 217.020-217.070

             Denial of compensation, grounds, 217.220

             Dependents, pecuniary loss to, 217.160, 217.200

             Driving under the influence, injury or death as direct result of, 217.070, 217.220

             Earnings or support, loss of, 217.200

             Eligibility for award of compensation, 217.160

             Expenses and losses, payment of compensation for, 217.200

             Failure to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, grounds for denial, 217.220

             False statements or representations to obtain, 217.270

             Funeral expenses, 217.200

             Governor’s certificate for meritorious citizen’s service, 217.200


                   Appeals officers, 217.117

                   Hearing officers, 217.112, 217.113

                   Waiver of times specified, 217.115

             Investigations, 217.090, 217.110

             Juvenile delinquent living in detention facility ineligible, 217.220

             Medical expenses, 217.200

             Minor affected by domestic violence battery, 217.160

             Motor vehicle, injury or death resulting from operation of, 217.220

             Nonmedical remedial care and treatment, 217.200

             Older persons, crimes against, 217.050, 217.070, 228.280

             Order for compensation, considerations, 217.180, 217.210

             Out-of-state injuries, eligibility, 217.102

             Pecuniary loss or expenses incurred by person responsible for maintenance of victim as result of injury, 217.160

             Pedestrian injured by driver of vehicle, 217.070, 217.220

             Personal injury defined, 217.050

             Policy of State declared, 217.010

             Pornography, minor used in production of, 217.070

             Prioritization of award, 217.260

             Prisoner injured or killed while incarcerated ineligible, 217.220

             Psychological counseling, 217.160, 217.200

             Recovery by applicant, 217.240


                   Award of compensation to relative of offender, requirements, 217.220

                   Definition, 217.060

             Reports to Legislature, 217.250

             Resident defined, 217.065

             Services rendered to victim, consequence of acceptance of payment from State by provider of services, 217.245

             Sexual abuse of a child, 217.070

             Standards for compensation, establishment, 217.150

             Subrogation of right of action or recovery, 217.240

             Suspension of proceedings, 217.170

             Terrorism, resident injured or killed as direct result of, 217.070

             Time limitations on payment of compensation, requirement, exceptions, 217.210

             Unlawful acts, penalty, 217.270

             Victim defined, 217.070

             Vulnerable persons, 217.050

      Computers and information services, victims authorized to bring civil action, 205.511

      Concealed weapons permits, notification of certain victims, 202.3665

      Condominium hotels, executive board members not personally liable to certain victims, 116B.790

      Confidentiality of information

             Abuse, neglect, exploitation, isolation or abandonment of older or vulnerable persons, records and reports, 200.5095, 200.50982

             Claim for compensation, information obtained in investigation of, 217.105

             Community notification website, release of victim’s identity prohibited, 179B.250, 179B.300

             Crime against a child, release of victim’s name prohibited, 179B.300, 179D.850

             Domestic violence victims

                   Communications with victim’s advocate, privilege, 49.2541-49.2549

                   Death of victim, review by multidisciplinary teams, 217.475, 228.495, 228.497, 432B.290

                   Determinations made by Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, 422A.350

                   Fictitious address program, 217.464

                   Landlords, prohibited disclosures to adverse party, 118A.345

                   Ombudsman, confidentiality of information collected by, 228.450

             Juvenile proceedings, disclosures regarding disposition of case, 62D.440

             Notice regarding offender, personal information pertaining to victim

                   Clemency, 213.010, 213.040, 213.095

                   Escape or release, 178.4715, 209.521

                   Modification of sentence, 176A.630

                   Parole hearings, 213.131

                   Residential confinement, 209.392, 209.3925

                   Sentencing hearings, 176.015

             Protection of victim, confidentiality of personal information, 178.5691

             Pupils, offenses involving, identifying information, 200.377-200.3774

             Sex offender registration or community notification, release of victim’s name prohibited, 179B.250, 179B.300, 179D.850

             Sex trafficking, identifying information, 200.377-200.3774

             Sexual assault victims

                   Communications between victim and advocate, privilege, 49.2541-49.2549

                   Fictitious address program, 217.464

                   Identifying information, 41.1398, 200.377-200.3774, 392.271

             Stalking victims, fictitious address program, 217.464

             Statutory sexual seduction, identifying information, 200.377-200.3774

             Students, offenses involving, identifying information, 200.377-200.3774

      Criminal history records

             Compensation officers, dissemination of records to, 179A.090

             Crime against a child, release of victim’s name prohibited, 179B.300, 179D.850

             Investigative information, disclosure to victim, 179A.120

             Sex offenders, release of victim’s name prohibited, 179B.300, 179D.850

      Criminal prosecutions

             Attendant to provide support for witness during testimony, 178.571

             Character of victim, admissibility, 48.045

             Grand juries, authority to receive victims’ statements, 172.135

             Notice of release of defendant and disposition of case, 178.5698

             Postconviction petitions for genetic marker analysis, receipt of notice, 176.0918

             Preference for setting date for trial, 174.519

             Preliminary examinations, receipt of victims’ statements, 171.196

             Sexual offenses, psychological or psychiatric examination of victim, exclusion of testimony, 50.700

      Death penalty, presence of victim’s relatives at execution, 176.355, 176.357

      Definition of victim includes certain relatives, 178.569, 213.005, 217.060

      Dissemination of information describing benefits available, 217.005

      Domestic violence victims (See DOMESTIC VIOLENCE)

      DUI offenses resulting in injury or death

             Compensation for victims, 217.220, 217.260

             Victim-impact panels, defendant to attend meetings, 484C.530

      Fraudulent transactions with similar victim, penalty, 205.377

      Fund for the Compensation of Victims of Crime

             Balance, carry over, 217.260

             Creation and use, 217.260


                   Administrative assessments, 176.059

                   Crimes against older persons, civil penalties, 228.280

                   DUI violations, civil penalties, 484C.500

                   Forfeitures, 178.518, 179.118

                   Interest and income earned, 217.260

                   Justice courts, fees, 4.060


                          Individual account of offender, deductions, 209.247

                          Wage deductions, 209.463

                   Restitution, unclaimed payments, 176A.430, 213.126

      Harassment, provision to victim of information and documents concerning case, 200.601

      Human trafficking victims (See HUMAN TRAFFICKING)

      Identity theft program cards, application, procedures, 205.4651

      Injunction to restrain unlawful acts against victim, 33.015

      Intimidating or threatening victim

             Attendant to provide support for witness during testimony, 178.571

             Injunction to restrain unlawful act, 33.015

             Protection of victim, 178.569-178.5698

             Unlawful acts, 199.305

      Involuntary servitude, motion to vacate judgment for certain convictions, 176.515

      Justice, Advisory Commission on the Administration of, representation, 176.0123

      Juvenile offenders

             Actions for damages, authority, 62E.610

             Admission to closed proceedings, 62D.010

             Confidentiality of information, 62D.440

             Disclosures and notification of rights, 62C.120, 62D.440

             Liability of victim for injuries sustained by juvenile offender, limitation, 41.135

             Restitution, 62C.210, 62E.550-62E.610

             Sex offenders

                   Attendance at same school as victim, 62F.100-62F.150, 392.251-392.271, 394.162-394.167

                   Community notification, 62F.200-62F.260

             Victim less than 16 years of age, expediting or continuing proceedings in juvenile court, 62D.300, 62D.320

      Kidnapping, report by victim to law enforcement agency extends limitation of action, victim to be provided copy, 171.084

      Minor victims

             Continuance, postponement or expedited proceedings, 174.515

             Delinquent injured or killed while living in detention facility ineligible for compensation, 217.220

             Domestic violence battery, compensation for assessment, evaluation or counseling for minor affected by, 217.160

             Juvenile court, authority to expedite or continue proceedings when victim less than 16 years of age, 62D.300, 62D.320

             Juvenile sex offenders, attendance at same school as victim, 62F.100-62F.150, 392.251-392.271, 394.162-394.167

             Lewdness with child, counseling and medical treatment, 217.260

             Pornography (See CHILD PORNOGRAPHY)

             Preference in setting date for trial, 174.519

             Pupils, offenses involving, confidentiality of identifying information, 200.377-200.3774

             School choice to be offered to certain victims, 392.017

             Sexual abuse

                   Compensation, 217.070

                   Counseling of victims and certain relatives, county to provide for, 217.480

                   Psychological or psychiatric examination of victim, exclusion of testimony, 50.700

             Statutory sexual seduction

                   Confidentiality of identifying information, 200.377-200.3774

                   Jury instructions, certain instructions prohibited, 175.186

             Violent or sexual offenses, reporting requirements, penalty, 202.870-202.894


             12 years of age or younger, reporting requirements, penalty for noncompliance, 202.870-202.894

             Attempt, report by victim to law enforcement agency extends limitation of action, victim to be provided copy, 171.084

             Participation or consent of victim as mitigating circumstance for first degree, 200.035

      Next-of-Kin Registry, 483.641-483.663

      Notoriety, right of victim of felony to proceeds from material based on crime, 217.007

      Pardon or commutation of sentence

             Copy of notice of application, receipt, 213.040

             Grant of clemency, receipt of notice, 213.095

             Hearing on application, receipt of notice, 213.010

             Victim defined, 213.005

             Victim Information Notification Everyday System, 228.205


             Documents or testimony, submission at hearing and consideration by Board, 213.1099, 213.131

             Notice of hearing and final decision of Board, 213.10915, 213.131

             Sex offenders, contact or communication with victim prohibited, exception, 213.1245

             Victim Information Notification Everyday System, 228.205

      Presentence investigation report to include effect of crime on victim, 176.145

      Prisoners, notification of release or escape, 178.5698, 209.392, 209.3925, 209.521, 213.10915, 228.205

      Probation or suspended sentence

             Notice of modified sentence imposed upon probationer, 176A.630

             Sex offenders, contact or communication with victim prohibited, exceptions, 176A.410

      Property loss or damage, civil action to recover for certain crimes, 41.580, 205.980

      Prosecution, preventing or dissuading victim from commencing unlawful, 199.305

      Protection of victims

             Attendant to provide support for witness during testimony, 178.571

             Confidentiality of personal information, 178.5691

             Continuance of proceeding, notification, 178.5694

             Fees for testifying, prosecuting attorney to provide information relating to, 178.5696

             Harassment of victim by employer, 178.5694

             Injunction to prevent unlawful act, 33.015

             Investigation of threats against victim and provision of protection, 178.5692

             Release of defendant and disposition of case, notification, 178.5698

             Separate waiting area to be provided, 178.5696

             Stolen or other personal property belonging to victim, disposition, 178.5696

      Public and Behavioral Health, Division of, duty to notify victim of release or escape from facilities, 178.4715

      Reporting crime, unlawful to prevent or dissuade victim from, 199.305

      Residential confinement of certain offenders, notice of requests for, 209.392, 209.3925, 213.10915

      Restitution (See RESTITUTION)

      Rights of victims, Art. 1 § 8, Art. 1 § 8A

      Sentencing hearing, victim may appear and express views, Art. 1 § 8, Art. 1 § 8A, 176.015

      Sexual offenses

             Community notification

                   Juvenile offenders, 62F.200-62F.260

                   Website, release of victim’s identity prohibited, 179B.250, 179B.300

             Contact or communication with victim, restrictions, 176A.410, 213.1243, 213.1245

             Minor victims (See Minor victims, this heading)

             Polygraphic examination of victim restricted, 171.1228

             Sexual assault victims (See SEXUAL ASSAULT)

             Statewide registry, release of names of victims prohibited, 179B.300

      Stalking victims (See STALKING)

      Trafficking in persons, vacation of judgment in certain circumstances, 176.515

      Trial, preferences in setting date for, 16.025, 174.519

      Victim Information Notification Everyday System, 228.205

      Witness, victim as

             Attendant to provide support for witness during testimony, 178.571

             Competency of person receiving certain care or counseling, 50.067

             Preference in setting trial date, 174.519

             Protection of witness, 178.569-178.5698


      Bullying and cyber-bullying

             Penalties, 200.900

             Schools (See SCHOOLS, PUBLIC — Safe and respectful learning environment)

      Business entities, meetings and communications by videoconference

             Business trusts, 88A.940

             Close corporations, 78A.018

             Corporations, 78.0285, 78.315, 78.320

             Corporations sole, 84.0063

             Foreign corporations, 80.008

             Limited-liability companies, 86.137

             Limited partnerships, 87A.147, 88.318

             Nonprofit corporations and associations, 81.0065, 82.078, 82.276

             Partnerships, 87.565

             Professional associations and entities, 89.028

      Civil actions, appearance by audiovisual transmission equipment, S.C.R. Part IX,

                          S.C.R. Part IX-B

      Communicable diseases, judicial proceedings regarding testing of persons for, 441A.195

      Criminal proceedings, appearance by audiovisual transmission equipment,

                          S.C.R. Part IX-A

      Debts owed to state agencies, contests of income withholding, procedures, 353C.173

      Drones operated by law enforcement or public agencies, use of video obtained, 493.112

      Ethics, Commission on, testimony may be taken by video conference, 281A.440

      Grand juries, use of audiovisual technology to present live testimony, 172.138

      Guardianship proceedings, attendance by propose ward, 159.0485, 159.0535

      Internet Protocol-enabled service, state or local regulation restricted, 704.685

      Intimate images, unlawful dissemination, 200.765-200.790

      Motor Vehicles, Department of, hearings by videoconference, 481.029

      Movie piracy, prohibited acts, 205.216

      Nevada Youth Legislature, use, 219A.200, 219A.210

      Occupational regulatory bodies, meetings conducted by videoconference, notices, participation, 622.340

      Peace officers, use of portable event recording devices, 289.830, 480.365

      Peeping Toms, prohibited acts, penalty, 200.603, 200.604

      Portable electronics insurance, ch. 691D

      Pretrial examinations, use of audiovisual technology to present live testimony, 171.1975

      Prisoners, maintenance of contact with child, 209.42305

      Production companies, tax credit program, 360.758-360.7598

      Public bodies, participation by videoconference, 241.010, 241.015

      Public engagement by state agencies, requirements, 232.003

      Sales and use tax administration, specified digital products construed, 360B.483

      Schools, threats against pupils or teachers prohibited, penalties, 392.915, 394.178

      Scrap metal processors, purchase records, 647.094

      Sexual images, possession, transmittal or distribution, unlawful acts, 62B.320, 200.737

      Theft of audio or visual services, 205.0832, 207.185

      Videotaped depositions (See also DEPOSITIONS)

             Generally, 174.227-174.231


      Controlled substance violation at or near arcade, penalty, 453.3345, 453.3351

      Obscene material harmful to minors, 201.256-201.2655

      Sex offenders, prohibition against being in or near certain businesses, 176A.410, 213.1243, 213.1245, 213.1255

      Smoking prohibited, 202.2483, 202.2491



      Compliance with, regulation, 228.135



      Appropriation and use of water, 533.030, 533.3703, 538.171

      Navigability declared, 537.020


      Generally, Special & Local Acts Volume

      Legislative Committee on Public Lands, review of programs and activities, 218E.525

      Public works laws, certain provisions inapplicable, 338.1385, 338.143

VIRGINIA CITY (For general provisions, see TOWNS)

      Comstock Historic District, ch. 384

      V & T Railroad, reconstruction, funding, 482.37945, Special & Local Acts Volume


      Aged persons, subsidies, 439.630-439.690

      Disabilities, persons with, subsidies, 439.630, 439.705-439.795



      Abortion, hospitals to submit reports to State Registrar, 442.265

      Administration, local

             Collector of vital statistics, county health officer to act as, 440.190

             Copies of certificates, preservation, 440.240

             County coroner, fee for support of office of, 440.715

             Defective or incomplete certificates, correction, 440.220

             Examination of certificates, 440.210

             Filing of certificates by deputies, 440.250

             Forms, local health officer to furnish, 440.200

             Numbering of certificates, attestation of filing date, 440.230

             Report to State Registrar, 440.260

             Salaries or fees of local registrars, 440.710

             Transmission of certificates to State Registrar, 440.260

      Administration, state

             Altered or amended certificates, registration, 440.155

             Certificates and certified copies, issuance, limitation, 440.650

             Examination and supplementation of certificates, 440.150

             Fees, accounting, deposit, use, 440.690

             Forms and blanks, preparation and distribution, 440.135

             Instructions, preparation and issuance, 440.140

             Preservation, indexing and copying of certificates, 440.160

             Records opened to inspection, use, 440.170

             Regulations, 440.120

             Release of certain information, 440.125

             Reproductions of original records and files, 440.165

             Security and confidentiality of vital statistics, 440.125

             State Registrar of Vital Statistics, designation, 440.110

             Statistical data, State Registrar may furnish, 440.175

             Vehicle crash deaths, reports to Department of Motor Vehicles, 484E.090

      Adopted children, birth certificates, 440.310

      Annulments of marriage

             Decrees, prohibitions against preparation and issuance, 440.175

             Reports from county clerks, 440.135, 440.605

      Birth, establishment by district court

             Decree, 41.240, 41.250

             Examination of records, 41.220

             Fees by clerk of court prohibited, 41.260

             Hearing, 41.230

             Powers of court, 41.210

             Verified petition and notice, 41.220

      Birth registration

             Adopted children, 440.310

             Certificates of birth (See BIRTH CERTIFICATES)

             Duty to register, 440.280

             False information, furnishing unlawful, 440.770

             Foundlings, 440.330

             Germicide in newborn’s eyes, statement concerning, 442.060

             Hospitals, duties, 440.280

             Illegitimate children

                   Disclosure of status restricted, 440.170

                   Father’s name, conditions for use on birth certificate, 440.280

                   New certificates, application and issuance, 440.315, 440.325

                   Notation on birth certificate prohibited, 440.290

                   Paternity, acknowledgment or court order of, issuance of new certificate, 440.325

             Information required, 440.280

             Midwives, duties, 440.280

             Parents, duties, 440.280

             Penalty for failure to file certificate, 440.740

             Persons required to file, 440.280

             Physicians, duties, 440.280

             Place of birth when birth occurs in moving conveyance, 440.280

             Requirements, 440.270

             School enrollment, certificate required, 392.165, 392.215, 394.145

             Stillborn children, 440.340

             Time for filing certificate, 440.280

             Unnamed children, supplemental report of name, 440.300

      Certificates or abstracts (See also BIRTH CERTIFICATES; DEATH CERTIFICATES)

             Abstracted birth certificate, issuance and effect, 440.670

             Alteration unlawful, penalty, 440.760

             Altered certificates

                   Procedure, evidentiary effect, 440.630, 440.640

                   Registration of certificate, 440.155

             Amended certificates, registration, 440.155


                   Certified copies

                          Evidentiary effect, 440.660

                          Issuance, limitation, 440.650

                          Prohibitions against preparation and issuance, 440.175

                   Retention by local health officer, 440.240

                   State Registrar, authority, copies deemed original record, 440.160

             County health officer, delivery to, 440.250

             Data obtainable with or without fee, 440.700

             Defects or incompleteness, correction, 440.220

             Delayed certificates, 440.430, 440.620-440.640

             Delivery to State Registrar, 440.260

             Evidentiary effect, 440.610, 440.640, 440.660, 440.670

             Examination by local health officer, 440.210

             Examination by State Registrar, 440.150

             Fees, 440.700

             Filing date, attestation, 440.230

             Indexing, 440.160

             Inspection by public, 440.170

             Numbering, 440.230

             Preservation, 440.160

             Prohibitions against preparation and issuance, 440.175

             Requirements, generally, 440.090

             Supplementation, requirements, 440.150

             Unlawful use or possession, 440.765

      Change of name

             Birth certificate, alteration, 440.305

             Copy of judgment transmitted to State Registrar, 41.290

      Child support enforcement, agency may request information, 425.393

      Child welfare, purchase of records to perform work, 432.038

      Collector of vital statistics, county health officer to act as, 440.190

      Communicable diseases, burial or removal permits, 440.500

      Confidentiality, 440.125

      Coroner’s duties, 440.420, 440.430

      Death registration

             Burial or removal permits

                   Bodies transported from other state, 440.550

                   Contents and form of burial permit, 440.510

                   Disposition, 440.520

                   Failure to secure permit, penalty, 440.750

                   Fees for issuance prohibited, 440.710

                   Funeral directors, acquisition of permits, 440.450

                   Issuance, 440.500, 440.710

                   Removal of body to other registration district, 440.540

                   Requirement, 440.530, 440.560

                   Signature, endorsement and return, 440.580

                   Time within which permit must be obtained, 440.540

                   Transit permit, issuance before filing of death certificate, 440.500

                   Validity in other districts, 440.570

             Cause of death, manner of defining, 440.410

             Certificates of death (See DEATH CERTIFICATES)

             Coroner’s duties, 440.430

             Death without medical attendance, 440.420

            Disposal of body, prerequisites, 440.450

             Disposition of body, statement as to, 440.370, 440.480

             False information, furnishing unlawful, 440.770

             Interment records, 440.590

             Medical certificates of death

                   Contents, signature, 440.380, 440.470

                   False statements, penalty, 440.730

                   Penalty for neglect or refusal to execute, 440.720

                   Signature on incomplete certificate unlawful, 440.735

                   Use of indefinite or unsatisfactory terms, 440.400

             Personal and statistical information

                   Authentication, 440.360

                   Funeral director to obtain, 440.460

             Public administrators, receipt of list, 440.250

             Removal permits (See Burial or removal permits, this subhead)

             Stillbirth certificates, preparation and signature, 440.390

             Sudden infant death syndrome, 440.420

             Unknown person, 440.440

      Death without medical attendance, 440.420

      Definitions, 440.010-440.080

      Delayed certificates, 440.430, 440.620-440.640


             Decrees, prohibitions against preparation and issuance, 440.175

             Reports from county clerks, 440.135, 440.605

      False information, furnishing unlawful, 440.770

      Fees generally, 440.700

      Forms and blanks

             Local health officer to furnish, 440.200

             Official forms, use required, 440.140

             Preparation and distribution by State Board of Health, 440.130, 440.135

      Foundlings, birth certificate, report and registration, 440.330

      Funeral directors and related licensees

             Cease and desist orders, 642.557

             Unprofessional conduct, 642.5174, 642.5175

      Hearsay rule exceptions, 51.165-51.195, 51.265, 51.355

      Hospitals, preparation and filing of birth certificates, 440.280

      Identification cards (See IDENTIFICATION CARDS)

      Instructions for reporting, preparation and issuance, 440.140

      Marriage records (See also Records and files, this heading)

             Certificates, prohibitions against preparation and issuance, 440.175

             County clerks to report number of marriage licenses issued, 440.600

             Filing with State Registrar, 440.595

             Unlawful sale of copy of certificate or abstract, 440.773, 440.775

      Midwives, preparation and filing of birth certificates, 440.280, 440.740

      Native Americans, laws inapplicable to remains, 440.085

      Oriental medicine, doctors of, reporting required, 634A.210

      Parentage, establishment by district courts, 41.209-41.260, ch. 126

      Penalties, 440.720-440.780

      Persons required to furnish information, 440.100


             Birth certificates, duties, 440.280, 440.740

             Medical certificates of death, preparation and signature, 440.380

             Stillbirth certificates, preparation and signature, 440.390

      Records and files

             Alteration unlawful, 440.760

             Copies authorized, 440.160

             Data contained in records, use restricted, 440.170

             Hearsay rule exceptions, 51.165-51.195

             Inspection, 239.001-239.030, 440.170

             Marriage (See Marriage records, this heading)

             Original records, copies and reproductions deemed, 440.160, 440.165

             Preservation and indexing, 440.160

             Reproductions authorized, 440.165


                   Birth certificates

                          Adopted children, 440.310

                          Paternity, certificates issued after acknowledgment or court order, 440.325

                   Foundling reports, 440.330

      Registrar of Vital Statistics, designation, 440.110

      Regulations, ch. 233B, 440.120

      Security, 440.125

      Sheriffs, duties on death of unknown persons, 440.440

      Statewide System for Collection and Analysis of Information on Birth Defects and Adverse Birth Outcomes, 440.170, 442.300-442.330, 629.171

      Stillbirths, 440.340-440.360, 440.390

      Sudden infant death syndrome

             Coroner, duties, 440.420, 440.435

             Funeral directors and health officers, duties, 440.420

             Postmortem examination, 440.435

             Report by State Registrar, 440.437

      Suicide mortality rate of veterans, reports, 417.0194

      Undertakers, death registration, duties, 440.350-440.590

      Unknown persons, deaths of, 440.440

      Unnamed children, supplemental report of name for birth certificate, 440.300


      Authorized for scientific purposes, 574.200



      Administration of laws, 615.150

      Attachment, garnishment or other legal process, maintenance exempt, 21.090, 615.270

      Autism spectrum disorders, reports of persons receiving services, 615.205

      Claims of applicants for or recipients of services, payment, 615.255

      Cooperative agreements for benefit of employees with disabilities, 615.190, 615.200

      Definitions, 615.020-615.140

      Disability determinations, 615.220

      Facilities and workshops, establishment, 615.200

      Federal aid, receipt and disbursement, 615.240, 615.250

      Gainful occupation defined, 615.100

      Grants, acceptance of congressional acts, 615.210

      Grievances by applicant or recipient, hearings or judicial review, 615.280

      Individual with a disability defined, 615.110

      Industrial insurance (See INDUSTRIAL INSURANCE)

      Legislative appropriations, 615.240

      Legislative declaration, 615.010

      Names and information concerning applicants or recipients derived from records, unlawful acts, 615.290

      Nonprofit organizations providing services, submission of information, duties, 615.175

      Public purchasing from training or employment organizations, 332.117, 333.375, 334.025

      Rehabilitation Gift Account, deposits, use, 615.260

      Services provided directly or through public or private resources, 615.170

      Small business enterprises operated by persons with severe disabilities, powers of Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, 615.200

      Training and instruction, powers of Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, 615.200

      Transfer or assignment of maintenance prohibited, 615.270




      Minors, contracts for creative services, petition for judicial approval, 609.400-609.570

      Publicity, right of, 597.770-597.810


      Affirmative defense, N.R.C.P. 8(c), JCRCP 8(c)



      Ambulance service (See EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES)

      Charitable organizations, liability of volunteers for acts and omissions, 41.485

      Child abuse, reports, 432B.220-432B.250, 432B.290

      Child care volunteers, Account for Payment of Costs of Background Checks, 179A.310, 179A.315

      Child’s welfare, persons responsible for, 432B.130

      Communicable diseases, testing of persons who may have caused exposure to, 441A.195, 629.069

      Criminal history records, inspection by employers

             Central Repository, service to conduct name-based search of records, 179A.103

             Immunity of employer for failing to request certain information concerning volunteer, 179A.105

             Registration records of certain offenders, release, requirements for requests, 179A.100, 179A.105

             Sealed records regarding sexual offenses, 179.301

             Upon request of employer, name-based inquiries, 179A.100

             Use and further distribution, restrictions, 179A.110

             Written consent of volunteer, release of certain information upon, 179A.100

      Day care, establishment of volunteer centers, 274.250

      Emergency care, liability of persons who render, 41.500

      Emergency management, 414.110

      Emergency medical dispatchers and medical directors, immunity from liability, 41.507

      Fire departments (See FIRE DEPARTMENTS — Volunteer fire departments)

      Foster care agencies, volunteers authorized, 424.125

      Handicapped parking spaces, appointment to issue citations for violations, 484B.470

      Health care services

             Duties of health care provider and sponsoring organization, 629.400-629.490

             Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act, Uniform, ch. 415A

      Industrial insurance coverage, 616A.130, 616A.135, 616A.157, 616A.160, 616A.205

      Long-term care, volunteer advocacy program, 427A.127

      Militia, State, ch. 412

      Minority Affairs, Nevada Commission on, authority to engage services, 232.864

      Nevada System of Higher Education, sexual conduct with students

             Confidentiality of identifying information, 200.377-200.3774

             Prohibited acts, penalty, 201.550

             Sex offender laws, applicability, 176.0931, 176.133, 176A.110, 178.5698, 179.245, 179D.097

      Older persons, reports of abuse, neglect, exploitation, isolation or abandonment, immunity from liability, 200.5093, 200.5094, 200.5096

      Personal safety of children, agencies teaching, duty to conduct national background check and child abuse and neglect screening check on volunteers, 389.064

      Physicians, special volunteer licenses, 630.258, 633.416

      Prisons, unlawful sexual acts by volunteer, penalty, 212.188

      Public employment, volunteer work to be considered, 281.375

      Schools (See also SCHOOL PERSONNEL)

             Employer to grant leave for certain volunteer service, disciplinary action restricted, 392.4577, 392.920, 394.179, 394.1795

             Sexual conduct with pupils

                   Confidentiality of identifying information, 200.377-200.3774

                   Prohibited acts, penalty, 201.540

                   Sex offender laws, applicability, 176.0931, 176.133, 176A.110, 178.5698, 179.245, 179D.097

      Sex offenders, condition of parole, probation or suspended sentence, 176A.410, 213.1245

      Stewardship program for cultural resources, training and certification, 383.075

      Vulnerable persons, reports of abuse, neglect, exploitation, isolation or abandonment, immunity from liability, 200.50935, 200.5094, 200.5096

      Women, Nevada Commission for, authority to engage services, 233I.080




      License plates for education of children in arts, receipt of fees, 233C.094