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      Employment agencies, limitation on fees charged by, 611.220

      Exemptions from laws regulating child care facilities, 432A.024

      Foster care, background investigations of persons who routinely supervise children in home, 424.031-424.0335

      Industrial insurance

             Coverage under homeowner’s policy, 616B.032

             Election of employer to provide coverage, 616B.656

             Exclusion from coverage, 616A.110

      Minimum wage law inapplicable, 608.250

      Occupational diseases, exclusion from coverage, 617.080

      Unemployment compensation, applicability, 612.095

BACCARAT (See also generally GAMING)

      Defined as gambling game, 463.0152



      Constables, duties, 258.070

      Humane societies, 574.040

      Illegal exhibition or use, 601.020, 601.030, 601.110

      Improper use, 205.410

      Law enforcement badges, sale or possession of counterfeit badge unlawful, 205.175

      Lobbyists, identification badges, 218H.300

      Nurses, mandatory inclusion of surname on identification badges prohibited, 632.477

      Public officers, use of badge to impersonate, 199.430

      Registration and protection, 600.240-600.400, 601.050, 601.110

      Stolen valor, penalty, 205.412

      University police department, 396.327


      Hotel, motel, lodging house and boardinghouse liens, 108.480-108.500

      Unclaimed freight, 108.380-108.430


      Accused held to answer, 171.206

      Accused on bail, commitment on appearance at trial, 175.331

      Admission to bail, requirements, 178.484

      Affidavit, justification of bail by, 178.504

      After conviction, right to bail upon review, 178.488

      After preliminary examination and before arraignment, form of undertaking, 179.365



             Administrative assessment to be included in amount posted for bail, 176.059-176.0613

             Conditions of bail, effect of violation, 178.484

             Determination by magistrate, 178.498

             Domestic violence, 178.484

             Fee for analysis of dangerous drug to be included in amount posted for bail, 454.358

             Increase, 173.175, 178.499

             Protection order, violation, 178.484

      Appeals, bail upon, 5.080, 177.135, 178.488, 178.502


             Civil cases, 21.280, 31.470-31.730, 71.010-71.050

             Felony arrest

                   Bail restricted for certain persons, 178.484

                   Biological specimens as condition of bail or release, 176.09123

             Surrender of defendant, 178.526

      Boating under the influence, requirements for admission to bail, 178.484


             Fees in justice courts for filing and processing, 4.060

             Generally, 178.502

             Motor club service (See MOTOR CLUBS)

      Capital offenses

             Admission to bail after examination, 171.194

             Discretion of magistrate, 178.484

             When proof evident, Art. 1 § 7, 178.484

      Cases in which bail allowed, 178.484, 178.488

      Centralized billing and collection system, 244.207

      Certification of bail, 171.192

      Commitment and bail after preliminary examination, 179.355


             Authorized conditions, determination of reasonableness, 178.484

             Violation of conditions, effect, arrest authorized, 178.484

      Contempt proceedings, 22.050, 22.070

      Delinquent acts committed as child, apprehension after reaching 21 years of age, 62B.335

      Deposit in lieu of bail

             Generally, 178.502-178.528

             Refunding, 177.275

      Discharge of defendant upon posting bail, 171.192

      District attorney, giving notice to

             Appeal, certiorari in criminal case, 178.488

             Application for bail, 178.486, 178.488

             Defendant’s failure to appear, 178.508

             Discretionary, when bail is, 178.488

      Domestic violence, 33.030, 125.555, 178.484

      Driving under the influence, requirements for admission to bail, 178.484

      Endorsement of amount of bail on warrant, 173.155


      Excessive bail prohibited, Art. 1 § 6


             Commitment of defendant found to be incompetent, 178.430

             Dismissal of action or proceeding, 178.502

             Failure to institute formal action or proceedings against defendant, 178.502

             Generally, 178.522

             Judgment reversed on appeal, 177.275

             Offense punishable in another county, no warrant received, 175.371

             Surety, 178.509, 178.522

             Surrender of defendant, 178.522-178.526


             Uniform Criminal Extradition Act, 179.207-179.235

             Waiver of rights, 178.484

      Failure to appear after admission to or release without bail unlawful, 199.335

      False personation, 205.450

      Felony offense committed while on bail, procedure, 178.487

      Forfeiture, 178.4875, 178.506-178.518

      Form of bail, 178.502

      Form of undertaking, 179.340, 179.365, 179.385, 179.400

      Fresh pursuit, bail after arrest, 171.174

      Habeas corpus proceedings, 34.530, 34.540

      Harassment, violation of protection orders, 178.484, 200.591

      Higher offense shown by evidence or in complaint, procedure, 174.055, 175.311

      Incompetent defendant receiving outpatient treatment, 178.425

      Increase in amount of bail

             Defendant ordered into custody, 173.175

             Motion of court or district attorney, 178.499

      Jumping bail, penalty, restitution, 178.484, 199.335

      Justice courts, higher offense than offense charged in complaint, 174.055

      Misdemeanor, arrest warrant outstanding in another county, 171.1845

      Mistake in charging defendant, 175.341

      Money deposit applied in satisfaction of judgment, 178.528

      Murder of the first degree, Art. 1 § 7, 178.484

      Nonbailable offenses, Art. 1 § 7, 178.484

      Offense committed in other county, bail pending receipt of warrant, 175.361, 175.371

      Passport, surrender to court as condition of release on bail, 178.484

      Peace officers, surrender of defendant, 178.524

      Place of deposit, 178.502

      Postconviction relief, limitations on release, 178.4871-178.4875

      Proceedings for giving bail in another county, 173.165


      Recommitment after bail

             Form of undertaking on, 179.400

             Generally, 178.4875, 178.532-178.536

      Record of bail bonds, 178.542-178.546

      Release without bail, 178.4851-178.4855, EDCR 3.80

      Remission of fine or forfeiture, discharge of bond excluded, 213.070

      Restitution of costs of returning defendant to proper jurisdiction, 178.484

      Sexual assault, violation of protection orders, 178.484, 200.378

      Stalking, violation of protection orders, 178.484, 200.591


             All persons bailable by, Art. 1 § 7

             Arrest of defendant, 178.526

             Corporate sureties, qualification, 178.504

             Court may require one or more sureties, 178.502

             Disposition of money deposited as bail, 178.528

             Exoneration of surety, 178.509, 178.522

             Forfeiture of bail, 178.506-178.518

             Form of bail, 178.502

             Justification of sureties, 178.504

             Notice when defendant fails to appear, 178.508

             Setting aside forfeiture, application, 178.512

      Surrender of defendant, exoneration of bail, 178.522-178.526

      Traffic control, bail for violation of weight limitations, 484D.680

      Transfer of action or proceedings, effect, 178.502

      Treatment programs, discharge and dismissal deemed conviction for purposes of bail, 176A.260, 176A.290


             Form, 179.340, 179.365, 179.385, 179.400

             Generally, 178.502-178.509, 178.528

      Witnesses, 175.341, 178.494


      Applicability of laws, 679A.160, 697.360

      Apprehension of defendant, notice to law enforcement, 697.325

      Bail agents

             Appointment and termination, 680B.010, 697.240, 697.250

             Justification of sureties, 697.350

             License (See Licenses, this heading)

             Qualifications, 697.150

             Responsibility for acts of employees, 697.260

      Bail enforcement agents

             License (See Licenses, this heading)

             Qualifications, 697.173, 697.177

             Training course required, 697.177

      Bail solicitors

             Employment by one bail agent, 697.260

             License (See Licenses, this heading)

             Office, 697.260

             Qualifications, 697.170

             Termination of appointment, 697.250

      Bonds, 697.190


             Permitted charges, 697.300, 697.310

             Posting of list, 697.280

             Prohibited charges, 697.310

      Collateral, 697.320

      Collections permitted, 697.300

      Corporations, licensing, 697.100

      Defendants, authority to arrest, 178.526

      Definitions, 697.020-697.070

      Examination by Commissioner of Insurance, 679B.230-679B.300

      Fiduciary capacity, 697.320

      Fiduciary funds, 683A.400

      Fines for violations, 697.090

      Forcible entrance of inhabited dwelling, notice to law enforcement, 697.325

      Insurance agents, writing of bail bonds, 697.120

      Insurance laws

             Applicability, 679A.160, 697.360

             General tax on premiums, 679B.227, 680B.025-680B.060



                   Agents, 697.183

                   Child support statement, 697.181

                   Contents, filing, 697.180

                   Enforcement agents, 697.186

                   General agents, 697.184

                   Solicitors, 697.185

             Bonds, 697.190

             Child support obligations, effect, 697.182, 697.230

             Contents, 697.220, 697.280

             Corporations, 697.100

             Custody of bail solicitor’s license, 697.260

             Denial, 697.181, 697.210

             Display, 697.280

            Examinations, exemption, 697.200, 697.205

             Expiration, 697.230

             Fees, 680B.010, 680C.110, 697.210, 697.230

             Forms, 697.130

             Issuance, 697.210

             Qualifications, 697.100

             Renewal, 697.188, 697.205, 697.230

             Requirement, 697.090

             Suspension, 697.182

             Temporary license, bail enforcement agents, 697.177

      Place of business, 697.280

      Premiums returnable, conditions, 697.330

      Probationer, authority to arrest for violations, 176A.360

      Prohibited acts, 697.310, 697.340

      Rebates, 697.340

      Records, 697.280, 697.290

      Registration, 697.270

      Surrender of defendant to custody, return of premiums, 697.330

      Violations, penalties, 679A.180, 679B.130, 697.370



      Action for damages for personal injuries, 41.139

      Assault or battery committed upon, 200.471, 200.481

      Certification and training, 289.450-289.600

      Choke holds, conditions for use, 289.590, 289.810

      District courts

             Fee for funding of additional positions, 19.0303

             Generally, 3.310, D.C.R. 10

      Fees of bailiff required to work overtime recoverable as costs, 18.005

      Murder of bailiff, first degree, 200.033

      North Las Vegas Township, local rules, JCRNLV 8

      Peace officer powers, 289.150

      Reno Township, local rules, JCRRT 8, JCRRT 22

      Rights of peace officers, 289.020-289.120

      Rural Justice Courts, local rules, RJCR 6

      Supreme Court, generally, 2.290


      Bills of lading (See BILLS OF LADING)

      Documents of title (See DOCUMENTS OF TITLE)

      Fraud by bailees, 205.400

      Investment securities, conversion, 104.8115

      Leased vehicles, 97.105, 100.095-100.175

      Liens (See also LIENS)

             Generally, 108.440-108.470

      Prosecution of actions, N.R.C.P. 17(a), JCRCP 17(a)


      Wards, bailment of personal property, 159.163

      Warehouse receipts (See WAREHOUSE RECEIPTS)


      Chumming, 501.013, 503.300

      Fishing (See FISH AND FISHING)

      Lethal bait, placing on public domain unlawful, 202.550

      Live bait dealer’s permit, issuance and fee, 502.240, 503.310

      Regulation of or prohibition against use of live bait, 503.310

      Types of bait and methods of use, regulation, 503.300


      Eggs, grades and standards, 583.110-583.210, 583.700

      Licensing and regulation in towns, 269.170-269.173

      Occupational diseases, baker’s asthma, 617.450


      Aircraft, defined as, 493.020

      Drug paraphernalia, defined as, 453.554

      Floral or ornamental products or services, deceptive trade practices, 598.0924

      Skydiving businesses, regulation, ch. 498





             Death of customer, 104.4405

             Definition, negotiable instruments, 104.3409

             Incompetence of customers, 104.4405

             Notice of holding, 104.4212

      Account defined, 104.4104

      Actions, notice of right to defend, 104.3119

      Afternoon defined, 104.4104

      Afternoon hour, cutoff time, 104.4108

      Age of check, 104.4404

      Agency relationship, 104.4201

      Agreements, variation, 104.4103

      Applicability of UCC Article 4, 104.4102

      Banking day defined, 104.4104

      Branch banks, 104.4107

      Breach of warranties

             Damages, 104.4207

             Waiver or renunciation of claim or right following, 104.1306

      Burden of proof

             Damages, payment after stop payment order, 104.4403

             Reasonable time, 104.1205, 104.1302, 104.4202

      Cashier’s check, settlement of item, 104.4213

      Certificate of deposit defined, 104.3104

      Certified checks

             Settlement of item, 104.4213

             Time for presenting, 104.4404

      Charge back, 104.4214

      Charging items against accounts, 104.4401


             Definition, negotiable instruments, 104.3104

             More than 6 months old, payment, 104.4404


             Definition, 104.4104

             Provisional settlement for item through, 104.4215

             Return, item received through, 104.4301

             Rules varied by agreement, 104.4103

      Closing time, item or deposit received after, 104.4108

      Collecting bank

             Care required, 104.4202

             Charge back, 104.4214

             Death of customer, 104.4405

             Definition, 104.4105

             Delayed beyond time limit, 104.4109

             Documents of title, warranties, 104.7508

             Excuse for delay, 104.4109

             Final payment, 104.4215

             Holder in due course, 104.4211

             Incompetence of customer, 104.4405

             Insolvency and preference, 104.4216

             Instructions, 104.4203, 104.4204

             Methods of sending and presenting, 104.4204

             Modification of time limits, 104.4109

             Nonpayment, 104.4202

             Notice of dishonor, 104.4202, 104.4212

             Ordinary care required, 104.4202

             Payments suspended, 104.4216

             Presentment, 104.4202

             Presumption and duration of agency status, 104.4201

             Refund, 104.4214

             Seasonable action, 104.4202

             Security interest in certain items, accompanying documents and proceeds, 104.4210

             Sending direct to payor bank, 104.4204

             Settlement of item, 104.4213

      Communication facilities, delay caused by interruption of, 104.4109

      Conflict of laws, 104.1301, 104.4102

      Conversion, 104.4203

      Course of performance, course of dealing and usage of trade, 104.1303


             Charge back or refund, 104.4214

             Provisional status, 104.4201

             Withdrawal, availability for, 104.4215


             Definition, 104.4104

             Generally, 104.4401-104.4407

             Transfer warranties, 104.4207


             Breach of warranties, 104.4207

             Measure of damages, 104.4103

             Payment after stop payment order, 104.4403

             Remedies to be liberally administered, 104.1305

             Wrongful dishonor, 104.4402

      Death of customer, 104.4405

      Default, 104.4202

      Deferred posting, 104.4301

      Definitions, 104.1201, 104.4104, 104.4105

      Delay, notice, 104.4202

      Delayed beyond time limit, 104.4109

      Depositary bank

             Charge back, 104.4214

             Definition, 104.4105

             Final payment, 104.4215

             Holder of unendorsed items, 104.4205


             Documentary draft, 104.4504

             Items not payable at bank, 104.4212

             Notification, 104.4202

             Presenting bank, collections, 104.4503

             Time, 104.4301

             Warranties, 104.4207

             Wrongful, damages, 104.4402

      Documentary drafts

             Definition, 104.4104

             Notice of dishonor, 104.4501

             Presentment, 104.4501, 104.4502

             Privilege of presenting bank to deal with goods, 104.4504

             Referees, 104.4503

             Report of reasons for dishonor, 104.4503

             Security interest for expenses, 104.4504


             Definition, 104.3104

             Documentary drafts, 104.4501-104.4504

             On arrival draft, presentment, 104.4502

      Electronic presentment, 104.4110

      Emergencies, collection of items, delays, 104.4109

      Encoding warranties, 104.4209


             Payee bank, 104.4201

             Restrictive endorsements, 104.4203

             Settlement, 104.4201

             Unauthorized endorsement, duty of customer, 104.4406

      Expenses on dishonor, 104.4503, 104.4504

      Extension, time limits, 104.4109

      Federal Reserve regulations, 104.4103

      Final payment, 104.4215

      Foreign currency, charge-back or refund, 104.4214

      Good faith defined, obligation, 104.1201, 104.1302, 104.1304

      Governing law, parties’ power to choose, 104.1301

      Holder, acquisition of rights, 104.4201

      Holder in due course

             Bank giving value, 104.4211

             Definition, 104.3302

             Electronic records, 719.330

             Subrogation of bank, 104.4407

      Incompetence, customer, rights of bank, 104.4405

      Indemnity, transferor bank, 104.4206


             Bank’s responsibility, 104.4202

             Collecting or payor bank, 104.4216

             Warranties of transferor, 104.4207


             Collecting bank, 104.4203

             Documentary drafts, presentment, 104.4503

             Method of sending or presenting instruments, 104.4204

      Intermediary banks

             Charge back or refund, 104.4214

             Definition, 104.4105

      Investment securities, applicability of law, 104.4102


             Definition, 104.4104

             When deemed returned, 104.4301

      Joint deposits, 100.085, 663.065

      Late return of item, 104.4302

      Liens, handling goods, expenses, 104.4504

      Limitation of actions, 11.290, 104.4111

      Limitation of damages, agreement, 104.4103

      Lost or destroyed property, notice to transferor, 104.4202

      Methods, sending and presenting, 104.4204

      Midnight deadline

             Definition, 104.4104

             Late return of item, 104.4302

             Notice of dishonor or nonpayment, 104.4301

             Return of item or image of item, 104.4301

             Seasonable action, 104.4202

      Misconduct, 104.4202


             Responsibility for collection, 104.4202

             Wrongful dishonor, 104.4402

      Modification, time limit, 104.4109

      Negligence, liability, 104.4202

      Negotiable instruments, applicability of law, 104.3102, 104.4102

      Nonaction, liability, 104.4102

      Nonpayment, collecting bank, 104.4202

      Notice of dishonor

             Collecting bank, 104.4202

             Definition, negotiable instruments, 104.3503

             Documentary draft, 104.4501, 104.4503

             Time of dishonor, 104.4301

             Warranties, 104.4207

      Notice or knowledge, when effective, 104.1202

      On arrival drafts, presentment, 104.4502

      Option to accelerate payment or performance at will, 104.1309

      Orders to stop payment, 104.4107, 104.4303, 104.4403

      Ordinary care

             Collecting bank, duties, 104.4202

             Definition, 104.3103, 104.4103, 104.4104

             Disclaimer by agreement prohibited, 104.1302, 104.4103

             Failure to exercise ordinary care

                   Bank’s failure in paying item, allocation of loss, 104.4406

                   Measure of damages, 104.4103

                   Right to charge back not affected by bank’s failure with respect to item, 104.4214

      Overdrafts, charging against account, 104.4401

      Payable through or payable at, construction of terms, 104.4106


             Charging against accounts, 104.4401

             Check, time limit for presenting, 104.4404

             Death of customer, 104.4405

             Final payment, 104.4215

             Incompetence of customer, 104.4405

             Nonaction, 104.4102

             Nonbank as payment place, 104.4212

             Nonpayment, collecting bank, 104.4202

             Notice of holding, 104.4212

             Option to accelerate at will, 104.1309

             Revocation, 104.4301

             Suspension, 104.4216

             Warranties, 104.4207

      Payor bank

             Death of customer, 104.4405

             Definition, 104.4105

             Delayed beyond time limits, 104.4109

             Excuse for delay, 104.4109

             Final payment, 104.4215

             Incompetence of customer, 104.4405

             Insolvency, 104.4216

             Late return of item, 104.4302

             Notice, items subject to, 104.4303

             Payments suspended, 104.4216

             Reimbursement, 104.4214

             Revocation of payment or credit, 104.4301

             Sending direct to, 104.4204

             Stop-payment orders, 104.4303

             Subrogation, 104.4407

      Preferred claims, 104.4216

      Presenting bank defined, 104.4105

      Presenting items, methods, 104.4204


             Collecting bank, 104.4202

             Definition, negotiable instruments, 104.3501

             Direct to payor bank, 104.4204

             Documentary drafts, 104.4501-104.4504

             Electronic presentment, 104.4110

             Item not payable by, through or at bank, 104.4212

             Nonaction, 104.4102

             Time limit, check, 104.4404

             Warranties, 104.4208

      Priorities, security interest, 104.4210

      Process, items subject to, time, 104.4303

      Provisional settlement

             Charge-back or refund, 104.4214

             Final payment, 104.4215

             Payments suspended, 104.4216

      Recovery of payment by return of item or image of item, 104.4301

      Refunds, 104.4214

      Reimbursement, payor bank, 104.4214

      Remotely-created items, warranties, 104.4207, 104.4208

      Reservation of rights, 104.1308

      Restrictive endorsement, 104.4203

      Retention warranties, 104.4209

      Revocation of payment, 104.4301

      Security interest, collecting bank, 104.4210

      Sending item, method, 104.4204


             Agency status of collecting bank, 104.4201

             Payor bank, 104.4303

      Settle defined, 104.4104

      Settlement of item, 104.4213, 104.4214

      Short title of UCC Article 4, 104.4101

      Signatures, unauthorized, duty of customer, 104.4406

      Standard of care, 104.4103

      Stop-payment orders, 104.4303, 104.4403, 104.4407

      Subordinated obligations, 104.1310

      Subrogation, payor bank, 104.4407

      Suspends payments defined, 104.4104

      Suspension of payments, collecting or payor bank, 104.4216


             Branches, 104.4107

             Claims, 104.4207

             Damages for breach of warranty, 104.4207

             Dishonor, 104.4301

             Limit for presenting check, 104.4404

             Modification, 104.4109

             Reasonable time, 104.1205, 104.1302, 104.4202

             Receipt of items, 104.4108

             Stop-payment orders, 104.4403

      Transfer between banks, 104.4206

      Unauthorized signatures, duty of customer, 104.4406


             Determination of status as holder in due course, 104.4211

             When given, generally, 104.1204

      Variation, agreement, 104.4103


             Claim or right, waiver following breach, 104.1306

             Time limits, 104.4109

      War, delay caused by, 104.4109

      Warranties, 104.4207-104.4209, 104.7508

      Withdrawal of credits, time when credits available, 104.4215

      Wrongful dishonor, damages, 104.4402



      Abandoned residential property, sales, effect of filing for bankruptcy, 107.130

      Burial and cemetery services, prepaid contracts, 689.580

      Charter schools, 388A.330, 388A.423

      Child welfare assistance, exemption, 432.036

      Contractors, notice to State Contractors’ Board, 624.263

      Corporations, reorganization under federal law, 78.622

      Credit reports, disclosure of bankruptcy limited, 598C.150

      Credit service organizations, remedies of consumers, 598.731

      Dance studios, remedies of consumers, 598.9474

      Deeds of trust, effect of bankruptcy on procedures for owner-occupied housing, 107.086

      Discharge in, affirmative defense, N.R.C.P. 8(c), JCRCP 8(c)

      Discount goods and services, organizations for buying, remedies of consumers, 598.854

      Exemption from execution, 21.090

      Fraudulent Transfer Act, Uniform, ch. 112

      Funeral service prepaid contracts, 689.365

      Guardians, bankruptcy filed by, duties, 159.1852

      Health clubs, remedies of consumers, 598.9474

      Industrial insurance, self-insured employers, 616B.303-616B.309

      Las Vegas Township, local rules, JCRLV 49

      Limited-liability companies, dissolution, 86.031, 86.491-86.541

      Limited partnerships, 87A.445, 88.450

      Livestock and farm products dealers and other licensees, 576.035, 576.120

      Livestock auctioneers, 573.100

      Motor vehicle title, transfer by bankruptcy order, expiration of registration, 482.420

      North Las Vegas Township, local rules, JCRNLV 49

      Partnerships, 87.310, 87.330-87.350, 87.400

      Public assistance, exemption, 422.291, 422A.325

      Public employees’ retirement benefits, 286.670

      Real property transfer taxes, exemption of certain transactions, 375.090

      Sales, local government purchasing contracts, 332.146

      Sightseeing tours, remedies of consumers, 598.506

      Telemarketers, remedies of consumers, 599B.105

      Travel sellers, remedies of consumers, 598.374, 598.385


             Creditor, Uniform Commercial Code, 104.1201

             Employment Security Division, notice of sale of assets, 612.690

             Unemployment compensation, trustee defined as employing unit, 612.060

      Unemployment contributions owed by employer, priority of lien, 612.650

      Uniform Commercial Code

             Creditor includes trustee in bankruptcy, 104.1201

             Supplementary principles of law, 104.1103

      Vocational rehabilitation maintenance, exemption, 615.270


      Abandoned property, ch. 120A

      Accounts (See Books, records and accounts, this heading; Deposits and collections, this heading)

      Actions involving banks, 171.197, 658.195

      Administrative fines, 668.112

      Affidavits in legal proceedings, use, 171.197, 172.137

      Annuities, authority to sell, 662.015, 683A.231

      Appeals to State Board of Finance

             Decisions or orders of Commissioner of Financial Institutions, 658.125

             Refusal to certify, 659.055

      Appraisals, applicability of real estate appraisers’ law, 645C.150

      Assessments against bank

             Audit and examination fees, 658.055, 658.098, 659.047

             Depositories of public money, monitoring program fee, 356.370, 356.380


             Appraisal of assets of doubtful value, 665.155

             Overdrafts, when bank may consider as assets, 661.205

             Pledged to secure government deposits, 662.075, 662.175

             Sale or transfer, procedure, 667.015

      Audits and examinations

             Annual audits, 661.165

             Bank holding companies, 665.086, 666.105

             Books, assets and papers, surrender to examiners, 665.125

             Commissioner of Financial Institutions, powers and duties, 665.025, 665.125

             Disclosure of reports and other information, 665.075, 665.130, 665.133, 668.085

             False or fraudulent reports by examiners, 668.095

             Fees, 658.101

             Forms, 665.015

             Independent audits and examinations, 658.055, 659.047

             Instructions to correct conditions, 665.045

             Merger or consolidation, 666.015

             Official communications, 665.145

             Quarterly examinations, 661.165

             Reports, 665.035, 665.075

             Service and availability of copies of reports, 665.045

             Witnesses, persons summoned as, 665.135

      Automated tellers, 660.045-660.235

      Bank holding companies (See Holding companies, this heading)

      Banker’s credit defined, Uniform Commercial Code, 104.2325

      Bankruptcy (See Insolvency, this heading)

      Books, records and accounts

             Admissibility as evidence, 52.450-52.480

             Customer’s authority to close account, 104.4403

             Definition of account, Uniform Commercial Code, 104.4104

             Disclosure of financial records of customers, ch. 239A

             Disposal, 665.165

             Failure to keep in manner sufficient to ascertain bank’s true condition, 658.115

             Federal benefit payments, exemption from execution, 21.105

             Judgment creditors, orders regarding multiple accounts, 21.107

             Liquidated banks, disposition or destruction of records, 667.095, 667.105

             Preservation, 665.165

             Quarterly examination, 661.165

             Reproduction by microphotographic process, 665.165

             Security of personal information, ch. 603A

             Social security numbers, unlawful posting or display, penalties, 205.4605

             Transfer-on-death accounts, 111.783-111.815, 155.093-155.098

             Withdrawals from accounts, temporary restrictions, 664.015

      Borrowing of money authorized, 662.175

      Branch offices

             Branch defined, 104.1201

             De novo branch defined, 666.004

             Discontinuance, procedure and approval, 660.015

             Electronic terminal not deemed branch office, 660.065

             Establishment, 658.096, 660.015

             Excise tax, imposition based on number of branch offices, 363A.120

             Foreign branches, requirements, 660.035

             Garnishment proceedings, 31.291

             Mechanical teller office not deemed branch office, 660.065

             Merger or consolidation, powers following, 666.020

             Posting notices concerning checks, 205.134, 205.380

             School thrift or savings plans not deemed branch office, 663.075

             Service center not deemed branch bank, 660.025

      Buildings, power to purchase, hold and convey, 662.015

      Business trusts (See also BUSINESS TRUSTS)

             Powers of bank as registered agent, 88A.520

      Capital notes and debentures, issuance and sale, 662.115

      Capital stock (See Stock, this heading)

      Card or device to automatically withdraw money, unlawful use, 41.690, 193.1675, 205.220, 205.222

      Cash required for operation, 662.186

      Cemetery endowment care funds, bank as trustee, 452.100

      Certificates of deposit (See CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT)

      Charter schools

             Deposits, 387.090, 388A.411, 388B.250

             Financing of projects, 388A.635, 388A.640


             Cashier’s check, issuance and acceptance in lieu of certified check, 664.025

             Payable in exchange, 662.225

             Uniform Commercial Code, Article 4 (See BANK DEPOSITS AND COLLECTIONS, UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE)

             Unlawful acts, posting of notices, 205.134, 205.380

      Child support enforcement, exchange of data, duties of bank, 425.393, 425.400, 425.460

      Circulation of certain bank notes or paper as money prohibited, Art. 8 § 6

      Clearinghouse associations, 662.015


             Emergency closure, 662.265-662.305

             Governor’s power to close, 223.140

             Holidays, voluntary closure, effect of transactions, 662.255

             Saturday and Sunday, voluntary closure, effect of transactions, 662.255

      Collateral security, sale or ownership by bank, 662.125

      Collateralized debt certificates or securities, issuance, 662.115

      Collection agency laws inapplicable, 649.020

      Collections (See Deposits and collections, this heading)

      Commencement of business, prerequisites, ch. 659

      Committees to review compliance, definitions, confidentiality and privilege, 657.130

      Common-interest communities, deposit of money, 116.311395

      Condominium hotels, deposits and investments, 116B.577

      Consolidation (See Merger or consolidation, this heading)

      Construction Control Law, ch. 627

      Corporations law, applicability, 78.020, 657.095

      Credit cards, issuance, ch. 97A


             Liability of stockholders or members, 667.055

             Preferences prohibited, 668.045

      Debt collection for State, system for matching data, duties, 353C.240

      Debt-management services providers, trust accounts, duties, 676A.570

      Deed of trust (See DEEDS OF TRUST)

      Deferred deposit loans, high-interest loans, title loans and check-cashing services

             Exemption from laws, 604A.250

             Licensee as agent for bank, 604A.500

      Definitions, 657.005-657.085, 666.001-666.008, 666A.010-666A.070

      Departments, power to maintain separate, 662.035

      Deposits and collections

            Abandonment, presumption, 120A.500

             Charter schools, 387.090, 388A.411, 388B.250

             City money (See CITIES — Finances and funds)

             County money (See COUNTIES — Finances and funds)

             Disclosure of financial records of customers, ch. 239A

             Districts, pledge of bank assets as security, 662.075, 662.175

             Estates of decedents, deposit of money, 142.020, 143.175, 143.515

             Federal benefit payments, exemption from execution, 21.105

             Fiduciaries, deposits in name of, 162.080

             Fiduciary funds of trust department, deposit in commercial department, 662.035

             Insured deposits

                   Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as receiver or liquidator, 667.035-667.205

                   Insurance by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation authorized, 662.025

             Limitation of actions, 11.290

             Medical facilities and related entities, authorized deposits, 449.067, 449.069

             Minors, deposits and repayments, 663.065

             Overdrafts, when bank may consider as assets, 661.205

             Power of bank to receive deposits, 662.015

             Public money and securities, ch. 356

             Receipt of deposits, when unlawful, 663.055, 668.045

             Reorganization of bank, procedure, 667.225

             Savings and loan associations, authorized investments, 673.276

             School districts, nutrition programs, 387.090

             State money (See STATE FINANCES AND FUNDS)

             Taxation, deposits exempt from taxation, Art. 10 § 1, 361.228

             Town money, 356.005, 356.07, 662.075, 662.175

             Trust deposits, 162.110, 163.040


             United States, pledge of bank assets as security, 662.075, 662.175

             Withdrawals, restriction on withdrawal, 664.015


             Changes in ownership or management, reports, 661.125

             Deposits, receipt during insolvency unlawful, 668.045

             Embezzlement, 668.055

             Examination of books, records, funds and securities, 661.165

             Exploitation of aged or vulnerable persons, reports, 657.220-657.290

             False financial statements, penalty, 668.015

             Liability, 661.195, 668.015

             License to operate or manage bank, 657.180, 657.190

             Loans to directors, limitations, 662.145

             Meetings, 661.165

             Number and selection, 661.135

             Perjury, 668.065

             Qualifications, 661.145

             Removal, grounds, 665.175, 668.015

             Statement concerning directors, filing, 659.085

             Surety company, when unlawful to be director or stockholder, 356.210

             Verification of financial reports, 665.105

      Disabilities, persons with, personal injury actions, 426.515

      Disclosure of financial records of customers, ch. 239A

      Dividends or distributions, declaration and payment, 661.235, 661.240

      Documentary and other physical evidence (See EVIDENCE)

      Documents of title, delivery, 104.2308, 104.2503

      Electronic terminals and transfers, 660.045-660.105

      Embezzlement by officers or employees, 668.055

      Emergency closure, 662.265-662.305


             Bonds, 661.185

             Deposits, receipt during insolvency unlawful, 668.045

             Embezzlement, 668.055

             Exploitation of aged or vulnerable persons, reports, 657.220-657.290

             False financial statements, penalty, 668.015

             Liability, 661.195, 668.015

             Loans to employees, limitations, 662.145

             Payroll tax, imposition, deductions, 363A.130-363A.135

             Perjury, 668.065

             Removal, grounds, 665.175, 668.015

             Repossessors exempt from private investigators’ licensing laws, 648.018

             Stock options, purchases, 662.105

      Employment Security Fund, deposit, 612.615

      Engaging in business without authorization or license unlawful, 659.105, 659.115

      Equal Credit Opportunity Law, ch. 598B

      Equal enjoyment of facilities, 651.050-651.120

      Escrow agents’ regulatory law inapplicable, 645A.015

      Estates of decedents, personal representatives

             Bond discretionary with court, 142.020, 662.245

             Deposit of money of estate, 142.020, 143.175, 143.515

             Power to act as, 138.020, 139.010, 139.040, 662.245

      Exchange facilitators, special license for financial institutions, 645G.210

      Execution, limited equity in money on deposit exempt, 21.090

      Exploitation of aged or vulnerable persons, reports, duties, 657.220-657.290

      Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

             Liquidation of banks, 667.035-667.205

             Proof of membership required, 659.085, 661.015

             State bank membership authorized, 662.025

      Federal Home Loan Bank (See FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK)

      Federal Reserve Bank membership, 662.205

      Federal savings and loan association, conversion to state association, power to vote, exchange shares, 673.740

      Fees and charges, 99.050, 657.120, 660.052


             Gaming licensees, certain exemptions for banks acting as fiduciaries, 463.175

             Uniform Fiduciaries Act, 162.010-162.140

      Financial and mining business tax, ch. 363A

      Financial forgery laboratories, prohibited acts, 205.46513

      Financial records of customers, disclosure, ch. 239A

      Financial statements, false or deceptive statements unlawful, 668.015

      Fines, 668.112

      Fixtures and furniture, powers generally, 662.015

      Foreclosure consultants and purchasers, applicability of laws, 645F.380

      Foreclosures (See FORECLOSURES)

      Foreign banks

             Books, accounts and records, maintenance, 666A.280

             Definitions, 666A.010-666A.070

             Examinations, supervision and control, 666A.320-666A.380

             Foreign corporations law, applicability, 80.015

             Interstate branches, establishment, 666A.400

             Merger or acquisition, notification to Commissioner, 666A.290

             Offices, relocation or closure, 666A.300, 666A.310

             Reports, 666A.340

             Service of process, notices and demands, 666A.390

             State branch or agency

                   Agent for institution affiliated with foreign bank, 666A.170

                   Articles of incorporation, amendment, 666A.200


                          Deposit, 666A.240

                          Maintenance, 666A.250

                          Segregation, 666A.210

                   Creditors, priority, 666A.210

                   Fiduciary activities, certificate of authority required, 666A.160

                   Insurance of deposits and credit balances, notice regarding, 666A.220

                   Interest on deposits, limitations on payment, 666A.230


                          Amendment, 666A.100

                          Application and withdrawal of application, 666A.090

                          Exemptions, 666A.080

                          Fees, 666.315, 666A.090

                          Limitation, 666A.090

                          Posting, 666A.140

                          Requirement, 666A.080

                          Suspension or revocation, 666A.350, 666A.360

                          Transfer or assignment prohibited, 666A.140

                   Office, 666A.180, 666A.190

                   Powers and duties, limitations and restrictions, 666A.150

                   Registered agents, 666A.180, 666A.190

                   Reserves, 666A.260

                   Seizure and liquidation of property and business, 666A.370

             State representative office

                   Appointment of Commissioner as agent for service of process, 666A.120

                   Authorized activities, 666A.270


                          Application and withdrawal of application, 666A.120

                          Exemption, 666A.110

                          Fees, 666A.120

                          Issuance, 666A.130

                          Posting, 666A.140

                          Requirement, 666A.110

                          Revocation, 666A.380

                          Transfer or assignment prohibited, 666A.140

      Foreign branches, requirements, 660.035

      Funds transfers, 104A.4101-104A.4507

      Garbage illegally disposed of, aid in location and identification of owner, 444.630

      Garnishment proceedings, 31.291

      Governor’s power to close banks, 223.140

      Guardians, authority, 159.078, 159.0893, 159.113-159.117

      Holding companies

             Acquisition by holding company in another state, 666.305-666.420

             Acquisition of bank, approval, 666.125

             Annual registration reports, 666.095

             Business trust defined, 666.065

             Cease and desist orders, 666.175

             Charges against, 666.165

             Credit card accounts, transfer of information, 97A.180

             Debt, company not deemed holding company for stock acquired in course of securing or collecting debt, 666.075

             Definition, 666.005

             Divestiture by holding company in another state, 666.205

             Estate, trust, guardianship or conservatorship, when deemed holding company, 666.075

             Examinations, 665.086, 666.105

             Financial and mining business tax, ch. 363A

             Formation, 666.115

             Injunctions, 666.145, 666.195, 666.205

             Limited-liability company, prohibition against organization as, 666.115

             Penalties, 666.205, 666.215

             Presumption against control of bank, 666.075

             Removal of director, officer or employee, 666.145, 666.155

             Reports, 665.086, 666.085, 666.095

             Temporary orders, 666.185, 666.195

             Transfer of control, 666.135

      Housing, assistance to finance, 315.9981-315.99874, ch. 319

      Housing authority bonds, legal investments, 315.760

      Incorporation or organization


                   Acknowledgment, 659.035

                   Admissibility as evidence, 659.065

                   Certificate of amendment, delivery, 659.035

                   Certification, 659.065

                   Contents, 659.025

                   Filing, 659.035, 659.065

                   One or more persons may execute, 659.015

                   Signatures, 659.035

                   Validity, limitation on, 659.065

                   Violations, 658.115

             Certificate authorizing commencement of business, issuance, 659.095


                   Appeal of refusal to make certification, 659.055

                   Application and examination, 659.045

                   Articles, 659.065

                   Change of control of bank, application required, 661.125

                   Grounds for refusal, 659.045

             Corporation laws, applicability, 78.020, 657.095

             Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, proof of membership, 659.085, 661.015

             Fees and expenses, 659.045, 661.125

             Limited-liability companies, organization as bank, 86.171, 659.015

             Limited-liability company laws, applicability, 657.095

             Number of incorporators or organizers, 659.015

             Statement concerning directors, managers and officers, filing, 659.085

             Thrift companies, organization as bank, 659.015

             Transaction of business without authorization unlawful, 659.105


             Acquisition of failing bank by or merger with another bank, 666.355-666.375

             Aiding in continuance of insolvent bank, penalty, 668.095

             Bank holding company’s activity likely to cause insolvency, temporary cease and desist order, 666.185

             Commissioner of Financial Institutions may take possession, 658.151

             Deposits, receipt unlawful, 668.045

             Liquidation and reorganization, ch. 667

      Installment Loan and Finance Act, Nevada, applicability, 675.035, 675.040

      Insurance (See also INSURANCE)

             Deposits, 662.025

             Financing of premiums, 686A.350

             Liquidation of bank by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, ch. 667

             Loans, 662.095

             Purchase of insurance as condition of receipt of other services prohibited, 686A.085

             Sales by bank or bank holding company, authorization, 683A.231

      Interstate banking

             Agent for affiliated bank, authority and conditions for action as, 666.390

             Application and fees, 666.315

             Approval of Commissioner required before taking certain actions, 666.305

             Definitions, 666.001-666.008

             Examination, supervision and regulation, 666.325

             Foreign banks, 666A.400

             Injunctions, 666.305

             Insolvent bank, acquisition by or merger with another bank, 666.355-666.375

             Out-of-state bank acquiring or merging with state bank, 666.400-666.420

             Violations, penalty, 666.305


             Banks and business organizations, 662.135

             Cooperative housing corporations, 662.101

             Dealing in investment securities, 662.046

             Depository collateral for deposits of public funds, 662.075

             Farm loan bonds, 662.055

             Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation stock and securities, 662.025

             Federal Home Loan Bank bonds or stock, 662.055, 662.095, 662.135

             Federal Housing Administrator obligations, 662.095

             Federal land bank obligations, 662.055

             Federal National Mortgage Association obligations, 99.070

             Federal Reserve Bank stock, 662.135, 662.205

             Home Owners’ Loan Corporation bonds, 662.055

             Management investment companies or trusts, securities, 662.097

             Members’ interests, 662.125

             National mortgage associations obligations, 662.095

             Private securities, 662.065, 662.155

             Public securities, 662.055

             Real property, 662.103

             Security for deposits or loans, 662.085

             Stock, 662.055, 662.125, 662.135

             United States Postal Service obligations, 99.070

             Veterans Affairs, Department of, obligations, 662.095

      Issuers of instruments for transmission or payment of money, laws inapplicable, 671.020

      Joint deposits, 100.085, 663.065

      Letters of credit, power to issue, 662.015

      Liability of lender for defects in property acquired with borrowed money, 41.590

      Licenses (See also Incorporation or organization, this heading)

             Attestation, 658.135

             Fees and penalties, 658.096

             Foreign banks, 666A.080-666A.140

             Operate bank, license to, 657.180, 657.190

             Requirements, 659.115

             Towns, licensing and regulation by, 269.170-269.173

      Limited-liability companies

             Applicability of laws, 657.095

             Organization as bank, 86.171, 659.015

             Solicitation of deposits, determinations, 86.5483, 86.5487

      Limited-liability partnerships, registration, 87.450

      Liquidation and reorganization

             Books and records of liquidated bank, disposition or destruction, 667.095, 667.105

             Commissioner of Financial Institutions may take possession, 658.151

             Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as receiver or liquidator, 667.035-667.205

             Individual liabilities, enforcement, 667.055

             Reorganization and reopening of closed banks, 667.215, 667.225

             Trusteeship under security instruments, termination procedure, 667.115-667.165

             Validation of sales by liquidator under security instruments, 667.195

             Voluntary liquidation, 667.015

      Loans (See also LOANS)

             Actions to recover against borrowers for fraudulent conduct, 11.190, 40.750

             Closed banks, loans to by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 667.075

             Collateral security, sale and ownership, 662.125

             Directors, officers and employees, restrictions, 662.145

             Discrimination in real estate loans unlawful, 207.310

             Federal Housing Administrator insured, 662.095

             Fees and charges, 99.050

             Interest, 99.040-99.055

             Liability of lender, 41.590

             Limits, 662.095, 662.125, 662.145, 662.155

             Obligations of United States as security, 662.085

             Power to make, 662.015, 662.095

             Prepayment of loan, 97.055

             Social Security benefits, use to offset loan debt prohibited, exception, 657.140

             Stock or members’ interests as security, limitation, 662.125

             Unlawful receipt of payments to obtain loan for another, 205.950

             Veterans Affairs, Department of, loans insured by, 662.095


             Bonds, 661.185

             Deposits, receipt during insolvency unlawful, 668.045

             Embezzlement, 668.055

             False financial statements, penalty, 668.015

             Liability, 661.195, 668.015

             License to operate bank, 657.180, 657.190

             Number and selection, 661.135

             Perjury, 668.065

             Qualifications, 661.145

             Removal, grounds, 665.175, 668.015

             Statement concerning managers, filing, 659.085

             Verification of financial reports, 665.105

      Mechanical tellers, offices for, 660.045-660.235

      Merger or consolidation

             Applicability of laws, 657.095

             Disclosure of reports and information, 665.133

             Dissenting stockholders, payment of value of shares on demand, 666.035

             Effect of consolidation of banks, 666.025

             Fiduciary powers and liabilities, 666.055

             Foreign banks, notice to Commissioner, 666A.290

             Interstate banking, 666.305-666.420

             Investigations by Commissioner, 666.015

             National bank, merger or consolidation with, 666.035, 666.045

             Out-of-state bank merging with state bank, 666.400-666.420

             Powers of surviving Nevada institution, 666.020

             Procedure and fees, 666.015


             Deposit accounts and safe-deposit boxes, 663.065

             Transfers to minors, power to act as custodian, ch. 167

      Money and effects defined as personal property for property tax purposes, 361.030

      Mortgage banker laws, applicability, 645E.150-645E.170, 645E.280, 645E.900

      Mortgage broker laws, applicability, 645B.015-645B.018, 645B.050, 645B.900

      Mortgage servicers, applicability of laws, 645F.500

      Mortgages (See also MORTGAGES)

             Federal Housing Administration, mortgages insured by, 662.095

             Loan-related documents, requests for copies, procedures, 106.295

             Nontraditional loan products, disclosures to borrowers, 658.200

             Power to make loans secured by mortgage, 662.015

             Residential mortgage loan originators, licensure as mortgage agent required, 658.210

             Validation of sales by liquidation, 667.195

            Veterans Affairs, Department of, insurance, 662.095

      Name, 657.200, 659.045, 659.125

      National banks

             Incorporation as state bank, 666.045

             Merger or consolidation with state bank, 666.035, 666.045


             Bonds, 661.185

             Changes in ownership or management, reports, 661.125

             Deposits, receipt during insolvency unlawful, 668.045

             Embezzlement, 668.055

             Emergency closure, duties, 662.265

             False financial statements, penalty, 668.015

             Information furnished state bank examiners, 665.125

             Liability, 661.195, 668.015

             Loans to officers, limitations, 662.145

             Perjury, 668.065

             Receipt of deposit after revocation of authority unlawful, 663.055

             Refusal to surrender books or assets or to be examined under oath, 665.125

             Removal, 665.175, 668.015

             Service of writ of garnishment on, 31.291

             Statement concerning officers, filing, 659.085

             Stock options, purchases, 662.105

             Trust officers, insurance consultants’ law inapplicable, 683C.020

             Verification of financial reports, 665.105


             Assets, when bank may consider as, 661.205

             Charging against account, 104.4401

      Posting notices of penalties for unlawful acts concerning checks, 205.134, 205.380

      Power of attorney, grants of authority, 162A.520

      Powers generally, 657.105, 662.015

      Private corporations law, applicability, 78.020, 657.095

      Private professional guardians

             Applicability of laws, 628B.110

             Guardianship accounts, maintenance, 628B.560


             Branch offices (See Branch offices, this heading)

             Collateral security for debt, sale or ownership by bank, 662.125

             Commissioner of Financial Institutions, taking possession authorized, 658.151

             Consolidated bank, property rights, 666.025

             Foreign banks, relocation or closure of offices, 666A.300, 666A.310

             Investment in real property for development, 662.103

             Loans secured by property, authority to make, 662.015

             Power to purchase, hold and convey, 662.015

             Prohibition against license to sell real estate, 645.335

             Short sales on residential property, prohibited acts, 668.051

      Receivers, power to act as, 662.245

      Records (See Books, records and accounts, this heading)

      Reorganization (See Liquidation and reorganization, this heading)


             Bank holding companies, 665.086, 666.085, 666.095

             Changes in ownership or management, 661.125

             Disclosure, 665.075, 665.130, 665.133, 668.085

             Failure to make report, penalties, 665.115

             Financial statements, false or deceptive statements unlawful, 668.015

             Forms, 665.015

             Preservation, 665.015

             Quarterly reports, 665.105

             Receipt and certification, 665.130

             Special and additional reports, 665.105

             Verification by state bank examiners, 665.125

      Repossessors exempt from private investigators’ licensing laws, 648.018


             Amount, 662.186

             Deficiencies, 658.115

             Deposit secured by obligations of the United States, 662.085

      Safe-deposit boxes

             Execution or garnishment of property in box, 21.027

             Minors, lease by, 663.065

             Notice of overdue rental and procedures following, 663.085

             Unclaimed Property Act, Uniform, ch. 120A

      Savings banks

             Generally, 662.215

             Investments, 99.070, 315.760

      School thrift or savings plans, 663.075

      Service centers, requirements, 660.025

      Short sales on residential property, prohibited acts, 668.051

      Stock (See also CORPORATIONS)

             Acquisition by bank, limitations, 662.125

             Advertisement, limitations, 668.075

             Changes in ownership or management, report, 661.125

             Commissions or fees restricted, 659.075

             Discounts, limitation, 662.125

             Increase or reduction in stock, procedure, 661.035

             Officers’ and employees’ stock purchase plan, 662.105

             Preferred stock, 661.105

             Purchase by bank, limitation, 662.125

             Taxation, shares of stock exempt from, Art. 10 § 1, 361.228

      Stockholders or members (See also CORPORATIONS)

             Assessments to restore impaired capital, 661.085

             Directors selected from stockholders, 661.135

             Failure to pay installment on stock or contribution, sale of stock or interest, 661.075

             Liability to creditors, 667.055

             List of stockholders or members, maintenance and filing, 661.115

             Managers selected from members, 661.135

             Personal liability of stockholders or members acting in fiduciary capacity, 661.065

             Surety company, when unlawful to be director or stockholder, 356.210

      Stockholders’ or members’ equity

             Assessments to restore impaired equity, 661.085

             Commissioner of Financial Institutions, authorization to take possession, 658.151

             Deficiencies, 658.115, 661.085

             Increase or reduction of equity, procedure, 661.035

             Minimum amount required for organization, 661.015

             Payment of initial equity, 659.075

             Percentage of total deposit liability, determination, 661.025

      Thrift companies (See also THRIFT COMPANIES)

             Formation of banks by thrift companies, 659.015, 677.665

             Ineligibility of banks for licensure as thrift company, 677.340

      Time deposits

             Abandonment, presumption, 120A.500

             Definition, 657.085

      Transfers to minors, custodian, ch. 167

      Trust companies, banking business prohibited, 669.210, 669A.220

      Trust company business (See also TRUST COMPANIES)

             Acquisition of bank’s fiduciary rights and liabilities, 669.210

             Banks, powers, 662.235

             Common trust funds, establishment, 164.070-164.100

             Conditions and limitations on maintaining offices, 662.239

             Definition, 669.029

             Deposit of fiduciary funds, 662.035

             Fees, 658.096

             Fiduciary powers and liabilities on merger or transfer, 666.055

             Foreign organizations acting as fiduciary, requirements, 662.245

             Offices maintained in Nevada and other states, conditions and limitations, 662.239

             Segregation of trust assets, 662.235

             Spendthrift trusts, 166.015

             Trust company law, applicability, procedure for exemption, 669.080

             Uniform Trusts Act, 163.010-163.200

      Trustees, power to act as, 388A.635, 662.245, 666A.160

      Unauthorized or unsafe practices

             Bank holding companies, 666.165-666.215

             Commissioner of Financial Institutions may take possession, 658.151

             Summary order to discontinue, 658.115

      Unclaimed Property Act, Uniform, ch. 120A

      Unemployment Compensation Administration Fund, deposits, 612.605

      Unemployment Compensation Fund, deposits, 612.590

      Veterans’ guardianships, bonds, 160.090

      Withdrawals, restrictions, 664.015



      Advertising, 643.185


             Identification provided to Board, 643.184


                   Application, 643.090, 643.095

                   Child support obligations, effect, 643.095, 643.188

                   Debt owed state agency, effect, 353C.1965, 622.240

                   Denial, 643.095, 643.170, 643.185

                   Display, 643.150

                   Examination, 643.100-643.110

                   Expiration and restoration, 643.140

                   Fees, 643.090, 643.105, 643.140

                   Issuance, 643.130

                   Qualifications, 643.080

                   Reciprocity, 643.120

                   Records related to, retention, 643.050

                   Renewal, 622.240, 643.095, 643.140, 643.170, 643.185

                   Service without license prohibited, 643.190

                   Suspension or revocation, 622A.410, 643.185, 643.188

                   Temporary exemption for certain applicants, 643.130

                   Veteran applicants, reports, 417.0194, 622.120

      Armed Forces members and spouses, opportunities for license reciprocity, duties of Board, 622.510

      Barber poles, prohibited acts regarding placement, 643.190

      Barber schools

             Advertisements regarding services provided by students, restrictions, 643.177

             Applicants, examination, 643.100, 643.105

             Chairs, number, 643.177

             Civil penalties, 643.185

             Conduct regulated, 643.176

             Courses of study, 643.050, 643.176

             Definition, 643.010

             Disciplinary and other actions, 643.179, 643.185

             Display of regulations, 643.150

             Inspection of, 643.050



                          Application, 643.095

                          Child support obligations, effect, 643.095, 643.188

                          Continuing education, 643.176

                          Denial, 643.095, 643.185

                          Examinations, 643.110, 643.176, 643.1775, 643.1777

                          Fees, 643.176

                          Qualifications, 643.110, 643.1775

                          Renewal, 643.095, 643.176, 643.185

                          Requirement, 643.205

                          Suspension or revocation, 643.185

                          Veteran applicants, reports, 417.0194, 622.120

                   Number required, 643.177

                   School to be owned and operated by at least two instructors, 643.174


                   Application, 643.173, 643.175

                   Denial, 643.179, 643.185

                   Expiration, 643.175

                   Fees, 643.173, 643.175

                   Personal appearance of applicant before Board, 643.174

                   Renewal, 643.175, 643.179, 643.185

                   Suspension or revocation, 643.185

                   Veteran applicants, reports, 417.0194, 622.120

             Regulations, 643.050, 643.176

             Sanitary requirements, 643.050

             Signs, 643.177


                   Attendance by diseased students, 643.200

                   Services provided by students, restrictions, advertisements, charges, 643.177

             Unlicensed operation, 643.172


             Cosmetological establishments, cutting of men’s hair, 644.473

             Practice defined, 643.010

             Towels, use of, 643.200


             Clothing requirements, 643.203

             Controlled substance addiction, 643.185

             Cosmetologist, qualifications to practice as barber, 643.085, 643.110

             Cosmetology laws inapplicable, 644.0298

             Felony conviction, 643.185

             Hairpieces, performance of services, 644.475

             Identification provided to Board, 643.184

             Intoxication, 643.185


                   Application, 643.090, 643.095

                   Child support obligations, effect, 643.095, 643.188

                   Debt owed state agency, effect, 353C.1965, 622.240

                   Denial, 643.095, 643.170, 643.185

                   Display, 643.150

                   Examinations, 643.085, 643.100-643.110

                   Exemptions, 643.019

                   Expiration and restoration, 643.140

                   Fees, 643.090, 643.105, 643.140

                   Issuance, 643.130

                   Reciprocity, 643.120

                   Records related to, retention, 643.050

                   Renewal, 622.240, 643.095, 643.140, 643.170, 643.185

                   Suspension or revocation, 622A.410, 643.185, 643.188

                   Temporary exemption for certain applicants, 643.130

                   Veteran applicants, reports, 417.0194, 622.120

             Malpractice, 643.185

             Practicing while diseased, 643.200

             Primary base of operation may be required, exception, 643.182

             Property, exemption from execution, 21.090

            Qualifications, 643.070

             Unlicensed practice, 643.190


             Barber poles, placement, 643.190

             Definition, 643.010

             Disabilities, persons with, personal injury actions, 426.515

             Display of regulations, 643.150

             Equal enjoyment of facilities, 651.050-651.120

             Hours of operation, 643.050

             Inspection of, 643.050, 643.1713, 643.1714


                   Application, 643.1711

                   Assignment or transfer unlawful, 643.1715

                   Denial, 643.185

                   Existing shops, 643.1712

                   Expiration, 643.1714

                   Fees, 643.1711, 643.1714

                   New shops, 643.1713

                   Renewal or restoration, 643.1714, 643.185

                   Requirement, 643.171

                   Suspension or revocation, 643.1717, 643.185

                   Veteran applicants, reports, 417.0194, 622.120

             Primary place of business, barbers may be required to maintain, exception, 643.182

             Sanitary requirements, 643.050, 643.1716, 643.190, 643.200

             Signs, 643.200

             Supervision by licensed barber required, 643.190

             Suspension or revocation of license, notice to be posted on shop, 643.1717

             Water requirements, 643.200

      Business licenses

             Prohibited acts by local governments, 244.335, 266.355, 268.095, 269.170

             Renewal of occupational license, requirements, 622.240

      Citations, issuance, 643.220


             Barbers, qualifications for license as cosmetologist, 644.200

             Establishments, leasing of space by barber, 644.360

             Hair designer, qualifications to practice as, 644.204

             Qualifications to practice as barber, 643.085, 643.110

             Unlawful acts, 643.190, 644.473

      Criminal penalties for unlawful acts, 643.210

      Disciplinary and other actions

             Actions and remedies cumulative and not exclusive, 643.240

             Appeal of Board decisions, 643.220

             Background checks authorized, 622.360

             Consent or settlement agreements, conditions and limitations, 622.330, 622A.170

             Contested cases, procedures, ch. 622A

             Fingerprints, willful failure to provide to Board, 622.360

             Grounds, generally, 643.185

             Medical use of marijuana, discipline prohibited, 453A.510

             Notice and hearing required, 643.170

             Open Meeting Law, applicability, 622.320

             Records, 622.330, 643.185, 643.189

             Summary of action, availability to public, 622.100

      Fines, 643.185, 643.220

      Fingerprints, 622.360

      Injunctive relief, 643.230

      Limited-liability companies, licensure, 86.555

      Massage therapy, applicability of laws, 640C.100

      Prepaid services contracts with public employee organizations, 287.500-287.530

      Prohibited practices, remedies and penalties, 643.190-643.240

      State Barbers’ Health and Sanitation Board

             Administrative Procedure Act, ch. 233B

             Appearance before Board, licensee to make certain disclosures, 622.300

             Armed Forces members and spouses, opportunities for license reciprocity, duties, 622.510

             Attorney’s fees and costs, recovery, 622.400, 622.410, 643.060

             Audits, 218G.400, 232B.235


                   Base budgets, fundamental review, 218E.435-218E.450

                   State Budget Act, 353.150-353.246

             Child support obligations of licensees, duties, 643.095, 643.188

             Creation, 643.020

             Criminal actions, award of attorney’s fees and litigation expenses to prevailing party, 41.0393

             Criminal history records, inspection, 179.259, 453.3365

             Delinquent fees or penalties, procedure for collection, ch. 353C

             Deposit and use of money, 643.060


                   Contracts to be in writing and approved, 284.013

                   Generally, 643.050

                   Per diem allowance and travel expenses, 643.030

                   Records official, 239.008

                   Restrictions on employment of certain persons, 622.210-622.230

             Enforcement of laws for public benefit and protection, 622.080

             Examinations, duties, 622.090

             FBI, requests for criminal history records, 179A.075, 239B.010

             Financial administration, laws inapplicable, 353.005

             Fiscal year, 643.055

             Internet website, duties, immunities, 237.360, 239.008, 239B.050, 239B.060

             Legal advice, appointment of special deputy, compensation, 228.091

             Legislative Counsel Bureau, reports to, 622.100

             Legislative review of public agencies, ch. 232B


                   Audio or video teleconferences, notices, requirements, 622.340

                   Generally, ch. 241, 643.040

                   Open Meeting Law, ch. 241, 622.320

                   Out-of-state meetings, restrictions, 622.350

                   Quorum, 643.040


                   Oath of office, 282.020

                   Per diem allowance and travel expenses, 643.030

                   Qualifications, 232A.020, 622.205, 643.020

                   Removal, 643.020

                   Salary, 643.030

                   Training, 622.200

                   Vacancies, 232A.020

             Officers, generally, 643.030

             Offices, 331.110, 643.040, 643.050

             Payments of money for services provided by agency, procedures, 353.146-353.148

             Powers and duties, generally, 643.050

             Proceedings, generally, 622.300-622.360

             Public engagement policy, adoption, requirements, 232.003

             Public health concerns, sharing of information, joint investigations, 622.315


                   Complaints and disciplinary proceedings, 643.050, 643.185, 643.189

                   License and licensee information, 643.050

                   Medical information confidential, 622.310

                   Proceedings of Board, 643.030, 643.050

                   Public records, generally, ch. 239

                   Settlement agreements, 622.330

                   Transmittal of records between state agencies, 237.370

             Regulations, powers and duties, generally, 643.050

             Seal, 643.040

             Secretary-Treasurer, duties, 643.030, 643.060, 643.170

             Sovereign immunity waived, 41.0305-41.039

             State Controller, provision of licensee information to, duties, 353C.1965

             Subpoenas, 643.170

             Sunset Subcommittee, review of Board, 232B.220-232B.250

             Vacancies, 232A.020

             Veterans Affairs, Interagency Council on, reports to, 417.0194, 622.120

      Towns, licensing by, 269.170-269.173


      Penalty, 199.320


      Cigarette vending machines, placement authorized, 202.2494

      Disabilities, persons with, personal injury actions, 426.515

      Discrimination unlawful, 651.050-651.120

      Fetal alcohol syndrome, posting of sign, 446.842

      Firearms, discharging in places of public resort, 202.280

      Gaming (See also GAMING)

             Slot machines, restricted gaming licenses, 463.161

      Liability of servers for injuries by intoxicated persons, limitations, 41.1305

      Licensing and regulation of liquor sales

             Alcoholic beverage awareness program, requirements, 369.600-369.635

             Authorized transfers between retailers, 369.4863, 369.4865, 369.550, 369.560

             Cities, 266.355-266.368, 268.090

             Counties, 244.350

             Payment to wholesale dealers for purchases, 369.485

             Purchase of liquor by retailers, authorized sources, 369.487, 369.488

             Retail liquor store defined, 369.090

             Substitution of brand of liquor unlawful, 597.260

             Towns, 269.170-269.175

      Live entertainment tax, ch. 368A


             Demand of proof of age as defense to license suspension or revocation, 205.460

             Drink coupons, prohibition on distribution by minors, 202.057

             Employment prohibited, 244.350

             False identification cards, use to obtain intoxicants, 205.460

             Loitering, 202.030

             Purchase, consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages, 202.020

             Sale of intoxicating liquors to minors, 41.1305, 202.055

             Saloonkeeper allowing minors to remain in establishment, 202.060

      Nuisance, place where liquor kept for unlawful sale, distribution or use, 202.450-202.480, 244.350

      Prisons, sale of liquor near institution or facility of Department of Corrections, 212.180

      Smoking restrictions, 202.2483, 202.2491

      Zoning, application for special use permit, notice, 278.0217, 278.315


      Employment of minors in sale or serving of intoxicating liquors prohibited, 244.350

      Limitation of liability for injuries inflicted by intoxicated persons, 41.1305

      Sale of intoxicating liquor to minors, 41.1305, 202.055

      Tips (See TIPS AND TIPPING)


      Acts deemed trespass, 207.204

      Prohibited acts, penalty, 207.204


      Sanitation, 444.065-444.120


      Unlawful disposal, 444.583, 444.635


      Aged person as victim, additional penalty, 193.167

      Burglary, entry with intent to commit battery, 205.060

      Child abuse (See CHILD ABUSE OR NEGLECT)

      Civil action, statute of limitations, 11.190

      Concealed weapons permits, battery victims to receive certain notices regarding, 202.3665

      Deadly weapon, battery with intent to use, 200.481

      Definition, 200.400, 200.481

      Domestic violence (See also DOMESTIC VIOLENCE)

             Acts constituting, 33.018

             Compromise prohibited, 178.564

             Penalties, 200.481, 200.485

             Sealing records of conviction, 179.245

      Firefighters, penalty for battery committed upon, 200.481

      Grand larceny, battery with intent to commit, 200.400

      Habitual felons, definition, punishment, 207.012

      Hate crimes

             Civil liability, 41.690

             Penalty, 193.1675, 193.169, 207.185

      Home visit, penalty for battery of public employee making, 200.481

      Intent to kill, battery with, penalty, 200.400

      Interfering with public officer, 197.090

      Investigators and related occupations, grounds for disciplinary action, 648.150

      Justifiable bodily injury, 200.275

      Kidnapping for purpose of inflicting substantial bodily harm, 200.310

      Mayhem, battery with intent to commit, 200.400

      Minor victims, reporting requirements, penalty, exemptions, 202.870-202.894

      Municipal courts, jurisdiction, 5.050

      National Guard officer, by subordinate, 412.486

      Peace officers, penalty for battery committed upon, 200.481

      Penalties, 200.400, 200.481, 200.485

      Pregnant women, penalty for killing unborn child by injury to woman, 200.210

      Probation or suspended sentence, restrictions, 193.166

      Racketeering, crime related to, 207.360

      Robbery, battery with intent to commit, 200.400

      School districts, receipt of information regarding certain juvenile offenders, 200.278

      School personnel

             Battery committed by pupil, 392.466, 392.4675

             Legal defense for alleged crimes committed in course of employment, 391.271

      School pupil, beating or whipping while on way to or from school unlawful, 392.900

      Sexual assault, battery with intent to commit (See also SEX OFFENDERS)

             Attendant to provide support for witness during testimony, 178.571

             Habitual felons, definition, punishment, 207.012

             Investigation, polygraphic examination of victim restricted, 171.1228

             Juvenile offenders (See also JUVENILE SEX OFFENDERS)

                   Sealing records, restrictions, 62H.150

             Minor victims, reporting requirements, penalty, exemptions, 202.870-202.894

             Notice of release of defendant and disposition of case, 178.5698

             Penalty, 200.400

      Sports officials, penalty for battery committed upon, 200.481

      Strangulation, battery by

             Domestic violence battery, 178.484, 200.485

             Minor victims, reporting requirements, penalty, exemptions, 202.870-202.894

             Penalty, 200.481

             Probation or suspended sentence, restrictions, 193.166

             Sexual assault, battery with intent to commit, 200.400

      Substantial bodily harm defined, 0.060

      Taxicab drivers

             Penalty for battery committed upon, 200.481

             Sign regarding penalty, posting in vehicles, 706.4755, 706.88353

      Transit operator, penalty for battery committed upon, 200.481

      Unborn quick child, penalty for killing by injury committed upon mother, 200.210

      Vulnerable person as victim, additional penalty, 193.167

      Work cards for senior complexes, issuance to certain offenders prohibited, 118A.335


      Generally, Special & Local Acts Volume


      Black bears

             Feeding intentionally, penalties, exceptions, 501.382

             Killing or possessing unlawfully

                   Civil penalties, 62E.685, 501.3855

                   Criminal penalties, 501.376

                   Forfeitures, 501.3857

                   License, suspension or revocation, 62E.685, 501.1816, 501.388

      Dogs harassing, attacking or killing, 503.631

      Fighting, instigating or witnessing, 574.070-574.090

      Hunting (See HUNTING)

BEAT THE BANKER (See also generally GAMING)

      Defined as gambling game, 463.0152



      Establishment, boundaries, 407.100


      Excess or depredating beavers, removal, 503.470, 503.540, 535.060

      Sale of live beaver by Department of Wildlife, 503.575


      Children’s products subject to recall or warning, duties of retailers, 597.711-597.7118

      Construction and labor camps, requirements, 444.140

      Hotels and lodging places

             Amount and size of bedding to be furnished, 447.090

             Fumigation after use by person with contagious disease, 447.100

             Sanitary condition required, 447.020, 447.090

      Infant Crib Safety Act, 597.712-597.7128

      Laundered supplies, designation and registration, 600.130-600.230

      Sterilization and labeling requirements for used materials, 444.010-444.040




      Abandoned hives, public nuisances, 552.250

      Agricultural products, standards, 587.290-587.450


             Definition, 552.0851

             Disease-infected apiaries, procedures, 552.160, 552.170

             Inspection, 552.160, 552.190, 552.215

             Quarantine, 552.160, ch. 554

             Standards of colony strength, 552.205

      Colony defined, 552.0854

      Commercial pollination, 552.205

      Definitions, 552.085-552.0862


             Concealment unlawful, 552.240

             Definition, 552.0858

             Diagnostic laboratories, establishment, use of fees, 561.305, 561.355

             Exposure of bees unlawful, 552.240

             Removal or distribution of diseased bees without permission unlawful, 552.280

      Exemption from execution, 21.090


             Agricultural products, standards, 587.290-587.450

             Extraction regulated, 552.260

             Organic products, certification of producers and handlers, 587.700-587.830

             Robber bees, exposure constitutes public nuisance, 552.255

             Use of word in product label, 585.355, 585.550

      Importation, 552.212

      Movable frame hives, requirement, 552.230

      Neglected hives, public nuisances, 552.250

      Plant Industry Program, funding and expenditures, 375.026, 561.355

      Property tax exemption, 361.068

      Public nuisances, 552.160, 552.170, 552.250, 552.255

      Quarantine, 552.160, ch. 554

      Queen bees, importation, 552.212

      State Department of Agriculture

             Diseases, establishment of diagnostic laboratories, use of fees, 561.305, 561.355

             Field agents and inspectors, powers and duties, 289.290, 552.180, 552.190

             Orders for destruction or treatment, 552.160

             Powers generally, 552.095

      Violations, civil penalties, 552.095


      Contributory delinquency and neglect of child, 201.090-201.110

      Minors employed as beggars, unlawful, 609.210

      Ordinances may regulate time, place or manner of begging, 207.030


      Armed Forces members and their spouses

             Expedited license by endorsement, 641.196, 641.228

             Opportunities for license reciprocity, duties of Board, 622.510

      Assistants, limitation on practice, 641.395

      Audiologists’ licensing laws, applicability, 637B.080


      Child abuse or neglect, reports, 432B.220-432B.250, 432B.290

      Definitions, 641.0202, 641.0206, 641.0247

      Disciplinary and other actions, 641.230, 641.232, 641.240

      Licenses, 622.240, 641.170, 641.195, 641.196, 641.228

      Speech-language pathologists’ licensing laws, applicability, 637B.080

      Veterans and their spouses, expedited license by endorsement, 641.196, 641.228


      Administrative Procedure Act, ch. 233B

      Advisory committees, authority, 433.318

      Audit by Legislative Auditor, 232B.235


             Base budgets, fundamental review, 218E.435-218E.450

             State Budget Act, 353.150-353.246

      Community programs for mental health, duties, 433C.140

      Computers, establishment of written policy on appropriate use, 242.300

      Consumers of mental health services

             Complaints and investigations, powers generally, 433.316

             Denial of rights, receipt of reports, duties, 433.534

             Transfers to other facilities, review, 433.484

      Creation, 232.361

      Criminal actions, award of attorney’s fees and litigation expenses to prevailing party, 41.0393

      Division employees, right to submit information to or appear before, 433.327

      Domestic Violence, Account to Aid Victims of, grants, duties, 217.450

      Duties generally, 433.314

      Fee schedule of public programs, approval, 433.404, 433B.250, 435.495

      Gifts or grants, authority to accept, 353.335-353.339, 433.316

      Inspection of facilities, 433.325

      Intellectual disabilities and related conditions, persons with

             Denial of rights of consumers, 435.350, 435.610

             Fee schedules, approval, 435.495

             Transfers to other facilities, review, 435.570, 435.705

      Internet website, duties, immunities, 237.360, 239.008, 239B.050, 239B.060

      Legislative review of public agencies, ch. 232B

      Meetings, 232.363, ch. 241, 433.534, 435.610


             Appointment, number, 232.361

             Compensation, 232.363

             Qualifications, 232.361, 232.363, 232A.020

             Terms of office, vacancies, 232.361, 232A.020

      Mental health consortia, receipt of reports, 433B.335

      Payments of money for services provided by agency, procedures, 353.146-353.148

      Powers generally, 433.316

      Public engagement policy, adoption, requirements, 232.003

      Records, 237.370, ch. 239

      Records official, appointment, duties, 239.008

      Sovereign immunity waived, 41.0305-41.039

      Subcommittees, authority, 433.317, 433.318

      Sunset Subcommittee, review of Commission, 232B.220-232B.250

BENCH WARRANTS (See also ARREST — Warrants of arrest)

      Form, after conviction, 179.395

      Habeas corpus proceedings, failure to appear, 34.540

      Las Vegas Township, local rules, JCRLV 31

      North Las Vegas Township, local rules, JCRNLV 31


      Annual benefits reports, 78B.170, 78B.180

      Applicability of laws, 78B.090

      Articles of incorporation, 78B.090-78B.120, 78B.140

      Business identification number, assignment, 225.082

      Claims against, 78B.190

      Definitions, 78B.010-78B.080

      Directors, duties, liability, 78B.150, 78B.180, 78B.190

      Formation, 78B.100, 78B.110

      Mergers, conversions or exchanges, 78B.110, 78B.120, ch. 92A

      Officers, duties, liability, 78B.160, 78B.190

      Purpose, 78B.140

      Stock certificates, 78B.130

      Termination of status, 78B.120


      Property tax exemption, 361.135, 361.155


      Blanket accident and health insurance, 689B.070-689B.110

      Collecting for benefit without authority, penalty, 205.415

      Food sales or free distribution of food exempt from food establishment laws, 446.020

      Insignia, registration and protection, 600.240-600.400, 601.020, 601.050, 601.110

      Insurance beneficiary, designation as, 687B.050

      Investments, 99.070

      Junk and secondhand dealers’ law inapplicable, 647.0192

      Lotteries, regulation, ch. 462

      Names protected, 601.010-601.040

      Property tax exemption, 361.135, 361.155

      Renewable energy programs, participation, ch. 701B

      Swords, wearing of, 203.080

      Unfair Trade Practice Act, applicability, 598A.040





      Paleontological Awareness Month, designation and proclamation, 236.085

      Protection and preservation, 407.160-407.200




      Internet sales of alcohol, labeling of shipment, 202.055

      Open container of alcoholic beverage in vehicle, penalties, 484B.130, 484B.135, 484B.150

      Sale of container with detachable ring or tab prohibited, 585.535



      Discrimination, generally (See DISCRIMINATION)

      Disqualification of judge or justice, 1.225-1.235

      Juror, grounds for challenge for cause, 16.050

      Procedure for change of judge by peremptory challenge, S.C.R. 48.1

      Recusal of district judge due to bias, procedure, D.C.R. 18


      Audit by Legislative Auditor, 232B.235

      Chair, election, 408.577

      Creation, 408.573

      Duties, 408.577

      Meetings, ch. 241, 408.577

      Members, qualifications, compensation, vacancies, 232A.020, 408.573

      Secretarial services, 408.577

      Sunset Subcommittee, review of Board, 232B.220-232B.250


      Bicycle defined, 484A.025

      Children’s products subject to recall or warning, duties of retailers, 597.711-597.7118

      Complete Streets Program, adoption, 244.2641-244.2645, 277A.285, 403.571-403.575

      Damaging unlawfully, penalty, civil liability, 41.690, 205.2741, 207.185

      Electric bicycle defined, 482.0287, 483.067, 484B.017

      Execution, exemption, 21.090

      Highway Safety Information and Outreach Coordinator, duties, funding, 408.228, 483.415

      Motor-driven cycles (See MOPEDS)

      Operation (See TRAFFIC CONTROL)

      Outdoor recreation, liability of owners, lessees and occupants to users of premises, 41.510

      Pathways and lanes

             Department of Transportation, duties, 408.321

             Electric bicycles, authorized use, 408.579

             Local authorities may designate routes, 484A.420

             Master plans, contents of transit plan, 278.160

             Motor Vehicle Recovery and Transportation Planner, duties, 408.234

             Planning Division, duties, 408.233

             Right-of-way, driver of motor vehicle to yield to bicycle rider, 484B.270

             Stopping, parking or driving motor vehicle on pathway or lane, 484B.270

             Zoning, inclusion of provisions for bicycle facilities and services, 278.250

      Pedestrian walkways, use by electric bicycles authorized, 408.579

      Registration, exemption, 482.210

      Safety, educational program, 408.571

      Skateboard parks, regulation, 455B.200-455B.300

      Throwing substance at or willfully damaging bicycle unlawful, civil liability, 41.690, 205.2741, 207.185

      Youth sports competitions, policy regarding head injuries, requirements, 385B.080, 392.452, 455A.200


      Community redevelopment projects, 279.498

      Contractors (See CONTRACTORS)

      Highway property, purchase, 408.533

      Leased vehicles, establishment of residual value, 100.145, 100.165

      Local governmental purchasing (See LOCAL GOVERNMENT PURCHASING ACT)

      Municipal bonds, sale by competitive bid, 350.105-350.195

      Public works (See PUBLIC WORKS)

      State highways, construction, improvement and maintenance, 408.327-408.367

      State lands, sale upon sealed bids, 321.335

      State purchasing (See STATE PURCHASING)

      Surplus property of governmental entities, 334.030

      Unfair trade practices, 598A.060


BIG INJUN (See also generally GAMING)

      Defined as gambling game, 463.0152


      Definition, penalty, 201.160

      Marriages, void, 125.290

      Marrying a married person, penalty, 201.170

      Prohibited, 122.020

      Spouse as witness, 49.295

      Venue, 171.055


      Desert Bighorn Sheep designated state animal, 235.070

      Dogs harassing, attacking or killing, unlawful to permit, 503.631

      Domestic sheep (See SHEEP)

      Feeding intentionally, penalties, exceptions, 501.382

      Hunting (See HUNTING)

      Killing or possessing unlawfully

             Civil penalties, 501.3855

             Criminal penalties, 501.376

             Forfeitures, 501.3857

             License, suspension or revocation, 62E.685, 501.1816, 501.388


      Prohibited, Art. 1 § 15


      Criminal cases, abolished, 177.075


      Divorce action, either party may demand, 125.030

      Motion for more definite statement, N.R.C.P. 12(e), JCRCP 12(e)

BILL OF RIGHTS (For specific provisions, see DECLARATION OF RIGHTS)

      Generally, Art. 1


      Adoption of children, unlawful advertising, 127.310

      Capitol grounds, unlawful acts, 331.200

      Commercial electronic variable message signs, regulation, 410.400

      Erection and placement, when unlawful, 405.030-405.110, 410.360

      False, deceptive or misleading advertising prohibited, 207.171-207.177

      Highway beautification, 410.220-410.410

      Highways, authorized and prohibited advertising, 484B.313

      Informational or directional signs for travelers, 408.551-408.567, 410.370

      Malicious placement unlawful, 206.200

      Noise abatement projects obstructing visibility, remedies of owners, 278.0213, 410.365

      Nonconforming structures, requiring removal or prohibiting routine maintenance, just compensation, 278.0215

      Permits for placement, 405.040-405.070

      Political advertisements, 410.400

      Prostitution, unlawful advertising, 201.430

      Public events, permit unnecessary for signs advertising, 405.040

      Public nuisances, 405.020, 405.110, 410.360

      Roadside parks or rest areas, 408.433, 410.370


             Assessment, calculation of depreciation, 361.227

             Definition of billboard, 361.013


      Disabilities, persons with, personal injury actions, 426.515

      Equal enjoyment of facilities, entitlement, 651.050-651.120

      Licensing and regulation by towns, 269.170-269.173





      Actions, 104.7309

      Altered bills, enforceability, 104.7306

      Authenticity and genuineness, prima facie evidence, 104.1307

      Blanks, unauthorized filling in, enforceability of bill, 104.7306

      Breach of obligation

             Rights acquired by due negotiation, effect of breach, 104.7502

             Through bills, 104.7302

             Waiver or renunciation of claim or right, 104.1306

      Bulk goods loaded by shipper, determination of kind and quantity, 104.7301

      Cancellation of bill or indication of partial delivery, 104.7403


             Contractual limitation of liability, 104.7309

             Conversion by, 104.7308, 104.7309

             Delivery of goods, liability for misdelivery, 104.7303

             Destination bill, procurement upon request, 104.7305

             Duty of care, 104.1302, 104.7309

             Enforcement of lien, procedures, penalties for violation, 104.7308

             Issuance of bills, 104.7309

             Lien of carrier, limitations, 104.7307

             Through bills, liability under, 104.7302

      Charges, lien of carrier, 104.7307


             Person claiming goods, duties, 104.7403

             Time and manner of presenting, 104.7309

             Waiver or renunciation following breach, 104.1306


             Carrier’s lien effective against consignor, 104.7307

             Consignee and consignor defined, 104.7102

             Contractual limitation of carrier’s liability, 104.7309

             Destination bills authorized, 104.7305

             Diversion instructions, 104.7303, 104.7403, 104.7504

             Instructions to carrier, liability for misdelivery, 104.7303

             Misdating of bill, liability, 104.7301

             Nondelivery of goods, effect, 104.7504

             Nonnegotiable bills, 104.7104

             Nonreceipt or misdescription of goods, liability, 104.7301

             Notice to stop delivery, effect, 104.2705

             Reconsignment, 104.7303, 104.7403


             Bailee, 104.7601

             Carriers, 104.7308, 104.7309

             Title and rights acquired by negotiation, 104.7502

      Course of performance, course of dealing and usage of trade, 104.1303


             Carrier, violations in enforcing lien, 104.7308

             Contractual limitation of carrier’s liability, 104.7309

             Duplicate bills, failure to identify by conspicuous notation, 104.7402

             Improper loading of goods, 104.7301

             Misdating of bill, 104.7301

             Nonreceipt or misdescription of goods, 104.7301

             Overissue, 104.7402

             Remedies to be liberally administered, 104.1305

             Tangible bills issued in set, 104.7304

             Through bills, 104.7302

      Definitions, 104.1201, 104.7102

      Delivery of goods

             C.I.F. or C.& F. term, seller’s duties, 104.2320, 104.2323

             Change of instructions, liability, inclusion in bill, 104.7303

             Conflicting claims, effect, 104.7603

             Conversion, 104.7601

             Diversion of goods, 104.7303, 104.7403, 104.7504

             Enforcement of carrier’s lien, 104.7308

             F.A.S. sales, 104.2319

             F.O.B. vessel, seller’s duties, 104.2323

             Good-faith delivery, liability, 104.7404, 104.7601

             Judicial process, lien, delivery under, 104.7602

             Lost, stolen or destroyed bill, remedy, 104.7601

             Misdelivery, liability of carrier, 104.7303

             Missing negotiable bill, delivery under, liability of bailee, 104.7601

             Obligation of bailee, excuse, 104.7403

             Overseas shipment

                   Bill issued in set of parts, 104.2323, 104.7304

                   C.I.F., C. & F. or F.O.B. vessel, effect of terms, 104.2323

                   Liability for breach may be varied by agreement, 104.7302

                   Tangible bills issued in parts, 104.2323

             Partial delivery, procedures, 104.7403

             Satisfaction of bailee’s lien upon delivery, 104.7403

             Stoppage of delivery

                   Notification to stop delivery, effect, 104.2705

                   Rights acquired by due negotiation, effect of stoppage, 104.7502

             Tangible bills issued in set, obligations of bailee, 104.7304

             Through bills, delivery discharges obligations, 104.7302

             Unaccepted delivery order, title to goods, 104.7503

             Unjustified refusal to deliver, loss of lien by carrier, 104.7307

             Voluntary delivery of goods, loss of lien by carrier, 104.7307

      Delivery orders, 104.7102, 104.7502, 104.7503

      Demurrage charges, lien of carrier, 104.7307

      Description of goods

             Liability for misdescription, 104.7301

             Qualified description, effect, 104.7301

             Shipper’s guarantee of accuracy, indemnification of issuer against certain damages, 104.7301

      Destination bills, 104.7305

      Duplicates, 104.7402, 205.540

      Electronic bills

             Control, 104.7106

             Negotiation, 104.7501

             Reissuance in alternative medium, 104.7105, 104.7402


             Liability, 104.7505

             Requirements for due negotiation, 104.7501, 104.7506

             Right to compel endorsement, 104.7506

      Expenses, lien of carrier, 104.7307

      Forgery, 205.090

      Freight forwarder, bill issued to, title, 104.7503

      Good faith

             Definition, 104.1201

             Delivery of goods, no liability if bailee acts in good faith, 104.7404

             Obligation, disclaimer by agreement prohibited, 104.1302, 104.1304

             Option to accelerate payment or performance at will, 104.1309

      Good-faith purchaser

             Form of negotiation, 104.7501

             Judicial process, lien, 104.7602

             Sale of goods to enforce carrier’s lien, 104.7308

      Goods, legal interest before issuance of bill, 104.7503

      Governing law, parties’ power to choose, 104.1301

      Holder, diversion instructions, 104.7303

      Improper loading of goods, 104.7301


             Description of goods, shipper to indemnify issuer for certain damages, 104.7301

             Seller’s stoppage of delivery, expenses of bailee, 104.7504


             Change of shipping instructions, effect, 104.7504

             Delivery of goods, 104.7303

      Interpleader action, authority of bailee, 104.7603

      Irregularities in issue of bill or conduct of issuer, 104.7401


             Bulk goods loaded by shipper, duties, 104.7301

             Carrier, duty of care, 104.7309

             Description of goods, indemnification by shipper, 104.7301

             Irregularities in conduct, effect, 104.7401

             Liability for improper loading, 104.7301

             Loading goods, duties, 104.7301

             Substitute bill, procurement upon request, 104.7305

             Tangible bills issued in set, liability, 104.7304

             Through bills, liability, variation by agreement, recovery from carrier, 104.7302

      Labels, description of goods, 104.7301

      Larceny, subjects of, 205.260


             Carrier’s lien, 104.7307, 104.7308

             Delivery of goods by bailee, 104.7403

             Judicial process, effect on lien, 104.7602

      Marks, description of goods, 104.7301

      Misdating, liability, 104.7301

      Negotiable or nonnegotiable bills, generally, 104.7104


             Absence of due negotiation, rights of transferee, 104.7504

             Endorsements, 104.7501, 104.7506

             Form and requirements, 104.7501

             Goods not in bailee’s possession, 205.590

             Injunction against, 104.7602

             Intent to defraud, 205.570

             Rights acquired by due negotiation, 104.7502

             Tangible bills issued in set, 104.7304

             Warranties, 104.7507

      Nonreceipt of goods, liability, 104.7301


             Enforcement of carrier’s lien, 104.7308

             When effective, 104.1202

      Option to accelerate payment or performance at will, 104.1309

      Packages of goods, issuer to count, 104.7301

      Preservation of goods, expenses, lien of carrier, 104.7307

      Reasonable time, 104.1205, 104.1302

      Reservation of interest

             Passing title to goods, effect of reservation, 104.2401

             Seller, shipment under reservation, 104.2505

      Reservation of rights, 104.1308

      Sale of goods, enforcement of carrier’s lien, 104.7308, 104.7403

      Seasonableness, 104.1205


             Bulk goods loaded by, 104.7301

             Description of goods, guarantee to issuer, 104.7301

             Indemnification of issuer for certain damages, 104.7301

      Shipper’s weight, load and count, use of words, effect, 104.7301

      Subordinated obligations, 104.1310

      Substitute bills, 104.7305, 104.7402, 104.7601

      Tangible bills

             Delivery of goods, discharge of bailee’s obligation, 104.7304

             Endorsements, 104.7505, 104.7506

             Issued in a set of parts, 104.2323, 104.7304, 104.7402

             Reissuance in alternative medium, 104.7105, 104.7402

             Requirements for negotiation, 104.7501

      Terminal charges, lien of carrier, 104.7307

      Through bills, liability for breach, 104.7302

      Title to goods, 104.7502-104.7504

      Transferee, title and rights, 104.7504, 104.7506

      Transportation agreements, contents, 104.7309

      Transportation charges, lien of carrier, 104.7307

      Unclaimed Property Act, Uniform, ch. 120A

      Value, when given, 104.1204

      Waiver or renunciation of claim or right following breach, 104.1306

      Warranties, 104.7105, 104.7507, 104.7508


      Abolished, N.R.C.P. 60(b), JCRCP 60(b)

BINGO (See also generally GAMING)

      Calculation of gross revenue, 463.3715

      Charitable organizations, operation of games by, 463.409-463.40965

      Defined as gambling game, 463.0152


      County fuel taxes on special fuels, 373.066-373.068, 373.083

      Sale or delivery, unlawful acts, 590.070

      School districts, financing of transportation equipment, 387.205, 445B.500

      Special fuel tax, ch. 366


      Psychology, biofeedback defined as specialized area of practice, 641.025


      Biological agents, investigation of exposures, 441A.130, 441A.163-441A.169

      Dentists and dental hygienists, response training, 631.342

      Forfeiture of property used in commission of crime, 179.121

      Lethal agents, toxins and delivery systems, unlawful acts, 202.446, 202.448

      Nurses, response training, 632.343

      Physicians and physician assistants, response training, 630.253

      Racketeering, crimes related to, 207.360


      Building design and construction, allowances for renewable energy sources, 701.220

      Construction codes and energy codes, adoption and enforcement, 278.581

      Definition, 701.030, 704.007

      Financing of renewable energy projects, 349.400-349.670

      Net metering systems, 701.240, 701.380, 704.766-704.775

      Office of Energy, creation, powers and duties, 701.150-701.180, 701.215

      Optional pricing program for electricity generated from renewable energy, 704.736, 704.738

      Portfolio standard for provider of electric service, 704.7801-704.7828

      State energy plan, 701.190, 701.200

      State policy on energy, 701.010

      Tax exemption or abatement for certain systems or facilities, 701A.200-701A.390


      Science, Innovation and Technology, Office of, duties, 223.600-223.650



             Defined as vertebrate pest, 555.005

             Property destruction, control of, 567.010, 567.080

      Classifications, 501.110

      Collection or shipping of birds for scientific or educational purposes, 503.650

      Crows (See also Game birds, this heading)

             Property destruction, control of, 567.010, 567.080

      Cruelty to animals, 574.050-574.200

      Damage caused by birds, prevention and alleviation, 503.595

      Domestic birds (See also POULTRY)

             Defined as livestock, 561.025

             Diseased animals, ch. 571

             Estrays, 569.005-569.130

             Theft as petit larceny, 205.240, 207.185

      Eagles (See also Raptors, this heading)

             Killing or possessing unlawfully, penalties, 501.3855

             Protection, regulations, 503.582, 503.610

      Eggs, collection for scientific or educational purposes, 503.650

      Endangered species, protection and propagation, 503.584-503.589

      Falcons (See also Raptors, this heading)

             Permit required to hunt, trap, possess or sell, 503.582

      Fighting between birds, instigating or attending, 202.450-202.480, 574.070-574.090

      Game birds

             Disposal by processor if charges unpaid, 503.035

             Duck stamps, 502.300-502.324

             Fee to hunt certain upland game birds, 502.292-502.298

             Hunting dog or falconry field trials, use of birds, 503.200

             Hunting, generally (See HUNTING)

             Live wildlife, unlawful to possess without license, 504.295

             Manner of hunting, 503.005, 503.010, 503.150

             Meat (See generally MEAT)

             Possession and storage out of season, 503.030

             Protection against losses, 501.100-501.119, 567.080

             Shooting preserves, 504.300-504.380

             Spotting or locating, prohibited acts, 503.010

             Transportation of birds taken within State, 503.040

             Unlawful sale or importation, 501.379

             Upland game birds defined, 501.095

             Waste of game birds, 501.388, 503.050

      Killing bird while flying in aircraft prohibited, exception, 503.005

      Migratory birds

             Definition, 501.055

             Endangered species, protection and propagation, 503.584-503.589

             Federal hunting stamps, 503.135

             Live wildlife, unlawful to possess, 504.295

             Protection, 503.620

             Wildlife refuges, 328.195

      Nests, collection for scientific or educational purposes, 503.650

      Poultry (See POULTRY)


             Bald eagle and golden eagle, protection, 503.582, 503.610

             Falconry and training birds of prey

                   Annual fee, 502.240

                   Competitive field trials, regulations, 503.200

                   Licensing requirements, 503.583-503.5835

                   Limitations on capture, 503.583

             Permit to hunt, trap, possess or sell birds of prey, requirements, 503.582


             Aircraft, hunting or nonlethal control of ravens from, 503.005

             Exemption from certain provisions concerning birds, 503.010, 503.050

             Property destruction, control of, 567.010, 567.080


             Defined as vertebrate pest, 555.005

             Property destruction, control of, 567.010, 567.080

      State bird, 235.060

      Swans, killing or possessing unlawfully, civil penalties, 501.3855

      Waterholes, camping in manner denying birds access unlawful, 503.660

      Wetlands mitigation bank, establishment, use and operation, 244.388

      Wild birds, private collections, 503.590

      Wildlife, protection, 501.100-501.119


      Abstracted certificates, 440.670


             Order for new certificate, 127.157

             Report to contain certain information, 127.157, 440.310

      Alteration, prohibited acts, penalty, 440.760

      Change of name, revision of certificate following, 440.305


             Certified copies, 440.650, 440.660

             Notaries public, prohibited acts, 240.075

             Preservation by local health officer, 440.240

      District courts, power to establish date and place of birth, 41.209-41.260

      Driver’s license or authorization card, certificate furnished for proof of name and age, 483.290, 483.291

      False identification, penalty for preparation, transfer or use, 205.460

      False information, furnishing unlawful, 440.770

      Fees, 440.700

      Form and contents, 440.290

      Gestational agreements, effect, 126.720, 440.319

      Homeless persons, charging fee for issuance prohibited, 440.175, 440.700

      Illegitimate children, 440.170, 440.280, 440.290, 440.315, 440.325

      Incomplete record, local health officer’s duties, 440.220

      Inspection by public, 440.170

      Marriage license applicants, use of certificate as proof of name and age, 122.040

      Missing children

             Issuance of certificates for children listed as missing, restrictions, 440.327

             Notification and duties of agency in possession of birth certificate, 432.205

      Nevada Lockbox, creation, registration of electronic documents, 225.300-225.440


             Action to determine paternity, substitution of certificate following, 126.221

             Court order for issuance of certificate, 126.161, 440.325

             Evidentiary effect of certificate, 440.610-440.640

      Preservation and indexing, 440.160

      Prisoners recently released, charging fee for issuance prohibited, 440.175, 440.700

      Prohibitions against preparation and issuance, 440.175

      Public and Behavioral Health, Division of, duty to furnish certificates, 442.080

      Replacement when written in language other than English, 440.303

      Requisites, 440.090

      Safe-deposit boxes, disposition of certificate on nonpayment of rent, 663.085, 673.373

      Schools, private, documents required for permanent enrollment, 394.145

      Schools, public

             Documents required for permanent enrollment, 392.165, 392.215

             False certificate, penalty for presenting, 392.215

      State Registrar, release of certain information, 440.125

      Unlawful possession or use of certificate of another person, 440.765


      Family planning services, 422.308

      Family resource centers, prohibited services and procedures, 430A.180

      Health insurance coverage for contraceptives

             Health maintenance organizations, 695C.1694, 695C.1695

             Individual or group policies, 689A.0415, 689A.0417, 689B.0376, 689B.0377

             Nonprofit hospital or medical service corporations, 695B.1916, 695B.1918

      Public and Behavioral Health, Division of, duties, 442.080

      Public assistance recipients, referral for birth control, 422.308


      Cigarette smoking during pregnancy, retailers to post signs regarding health hazards, 202.2493, 442.340

      Fetal alcohol syndrome (For specific provisions, see FETAL ALCOHOL SYNDROME)

             Generally, 442.385-442.425

      Insurance coverage

             Casualty insurance includes insurance against congenital defects, 681A.020

             Health maintenance organizations, 695C.1723, 695C.173

             Individual or group policies, 689A.0423, 689A.043, 689B.033, 689B.0353

             Nonprofit hospital or medical service corporations, 695B.1923, 695B.193

      Professional negligence, limitation of actions, 41A.097

      Statewide System for Collection and Analysis of Information, 440.170, 442.300-442.330, 629.171

      Testing of infants for preventable or inheritable disorders, 442.008, 442.009, 629.151, 629.171


      Concealing, unlawful, 201.150

      Date and place of birth, establishment, 3.223, 41.209-41.260

      False pretenses regarding birth to obtain property, 199.360

      Persons required to furnish information, 440.100

      Pregnancy (See PREGNANCY)

      Prenatal and postnatal medical care (See HEALTH, MATERNAL AND CHILD)

      Statewide System for Collection and Analysis of Information regarding adverse birth outcomes, 440.170, 442.300-442.330, 629.171



      Containers, prohibited acts, 597.985, 597.990


      Defined as vertebrate pest, 555.005

      Property destruction, control of, 567.010, 567.080

BLACKJACK (See also generally GAMING)

      Defined as gambling game, 463.0152


      Prohibition against, 613.200, 613.210



      Generally, 689B.070-689B.110


      Actions for personal injuries, 426.515

      Adoption of children who are blind, 127.186


      Canes or walking sticks, use, 426.510, 426.515

      Coercion respecting membership in organization for persons who are blind, 281.400

      Definition, 361.085, 426.082, 426.520

      Discrimination (See DISCRIMINATION)

      Employment, assistance in education, training and job finding and placement, 426.550

      Governmental services tax exemption, 371.102, 371.105, 371.106

      Hunting licenses, issuance, 502.075

      Institutions to be supported, Art. 13 § 1

      Legislative declaration, 427A.010

      Motor vehicle registry, maintenance, 483.790, 483.800

      Pedestrians encountering person who is blind, duties, penalties, 426.510

      Personal injury actions, 426.515

      Property tax exemptions, 361.085, 361.155, 361.1565

      Purpose of provisions, 426.010

      Right-of-way of pedestrians who are blind, 484B.290


             Examination of pupils for visual problems, requirements, 392.420

             Special education and early intervening services, minimum standards for, 388.419

      Service animals (See DISABILITIES, PERSONS WITH)

      Services to persons who are blind or visually impaired

             Administrative costs, payment of claims, 426.563

             Assistive technology, program to provide, 427A.7951-427A.7957

             Bureau of Services to Persons Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired, duties, 426.550

             Denial of services prohibited, 426.600

             Disclosure of information concerning applicant or recipient restricted, 426.573

             Education, training and job finding and placement, 426.550

             Fraudulent acts, penalties, 426.800

             Grievances of applicants or recipients, hearings and judicial review, 426.610

             Home and community-based services, program to provide, 422.396

             Independent living services, program for persons needing, 427A.7951-427A.7957

             Maintenance allowance for person in training program, advance payment, 426.575

             Regulations, 426.560

             Treatment or operations to prevent blindness or restore vision, 426.550

      State supplementary assistance

             Administration of program, 422A.338

             Assistance not assignable or subject to process or bankruptcy law, 422.291, 422A.325

             Confidential information, 422.2749, 422A.342

             Contested cases, 422A.275-422A.300

             Definition, 422A.070

             Denial, reduction, discontinuance or termination, 422A.365, 422A.475

             Domestic violence victims, identification and referral to support services, 422A.350

             Foreign citizens, eligibility for benefits, 422A.085

             Forms, 422.280, 422A.305

             Fraud to obtain, 422.410, 422A.465, 422A.700

             Future amending and repealing acts, assistance subject to, 422.292, 422A.330

             Public assistance defined to include, 422A.065

             Recovery of benefits paid, reimbursements, 422A.3352

            Relatives’ financial responsibility, 422A.460-422A.475

             School attendance of children, requirements, 422A.333

      Supplemental Security Income Program

             Agreements with Federal Government to carry out program, 422A.338

             Definition, 422A.075

      Toilets in public accommodations, Braille signs, 447.135

      Vending stands

             Establishment and operation, 426.630-426.720

             Federal property, Bureau as licensing agency, 426.590

             Property tax exemptions, 361.157, 361.159

             Public Works Division, State, powers, 331.100


      Infants, prevention in, 442.030-442.110

      Willful blindness defined, criminal law, 179.11635



      AIDS, penalty for engaging in conduct intended to transmit disease, 201.205, 201.358

      Anatomical gifts, 451.500-451.598, 460.100-460.150

      Blood tests (See BLOOD TESTS)

      Donation, consent of parent or guardian, 460.040

      Hemodialysis, tax exemption for products, 372.283, 374.287

      Hepatitis, identifying data furnished to blood banks, 460.020

      Injection or transfusion, liability, 460.010

      Medical laboratories (See MEDICAL LABORATORIES)

      Organizations that store or transfuse blood, records, tests and equipment, 460.030

      Prisoners, credits against sentence for blood donations, 209.433, 209.443


      Boating accidents or offenses, 488.460-488.520, 629.065

      Chiropractors authorized to draw blood for diagnostic purposes, 634.225

      Criminal offenders, preservation of biological specimens, 176.0911-176.0919

      Firearm possession while under the influence, evidentiary test, 202.257


      Hepatitis, tests required for occupational disease benefits, 617.485, 617.487

      HIV tests (See generally AIDS)

      Identity, tests to determine, 56.020

      Lead levels in children, 442.700

      Parentage, tests to determine, 56.020, 126.121, 201.085, 425.384, 425.490

      Pharmacists, performance of blood glucose tests, 639.2808

      Pregnant women, serological tests required, exception, 442.010, 442.020, 442.640

      Sexually transmitted diseases (See SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES)

      Sickle cell anemia, testing of infants, 442.008, 442.009, 629.151, 629.171

      Sobriety tests (See DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE)

      State employees, screening tests for use of alcohol or drugs, 284.406-284.407

BLUE SKY LAW (For specific provisions, see SECURITIES)

      Generally, ch. 90



      Abandoned vessels

             Failure to reclaim vessel, effect, 488.293

             Liability for cost of removal and disposition, 488.291

             Notice to Department of Wildlife, 488.145

             Peace officers, authority, procedures, 488.291, 488.293

             Private property, procedure to remove vessel, 488.293

             Prohibition, 488.291

             Termination of certificate of number, 488.145

             Transfer of ownership to law enforcement agency, 488.293

      Accidents or collisions

             Assistance and information to be rendered, 488.550

             Blood alcohol tests of accident fatalities required, 488.520

             Duties of operators, 488.550

             Investigation by Department of Wildlife, 488.550

             Navigational aids, penalty for removal or destruction resulting in accident, 488.285

             Report to Department of Wildlife, 488.550

             Towing to storage lot after crash, procedures in certain counties, 706.4489

             Transmittal of information to federal agency, 488.560

      Administration of laws, 501.331

      Age requirements

             Interstate waters, operation of certain motorboats, 488.730-488.750

             Operator and observer in vessel towing person, 488.570

             Personal flotation devices, use, 488.575

      Anchoring or mooring vessel

             Bridge, buoy, beacon or other navigational aid, prohibited acts, 488.285, 535.110

             Lights, requirements, 488.187, 488.257

             Mooring buoys

                   Colors and lights, requirements, 488.257

                   Permits for placement, requirements and exceptions, 488.259-488.263

             Obstruction of passageway prohibited, exceptions, 488.265

      Animals, carrying in cruel manner in or on vessel unlawful, 574.190

      Applicability of laws, 488.059

      Aquatic invasive species

             Decontamination of vessel or conveyance, 488.035, 488.530, 488.533

             Definitions, 488.035, 503.597

             Fees, amount, issuance of decal as evidence of payment, 488.536

             Impoundment or quarantine of vessel or conveyance, 488.530, 488.533

             Inspections of vessels or conveyances, requirements, 488.530

             Prohibited acts, 488.530, 503.597

      Arrest of violators, 488.920

      Bathing areas, operation in marked areas prohibited, 488.600, 488.620

      Birds, unlawful to harass with vessel, 503.010

      Boat defined, crimes and punishments, 193.011, 208.025

      Boat liveries, 488.295

      Capital improvements related to boating, financing, 365.535, 373.119

      Carburetors, regulation, 488.193

      Certificates of number (See Ownership, registration and numbering, this heading)

      Certificates of ownership (See Ownership, registration and numbering, this heading)

      City Bond Law, boating facilities defined as park project, 268.702

      Classification of vessels, 488.185

      Collisions (See Accidents or collisions, this heading)

      Cooperative agreements with adjoining states, 501.182

      Death or injury caused by negligent or unlawful operation

             Blood alcohol tests of accident fatalities required, 488.520

             Duties of operators, 488.550

             Failure to maintain proper lookout, penalty, 488.540

             Investigation by Department of Wildlife, 488.550

             Mooring to or interfering with buoy or navigational aid, penalty, 488.285

             Operation under the influence, penalty, evaluation of offender, 488.420, 488.425, 488.430

             Overloading vessel, penalty, 200.030, 488.630

             Report to Department of Wildlife, 488.550

             Unsafe condition of vessel, penalty, 488.630

      Declaration of state policy, 488.025

      Definitions, 488.035, 488.257, 488.263, 488.320

      Destruction of vessel

             Malicious mischief, penalty, 206.010

             Notice to Department of Wildlife and termination of certificate of number, 488.145

      Diver’s flag, display required and operation of vessels restricted, 488.310

      Emergency vessels, sirens authorized, 488.197

      Enforcement of laws, 488.900-488.920, 501.243, 501.349

      Engine cut-off switches, unlawful acts, 488.585

      Equipment generally, 488.187-488.197, 488.320, 488.540

      Fire extinguishers

             Operation of vessel without extinguisher, penalties, 488.630

             Requirements, 488.193

      Firearms, unlawful discharge at or into vessels, 202.285

      Flashing blue or red light, display unlawful, exception, 488.187

      Flat wake defined, 488.035

      Fuel taxes

             Generally, ch. 365

             Motor vehicle fuel defined, 365.060

             Use of proceeds, 365.535, 373.119

      Fuel, two-cycle, authorized use of blending pumps and devices, 590.065

      Game animals, unlawful to harass with boat, 503.010

      Guaranteed asset protection waivers, ch. 690D

      Handmade vessels, assignment of state hull number upon request, 488.171

      Homicide by vessel, 488.425

      Hunting violations

             Citations, procedure following failure to appear, 501.3865, 501.3867

             Forfeitures, 501.3857

             Game mammals, harassing with boat, 503.010

             Warrantless search of vessel authorized, 501.375

      Impoundment of vessel or conveyance, grounds, procedures, 488.530, 488.533

      Injurious aquatic species, definition, prohibited acts, 503.597

      Inspections, 488.530, 488.533, 488.900

      Installment sales, ch. 97

      Interstate waters

             California-Nevada Compact for Jurisdiction on Interstate Waters, 171.076, 171.077

             Operation of certain motorboats by persons born after 1982, 488.730-488.750

             Rental or lease of motorboats, restrictions, 488.730

             Violations, court may prohibit operation of motorboat on interstate waters until completion of safe boating course, 488.950

      Jet skis, definition and operation of personal watercraft, 488.580

      Liens on vessels, 108.670-108.760

      Life preservers (See Personal flotation devices, this heading)


             Failure to display proper lights between sunset and sunrise, penalties, 488.630

             False lights endangering vessels, penalty, 206.300

             Requirements, 488.187

      Local ordinances regulating, 488.059

      Lookout, duties and penalty for accident caused by failure to maintain, 488.540

      Lotteries, penalty for permitting use of vessel for unauthorized lottery, 462.320

      Malicious mischief, 206.010

      Marine sanitation devices, requirements, 488.320

      Mooring buoys (See Anchoring or mooring vessel, this heading)

      Muffling devices, 488.195

      National Guard, improper operation of vessel, 412.534

      Navigational aids, penalties for unlawful removal, alteration or destruction, 488.285

      Negligent operation, 488.400

      Nevada Boat Act, short title, 488.015

      Observer required while towing person, age requirements and duties, 488.570

      Operating under the influence

             0.08 or more concentration of alcohol in blood or breath defined, 488.405

             Affirmative defenses, 488.410

             Aggravated offense, transporting person under age 15, 488.420, 488.427


                   Failure to submit to preliminary test, 488.450

                   Taking person before magistrate, 488.920

             Bail or release on own recognizance, restrictions, 178.484

             Citation, 488.920

             Death or substantial bodily harm resulting from offense

                   Evaluation of offender for abuse of alcohol or drugs, 488.430

                   Penalty, 488.420, 488.425

             Evidence, admissibility, 50.315-50.330, 488.480, 488.500

             Homicide by vessel, 488.425

             Intoxication no excuse for criminal act, 193.220

             Liability of treatment providers for actions of certain persons, 62E.620, 484C.360

             Medical records of tests, availability to peace officers or district attorney, 629.065

             Penalties, 488.410, 488.420, 488.950

             Plea bargaining restricted, 488.420-488.427

             Preliminary and evidentiary testing


                          Affidavits or declarations, 50.315-50.330

                          Blood tests, 488.500

                          Breath-testing devices, requirements, 488.480

                          Failure to submit to test, 488.480

                          Results of test, 488.480

                   Arrested persons may choose qualified person to administer test, 488.490

                   Availability of results of test, 488.480

                   Bail, restrictions, 178.484

                   Breath test to determine concentration of alcohol, requirements, 488.470, 488.480

                   Choice of test, 488.460

                   Deceased persons

                          Accidents, coroner’s duties, 488.520

                          Officer to direct that samples of blood be tested, 488.460

                   Exemption from blood test, 488.460

                   Fees, 488.440

                   Implied consent to test, 488.450, 488.460

                   Medical records, availability to peace officers or district attorney, 629.065

                   Minor requested to submit to test, notification of parent or guardian, 488.460

                   Persons authorized to administer tests, immunity from liability, 488.500

                   Presumptions concerning testing devices, 488.480, 488.510

                   Reasonable force to obtain sample or test, warrant or court order required, 488.460

                   Refusal to submit to test, 488.450-488.480

                   Request by officer to submit to blood test, grounds, 488.460

                   Substitution of test prohibited, 488.490

                   Unconscious person, officer to direct that samples of blood be tested, 488.460

                   Urine test, restrictions on requiring, 488.460

                   Use of results of test, 488.450, 488.500

                   Witness fees, amount, payment, 488.460

             Presumptions concerning testing devices, 488.480, 488.510

             Prohibited substances in blood or urine, unlawful amounts, 488.410

             Residential confinement, assignment and supervision, 209.429, 213.375

             Sealing records of conviction, prohibition, 179.245

             Second or subsequent felony, penalty, 488.427

             Segregation of incarcerated offender, 488.420-488.427

             Treatment program for offenders, establishment, assignment to, 209.425, 209.427

             Under the influence, term defined, 488.035

             Unlawful acts, 488.400, 488.410, 488.425

      Operation of vessel, generally

             Certificate of number to be available for inspection, 488.075

             Engine cut-off switches, unlawful acts, 488.585

             Improperly equipped boat, operation prohibited, 488.540

             Interstate waters, requirements for operation of motorboats by certain persons, 488.730-488.750

             Lights, requirements, penalties, 488.187, 488.630

             Pilot rules, conformance, 488.540

             Proper lookout to be maintained, 488.540

             Reckless or negligent operation prohibited, 488.400

             Restricted areas of operation, 488.600-488.620

             Speed restrictions, 488.600

             Unnumbered or uncertified motorboat, operation prohibited, 488.065

             Unsafe condition, operation prohibited, 488.630

             Within 100 feet of person being towed, 488.570

      Overloading vessel

             Death caused by overloading, penalty, 200.230

             Operation of overloaded vessel, penalties, 488.630

             Prohibited, 488.590

      Ownership, registration and numbering

             Address, notification of change to Department of Wildlife, 488.155

             Certificates of ownership (See also Transfer of ownership or interest, this heading)

                   Abandoned vessels, 488.293

                   Application, fee, 488.075

                   Beneficiary form, transfer on death of owner, 488.1794

                   Contents, 488.075

                   Duplicate certificate, issuance, procedures, 488.1813

                   Endorsement upon transfer of motorboat, 488.1807, 488.181, 488.1815

                   Improper certificate, seizure of vessel, 488.915

                   Issuance, 488.075, 488.1797

                   Requirement, 488.065

                   Substitution of security interest between same parties, effect, 488.1817

                   Surrender and replacement upon change of information, 488.155

                   Suspension or revocation, 488.1827, 501.3855

                   Transferees, duties, 488.1795


                   Numbers, issuance to dealers for purposes of demonstration, sale or exchange of motorboats, fees, 488.075

                   Reports of sale, lease or other transfer, 488.1803

             Exemptions from requirement to be titled, 488.175

             Hull numbers

                   Prohibited acts, penalty, 488.171

                   Restoration of original number, authorization required, 488.171

                   Seizure of vessel, grounds, 488.915

                   State hull number

                          Abandoned vessels, 488.293

                          Assignment, 488.065, 488.171

                          Definition, 488.035

                          Issuance and verification to comply with U.S. Coast Guard requirements, regulation, 488.169

                          Placement, location, 488.065

             January 1, 1972, motorboats purchased or otherwise owned before, requirements, 488.065

             Manufacturers, issuance of numbers for purposes of demonstration, sale or exchange of motorboats, fees, 488.075

             Motorboats, requirement to be numbered and titled, exception, 488.065

             Number and certificates of number

                   Application for number, fee, 488.075

                   Awarding of certificates, authority and duties of agents of Department, retention of fee, 488.115

                   Certificate to be available for inspection, 488.075

                   Display of unauthorized number or decal prohibited, 488.165

                   Duplicate validation decal, fee, 488.075

                   Exempt numbers, issuance, regulation, 488.175

                   Exemptions from requirement to be numbered, 488.175

                   Expiration, 488.125

                   Federally approved system of other state, recording of number awarded by, 488.085

                   Improper certificate, seizure of vessel, 488.915

                   Issuance of certificate, 488.075, 488.1797, 501.3867

                   Lapse date of certificate to be fixed by Department, 488.135

                   Painting or attaching number to each side of bow. requirements, 488.075

                   Public records, 488.115

                   Reassignment of previous number to transferee authorized, 488.1797

                   Reinstatement of certificate of validation decal, 488.1826

                   Renewal of certificate by purchase of validation decal, fee, 488.075, 488.125

                   Requirements, 488.065

                   Revocation of certificate or number, 488.1827, 501.3855

                   State system to conform to federal system, 488.105

                   Substitution of security interest between same parties, effect, 488.1817

                   Surrender and replacement of certificate upon change in information, 488.155

                   Suspension of certificate or validation decal, 488.1826, 488.1827, 488.320, 488.533, 501.3855, 501.3865

                   Termination of certificate upon destruction or abandonment of motorboat, 488.145

                   Transferees, duties, 488.1795

             Owner and legal owner defined, 488.035

             Transfer of ownership or interest

                   Dealer, duty to give notice of transfer to Department, exception, 488.1803

                   Duplicate certificate, issuance on loss, destruction or mutilation of original, 488.1813

                   Duties of transferee, 488.1795

                   Endorsement of certificate of ownership on transfer, 488.1793, 488.1797, 488.1807, 488.181, 488.1815, 488.1823

                   Failure to endorse or deliver certificate of ownership to transferee unlawful, 488.1815

                   Interest of registered owner not affected by assignment by legal owner, 488.1805

                   Issuance of certificate of ownership, requirements, 488.1797

                   Law enforcement agency, transfer of ownership to, 488.293

                   On death, transfer not deemed testamentary, 488.1794

                   Owner to notify Department of sale or transfer of title or interest, exception, information to be furnished, 488.1801

                   Perfection of security interest, procedures, 488.1823, 488.1825

                   Pledge of security interest, transfer of ownership not required, 488.182

                   Requirements, exceptions, 488.1793

                   Substitution of security interest between same parties, effect, 488.1817

      Personal flotation devices

             Accessibility for use in emergency, requirements, 488.193

             Engine cut-off switch links, prohibited acts, 488.585

             Number of devices required, 488.193

             Operation of vessel with insufficient number of devices, penalties, 488.630

             Personal watercraft, requirements, 488.580

             Wearing by person less than 13 years of age required, exceptions, 488.575

      Personal watercraft, definition and operation, 488.580, 488.730

      Pilot rules, 488.540

      Property tax, exemption, 361.068

      Races (See Regattas and races, this heading)

      Reckless operation, 488.400

      Regattas and races

             Application, 488.305

             Muffling device requirements, exception, 488.195

             Reimbursement of expenses of Department of Wildlife, 488.305

             Water skiing requirements, exemption, 488.570

      Restricted areas of operation, 488.600-488.620

      Safe boating courses

             Financing of programs, 365.535, 373.119

             Operation of certain motorboats, requirements, 488.730-488.750

      Sailboards, exemption from life preserver requirements, 488.193

      Sales taxes

             Allowance given for used vessel taken in trade excluded from sales price, 374.070

             Nonresident sales, exemption, 372.7263, 374.7273

             Occasional sales, 372.035, 372.320, 374.040, 374.325, 488.075

      Seizure of vessel, grounds, procedures, 488.910, 488.915

      Sewage disposal, required devices and penalties for unlawful discharge, 488.320

      Signals, penalty for false signals endangering vessels, 206.300

      Sirens, regulation, 488.197

      Speed restrictions, 488.600

      State lands, fees for use

             Definitions, 322.003-322.0066

             Generally, 322.100-322.170

      State parks, cooperative agreements for development of facilities, 407.069

      Surfboards, inflatable devices or similar devices

             Operation under the influence, prohibited, 488.400

             Towing behind vessel, regulation, 488.570

      Swimming area, operation of boats in marked area prohibited, 488.600, 488.620

      Trailers (See TRAILERS)

      Two-cycle motor fuel, authorized use of blending pumps and devices, 590.065

      Under way defined, 488.035

      Unnumbered or uncertified motorboat, operation prohibited, 488.065

      Unsafe condition, operation prohibited, 488.630

      Ventilation of bilges and compartments, 488.193

      Vessel defined, wildlife law, 501.096

      Violations generally

             Citation or arrest of violator, 488.920

             Civil penalties, 488.261, 488.320, 488.420

             Controlled substances violations, forfeiture of vessel, 453.301

             Criminal penalties, 200.230, 488.285, 488.320, 488.630, 488.950

             Evidence of crime, seizure of vessel to preserve, 488.910

             Jurisdiction over offenses committed on interstate waters, 171.077, 171.079

             Safe boating course, completion may be ordered, 488.950

             Venue for offenses committed on vessels in state waters, 171.040

      Water access areas, duties of users, prohibited acts, penalties, 455B.400-455B.490

      Water skiing

             Regulation, 488.570

             Under the influence, prohibited, 488.400

      Wildlife, unlawful to harass with vessel, 503.010

      Wildlife violations generally, penalties, 501.3855, 501.3865


      Control from aircraft, 503.005

      Hunting (See HUNTING)

      Killing or possessing unlawfully, civil penalties, 501.3855



      Attorney misconduct proceedings, S.C.R. 110

      Child abuse or neglect, placement of child in protective custody, 432B.520

      Generally, 31.470-31.730

      Habeas corpus proceedings, 34.420

      Judgment debtors, 21.280

      Justice courts, applicability of laws, 71.090

      Juvenile court, authority, 62C.010, 62C.320

      Seizure of person, N.R.C.P. 64, JCRCP 64


      Acceptance of vehicle for repair, duties upon, 487.6873

      Air bags, replacement, records, 487.520

      Automotive Affairs, Advisory Board on, representation, 487.002

      Books and records, 487.680

      Changes in operation of business, report, 487.680

      Civil penalties, 487.6897, 487.990

      Complaints and investigations, 487.557, 487.650

      Compliance Enforcement, Division of, duties, 481.048

      Deceptive trade practices

             Acts deemed to be, 487.6889

             Administrative fines, 487.6891

             Investigation of practices, 487.689

      Definitions, 487.600-487.608

      Established place of business required, 487.620, 487.650, 487.680

      Estimates and invoices

             Cost estimate to be furnished for certain repairs, contents, 487.6875

             License number to be included on, 487.630

             Notice of additional charges for repair, 487.6877, 487.6881

             Records, retention, 487.6885

             Repairs to be in compliance with estimates, 487.688

             Salvage vehicles, repair costs, 487.890

             Sign relating to estimates, contents and display, 487.6871

             Statement of charges, requirements, 487.6893

             Waiver of requirements, 487.6879

      Evidence of unfitness, 487.165, 487.650

      Financial records, disclosure, 487.650

      Garage operators, waiver of registration fee, 487.560

      Industry standards, compliance when repairing or rebuilding vehicle, records, 487.520

      Injunctive relief, 487.6895, 487.990

      Insurance adjusters, concurrent licensure prohibited, 684A.055


             Choice of shop by insured, rights, insurer’s duties, 690B.016

             Knowing recommendation to patronize unlicensed shop prohibited, 690B.016

             Prompt payment of damage claims required, 686A.300

             Repair estimates, receipt of notice of additional charges, duties, 487.6877, 487.6881

             Required patronization of particular body shop prohibited, 690B.016


             Applications, 487.630

             Bond or deposit in lieu, 487.640

             Class A certification, 487.652-487.660

             Denial, suspension or revocation, 487.003, 487.005, 487.165, 487.650, 487.660

             Display, 487.630

             Expiration and renewal, 487.630

             Fees, 487.630

             Hearings, subpoenas, 487.670

             Investigation of applicants, 487.610

             Issuance, contents, 487.630

             Verification by consumers, 487.687


             Enforcement, restrictions, 487.6893

             Labor, materials and storage, 108.265-108.367

      Payments, notice to customer of forms accepted, 487.6874

      Rate survey, completion, 487.630, 487.685, 487.686

      Rebuilt vehicles, inspection and certification, 482.223, 487.795

      Reconstructed or specially constructed vehicles, inspection, 482.223

      Repairs, estimates and specifications, 487.688, 487.890

      Replaced parts to be delivered to person authorizing repairs, 487.6883

      Salvage vehicles

             Disciplinary action, grounds, 487.650

             Inspections, 487.650, 487.860

             Repairs, calculation of estimate, 487.890

      Seat belts, repair or replacement, records, 487.520

      Signs, requirements, 487.620

      Storage of vehicle, authority to charge for, 487.68701, 487.68703, 487.6875, 487.6881

      Tinting of windows, restrictions, 484D.440, 597.710

      Towing of vehicle, duties of shop, 487.68703

      Unlicensed operation unlawful, 487.610

      Unregistered vehicles, movement on highway, 487.615

      Violations, criminal penalties, 482.5505, 482.5533, 487.690


      Boilermakers’ liens, 108.249

      City council’s power to regulate, 266.310

      Energy audits or assessments of homes, evaluations, 645D.300

      Installation, operation and repair, regulation, 353C.1965, ch. 455C

      Schools, program to train employees who operate pressure vessels, 391A.300


      City Bond Law, fallout shelter facilities defined as building project, 268.676

      Property tax exemption, 361.078


      Airport security programs, duties, 476.190

      Applicability of laws, 476.170

      Commanders, duties, authority, 476.210

      Definitions, 476.110-476.160

      Duties generally, 476.180, 476.190

      Notification regarding presence of explosive device, 476.200

      Peace officers, generally (See PEACE OFFICERS)


      Letters or writings, threatening by, 207.180

      Penalties, 202.840

      Telephone calls, threatening, 201.255


      Hoax bombs, unlawful acts, 202.263



      Cities (See CITIES)

      Counties (See COUNTIES)

      Districts (See DISTRICTS)

      Local government finances (See LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCES)

      Schools (See SCHOOL FINANCES)


      Towns (See TOWNS)


      Abandoned property, certain claims against Administrator, 120A.640

      Aircraft, lien on, filing bond for redelivery of property, 108.276, 108.278

      Anatomical dissection, recipients of dead bodies, 451.460


             Eviction, stay of execution, 40.385, JCRCP 73A(a)(4)

             Generally, NRAP 7, N.R.C.P. 65.1, JCRCP 65.1, JCRCP 73-JCRCP 73B

             Liability of surety, NRAP 8(b), N.R.C.P. 65.1, JCRCP 65.1, JCRCP 73B(b)

             Objection by respondent to sufficiency, NRAP 7(c), JCRCP 73

             Small claims court, form and amount, JCRCP 100

             Stay pending

                   Amount of bond, limitations, 20.035, 20.037

                   Generally, NRAP 8(b), N.R.C.P. 62(d), N.R.C.P. 62(e), JCRCP 62(d),

                          JCRCP 73A

      Approval by court clerk, 20.050, 169.245

      Attachment by Labor Commissioner, bond unnecessary, 607.190

      Attachment proceedings, 31.030

      Attorneys as surety prohibited, EDCR 7.76

      Automobile wreckers, 487.060, 487.105

      Autonomous vehicles, testing entities, 482A.060

      Bail (See BAIL)


      Bail bond registers (See BAIL)

      Bank officers, managers and employees, 661.185

      Barbers’ Health and Sanitation Board, State, Secretary-Treasurer, 643.030

      Body shop licensees, 487.640

      Boy Scouts, issuance of license plates supporting, requirements, 482.37947

      Breach of the peace, 170.040, 170.090-170.170

      Brewers, 369.350

      Burial and cemetery services, sellers, 689.495

      Certificate of deposit in lieu of surety bond, 100.065

      Check-cashing services, licensees, 604A.610, 604A.615

      Child custody, parent with significant commitments in foreign country, 125C.0045

      Cigarette manufacturers, 370.682

      Cigarette wholesalers, 370.155

      Cities, actions by, 18.140

      Collection agencies, 649.105-649.119, 649.171, 649.395

      Common-interest communities

             Community managers, requirements, 116A.620

             Sales of units, 116.411, 116.4111

      Condemnation proceedings, 37.100, 37.140

      Condominium hotels

             Community managers, requirements, 116A.620

             Sales of units, 116B.770, 116B.775

      Conservators, 161.020

      Construction controls, 627.180, 627.183, 627.200

      Contempt proceedings, 22.070, 22.130

      Contractors (See CONTRACTORS)

      Corporate surety

             Bonds satisfy legal requirement, 691B.020

             Surety company estopped from denying power to execute, 691B.030

      Corrections, Department of, contracts for employment of offenders, 209.461

      Cosmetology, schools of, 644.384

      Costs of civil action, recoverable as, ch. 18

      Counties, actions by, 18.140

      Credit service organizations, 598.726

      Credit unions, 678.260, 678.370, 678.420

      Dairy products distributors, 584.600-584.640

      Dance studios, 598.9472

      Dead bodies, recipients for dissection purposes, 451.460

      Debt-management services providers, 676A.390, 676A.400

      Deeds of trust, reconveyance, requirements, 107.079

      Deferred deposit loan businesses, 604A.610, 604A.615

      Definition, 193.0115, 208.035

      Dental care, organizations for, 695D.170, 695D.180

      Dental Examiners of Nevada, Board of, 631.160

      Depository bonds of surety companies, 356.210-356.230

      Discount goods or services, organizations for buying, 598.851-598.855

      Document preparation services, 240A.100-240A.120

      Driver training schools, 483.710

      Education savings accounts, participating entities, 353B.900

      Employee leasing companies, 616B.679

      Employment agencies, 611.070-611.090

      Environmental protection actions, bond required, 41.550

      Escrow agencies, 645A.041-645A.047

      Estates of decedents

             Appeal of orders, requirement, 155.200

             Partial distributions, requirements, 151.010, 151.040, 151.050

             Personal representatives, requirements (See ESTATES OF DECEDENTS)

      Eviction, appeals, 40.380, 40.385, JCRCP 73A(a)(4)

      Exchange facilitators, 645G.320

      Federal officers, undertaking unnecessary, 18.140

      Financial planners, 628A.040

      Fishing, license agents, 502.040

      Forgery, 205.090

      Fraternal benefit societies, 695A.060

      Funeral service contracts, sellers, 689.185

      Garage operators, 487.563, 487.567

      Guardians (See GUARDIANS AND WARDS)

      Harassment in workplace, employer seeking protection order, 33.270

      Health clubs, 598.9472

      High-interest loan businesses, 604A.610, 604A.615

      Highway construction, bidders, 408.337, 408.357, 408.367, 408.3884

      Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, undertaking unnecessary, 18.140

      Hunting, license agents, 502.040

      Industrial insurance

             Actions by Administrator of Division of Industrial Relations, bond or undertaking unnecessary, 616A.410

             Associations of self-insured employers, association’s administrators and third-party administrators, 616B.353, 616B.356

             Self-insured employers, 616B.300

      Injunction pending appeal, N.R.C.P. 62(c)

      Insurance administrators, 683A.0857

      Insurance premiums, business of financing, 686A.360

      Intoxicating liquor importers, 369.350

      Investment certificate in lieu of surety bond, 100.065

      Issuers of instruments for transmission or payment of money, 671.050, 671.100, 671.110

      Judgment against surety on bond, conclusiveness of, 17.020

      Judgment debtors, 21.280

      Justice courts, 4.370, 69.010, 72.010, JCRCP 65.1

      Justices of the peace, 4.030

      Landlord and tenant, surety bond in lieu of security deposit, 118A.240-118A.250

      Letter of credit in lieu of surety bond, 100.065

      Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Board for the Regulation of, 590.505

      Livestock and farm products dealers, brokers or commission merchants, 576.040-576.045, 576.060, 576.120

      Livestock auction operators, 573.030-573.037

      Local government purchasing

             Notice of protest, requirements for filing, 332.068

             Operating cost-savings measures, requirements for performance contracts, 332.390

      Malicious destruction, 206.260

      Mechanics’ and materialmen’s liens, 108.2403, 108.2413-108.2425

      Medical facilities and related entities, 449.065-449.069

      Mental illness, persons with, petitioners seeking involuntary admissions, 433A.230

      Milk and cream distributors, 584.600-584.640

      Mining reclamation, 519A.190, 519A.210

      Mortgage brokers, 645B.042-645B.048

      Motor carriers (See MOTOR CARRIERS)

      Motor vehicle brokers, 482.333-482.3333

      Motor vehicle crashes involving uninsured vehicles, bond requirements following, 485.210

      Motor vehicle fuel taxes, 365.290

      Motor vehicle lessors, 482.363

      Motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors, dealers and rebuilders, 482.3253, 482.345, 482.352

      Motor Vehicles, Department of, agents, 481.051

      Mutual insurers, 692B.210

      Notaries public, 19.013, 240.030, 240.033, 240.192, 240.193

      Off-highway vehicles, licensees, 490.260-490.290, 490.310

      Officer of State, undertaking unnecessary, 18.140, N.R.C.P. 65(c)

      Official bonds (See PUBLIC OFFICES AND OFFICERS)

      Optometry, Nevada State Board of, Executive Director, 636.085

      Partnerships, bond to secure property after dissolution, 87.380

      Peace bonds, 170.040, 170.090-170.170

      Postsecondary educational institutions, 394.480

      Prepaid limited health service organizations, 695F.200, 695F.210

      Prescription drug wholesalers, 639.210, 639.515

      Private professional guardians, 628B.220, 628B.330, 628B.370, 628B.540

      Private schools, 394.271

      Probation, program of security by surety bond, 176A.300-176A.370, 176A.450

      Property tax liens, assignees, 361.7314

      Public guardians, 253.160

      Public offenses, prevention of, 170.040, 170.090-170.170

      Public works

             Contractors’ bonds, ch. 339, 686A.220

             Protest of award of contract, 338.142

      Quo warranto proceedings, 35.050

      Real property, action to recover, 40.300, 40.340, JCRLV 43.5, JCRNLV 43


             Corporate surety bonds

                   Satisfaction of legal requirements, 691B.020

                   Surety company estopped from denying power to execute, 691B.030

             Delivery by magistrate to arresting officer, 171.192

             Fresh pursuit, arrest after, 171.174

             Justices of the peace, delivery by officer, 171.192

      Refusal by court clerk, 20.050, 169.245

      Residential facilities for groups, 449.065, 449.067

      Residential mortgage loan originators, 645F.275

      Restraining orders, N.R.C.P. 65(c)

      Road supervisors, 403.120, 404.140

      Sales and use taxes, persons subject to laws, 372.510, 374.515

      Salvage pool operators, 487.420, 487.494

      Savings and loan associations, 673.113

      School personnel, disciplinary proceedings, 391.760

      Second Amendment rights, issuance of license plates supporting, requirements, 482.37939

      Sheep inspectors, 562.130

      Sightseeing tour brokers or operators, security deposit, 598.495-598.515

      Small employers, voluntary purchasing groups for health insurance, 689C.560

      Special fuel tax, 366.235

      Special license plates, applicants for design, preparation and issuance, 482.367002

      State, actions by, 18.140, 20.040

      State Agency Fund for Bonds, creation, 353.251

      State purchasing, appeals, 333.370, 333.372


             Failure to file or insufficiency on appeal, JCRCP 73B(a)

             Leave to file after action docketed with appellate court, JCRCP 73B(a)

             Restraining proceedings, N.R.C.P. 62(d), JCRCP 62(d)

             Stay on appeal, NRAP 8(a), JCRCP 73A


             Affidavits, 20.010

             Agreements for joint control of assets, 100.060

             Approval by clerk of court, 20.050, 169.245


             Bonding companies, 20.030, 178.504

             Contempt proceedings, 22.070

             Corporate sureties, qualification, 178.504

             Countersignatures, 680A.300, 680A.310

             Definition, 104.1201

             Examination, 20.020

             False personation, 205.450

             Judgment against surety on indemnity bond, conclusiveness, 17.020

             Justice courts, action in, 69.010

             Justification, 20.020

             Public works, requiring particular company or broker to furnish bond unlawful, 339.065, 686A.220

             Service of process, clerk of court agent for, N.R.C.P. 65.1, JCRCP 65.1

             Surety company estopped from denying power to execute bond, 691B.030

      Surety bonds, generally

             Countersignatures, 680A.300, 680A.310

             In lieu of personal sureties, 20.030

             Protection of State, issuance by authorized insurer required, 100.065

      Taxicab motor carriers, 706.291-706.306, 706.476

      Taxicabs, 706.476

      Telemarketing, sellers, 599B.090-599B.105

      Thrift companies, 677.170, 677.175

      Time shares

             Developers, 119A.340, 119A.480, 119A.540

             Managers and employees, 119A.530, 119A.532

             Sales, bond in lieu of deposits in escrow account, 119A.420

      Title insurers and agents, 692A.1041-692A.1044

      Title loan businesses, 604A.610, 604A.615

      Tobacco settlement agreement, bond in litigation involving, 20.035

      Tow car operators, 706.291, 706.476


             Actions by, 18.140

             Peace officers, 269.235

      Trapping, license agents, 502.040

      Travel sellers, security for registration, 598.375-598.395

      Trust companies

             Family trust companies, 669A.250

             Foreign organizations acting as fiduciary, 662.245

             Officers, managers and employees, 669.240


             Form, 20.015

             United States, undertaking unnecessary, 18.140

      Unemployment compensation, employers, 612.670, 612.675

      United States bonds in lieu of surety bond, 100.065

      Vehicle transporters, 482.3167, 482.3175

      Veterans’ Guardianship Act, bond of guardian, 160.090, 160.120

      Viatical settlement brokers and providers, 688C.200

      Water law violators, 533.482, 534.195, 535.210, 536.210

      Water pollutant discharged onto state highway, compliance with court order regarding, 408.448

      Wedding chapels, commercial, 122.0615

      Wine makers, 369.350

      Witnesses, criminal proceedings, 178.494, 178.506




      Academic writings, unlawful preparation or sale, 207.320

      Execution, exemption from, 21.090

      Historical Records Advisory Board, State, ch. 378A

      Library materials, penalty for detention or damage, 379.160

      Minors, contracts for creative services, petition for judicial approval, 609.400-609.570

      Obscene publications (See also LEWDNESS AND OBSCENITY)

             Adult bookstores, zoning restrictions on location, 278.022-278.0222

             Material harmful to minors, 201.256-201.2655

             Prisoners, sexually explicit materials prohibited, 209.365

             Sex offenders, restrictions, 176A.410, 213.1245

             Unlawful, 201.235-201.254

      Official publications, presumptions and proof of authenticity, 52.135, N.R.C.P. 44(a), JCRCP 44(a)

      Production and inspection, N.R.C.P. 34, N.R.C.P. 53(c), JCRCP 34, JCRCP 53(c)

      Publicity, right of, 597.770-597.810

      Sales and use tax administration, specified digital products construed, 360B.483

      State publications (See STATE PUBLICATIONS)

      Textbooks, 389.840-389.880

      Used books

             Junk dealers laws inapplicable to sellers or purchasers of used books, 647.016

             Secondhand dealers laws inapplicable, 647.018, 647.120



      Possession and administration, regulation, 630.138



      Commutation payments, election to receive, 538.020


      Receipts by State, disposition, 538.030

BOULDER CITY (For general provisions, see CITIES)

      Bypass project

             Generally, Special & Local Acts Volume

             Property taxes, applicability, 361.157

             User fees, collection, 482.2805

      City charter, City Charters Volume

      Clark County property tax for capital projects, distribution formula, 354.59815

      Clark County Sales and Use Tax Act of 2005, use of proceeds, Special & Local Acts Volume

      Contractors, multijurisdictional business licenses, 244.33501, 268.0951

      Endangered species, impact fee for preservation, 244.386, 268.4413, 268.4415

      Historic neighborhoods, preservation, 268.190

      Oversized and overweight vehicles, regional advisory committee, 484D.800, 484D.810

      Regional planning (See REGIONAL PLANNING)


      Property tax exemption, 361.110, 361.155


      Establishment, boundaries, 407.110


      Arizona-Nevada, portion of common boundary, 234.130-234.180

      Boundary plats, recording, 234.250

      Brand inspection districts, 565.040


             Adjustment of boundaries affecting certain tax parcels, 268.5975

             Annexed territory, recording of map or plat, 268.600

             Change within 90 days before election prohibited, exception, 268.666

      Common-interest communities, 116.2102, 116.2112, 116.2114, 116.2117

      Condominium hotels

             Hotel units, 116B.310, 116B.315, 116B.365

             Plats, contents, 116B.350

             Relocation of boundaries between adjoining units, 116B.370

             Residential units, 116B.330, 116B.365

      Counties (See also specific county)

             Abolishment of county, Art. 4 § 36

             Generally, 243.010-243.385

             Survey and establishment, 243.390-243.415

      Economic diversification districts, 271B.070

      Evidence of boundaries, hearsay rule exceptions, 51.275, 51.305

      Garbage collection areas established by county commissioners, 244.188

      Groundwater basins, defined by State Engineer, 534.030

      Jurisdiction over criminal offenses committed on interstate waters, 171.077, 171.079

      Justice courts, jurisdiction, 4.370

      Lake Tahoe, 321.595

      Las Vegas Boulevard gaming corridor, 463.3076

      Las Vegas urban growth zone, 463.3094

      Library districts

             Consolidated districts, 379.0224

             County districts, alteration, 379.065

      Mill sites, marking of boundaries, 517.130

      Mining claims

             Change of boundaries, 517.200

             Lode claims, 517.030

             Placer claims, 517.090

      Monuments or landmarks, malicious removal or alteration, 206.220

      Nevada Coordinate System, 327.005-327.090

      Public offenses committed near boundaries, venue, 171.035

      Public parks, districts for support, alteration of boundaries, 244A.785

      Records of survey, filing and contents, 625.340, 625.370

      Road districts, re-establishment, 404.220-404.250

      School districts

             Abolishment or change of boundaries, 387.510

             Boundaries conterminous with county boundaries, 386.010

             Trustee election areas, procedure for changing boundaries, 386.200

      State of Nevada

             Arizona, boundary with, 234.130-234.180

             Description, Art. 14 § 1

             Filing maps, 234.020

      Subdivision of land

             Adjustment, 278.461, 278.5692, 278.5693

             Correction of error or omission in plat, survey or map, 278.475, 278.477

             Industrial or commercial subdivision, 278.325

      Time share units, relocation, 119A.497, 119A.524

      Tourism and entertainment facilities and strategic plan for promotion of tourism, districts to finance, 268.798

      Tourism improvement districts, 271A.070

      Tourism promotion districts, 244A.910

      Towns, 269.012, 269.623

      Transportation districts, 244A.254, 268.444

      Tunnel boundary lines, 517.160

      Zoning districts, 278.260



      Disabilities, persons with, personal injury actions, 426.515

      Equal enjoyment of facilities, entitlement, 651.050-651.120

      General improvement districts, power to acquire or construct, 318.143

      Licensing and regulation by towns, 269.170-269.173

      Professional bowling, promotion and marketing, funding, 244A.910, 268.7985, 268.7987


      Bow guns, dangerous exhibitions, 202.540

      Frogs, use for hunting authorized, 503.290

      Fur-bearing animals, use for hunting authorized, 503.450

      Prisoners, possession of bow and arrows or facsimiles prohibited, 212.185

      Shooting ranges (See SHOOTING RANGES)



      Child abuse or neglect, reports by employees, 432B.220-432B.250, 432B.290

      License plates supporting, distribution of fees, 482.3751, 482.37947

      Property tax exemption, 361.110, 361.155


      Insurance companies, unfair competition, 686A.090


      Boundaries, 565.040

      Brand inspection

             Animals subject to, 565.040

             Assembly of animals for inspection, 565.110

             Auctions, inspectors to be provided facilities, 573.165

             Clearance certificates, 565.120, 565.130, 569.070-569.080, 575.230

             Definition, 565.010

            Fees, 565.040, 565.070

             Movement or removal of animal without inspection, 565.090, 565.095, 565.130

             Notice to agricultural enforcement officer on discovery of animals in possession of another, 565.140

             Penalties, 565.090, 565.170

             Requirements, 565.100

             Seizure and disposal of animals when ownership indeterminate, 565.150

             Slaughter or transfer of ownership within district, inspection required, 565.100

      Brand inspectors, powers and duties, 289.290, 565.155

      Creation, 565.040

      Regulations, 565.040

      State Department of Agriculture, duties, 565.030, 565.130, 565.155


      Agricultural minerals, 588.040, 588.170-588.194

      Alcoholic beverages, substitution of brands unlawful, 597.260

      Alternative fuels, 590.040, 590.170, 590.190, 590.320


      Antifreeze, misbranding, 590.370

      Commercial feed, misbranding unlawful, 587.887

      Cosmetics, misbranded (See COSMETICS)

      Diesel fuel, 590.040, 590.170, 590.190, 590.320

      Drugs, misbranded (See DRUGS)

      Economic poisons (See PESTICIDES)

      Fertilizers, 588.040, 588.170-588.194

      Food, misbranded (See FOOD)

      Gasoline, 590.040, 590.170, 590.190, 590.320

      Livestock and poultry carcasses or parts, misbranding, 583.475

      Lubricating oil, 590.040, 590.170, 590.190, 590.300, 590.320

      Meat, definition of misbranded meat, 583.355

      Motor oil, 590.040, 590.170, 590.190, 590.300, 590.320

      Motor vehicle fuel, 590.040, 590.170, 590.190, 590.320

      Pesticides (See PESTICIDES)


      Abandonment, 564.120

      Adoption of brand or mark, 564.020

      Altering or defacing, penalty, 41.690, 193.1675, 205.220, 205.222

      Amendment of records, grounds, procedure, fees, 564.075, 564.080, 564.115

      Applications for recording, contents, 564.040

      Area of use, 564.040, 564.140

      Assignment, 564.110

      Auctions, brand inspectors to be provided facilities, 573.165

      Award by State Department of Agriculture, 564.060

      Brand books, 564.130

      Brand inspection districts (See BRAND INSPECTION DISTRICTS)

      Brand inspectors, powers and duties, 289.290, 565.155

      Cattle brands, recording, 564.055

      Certificates of recordation, evidentiary effect, 564.070, 564.090, 564.100

      Change or obliteration, grand larceny, 41.690, 193.1675, 205.220, 205.222

      Death of owner, transfer of ownership following, 564.115

      Devises, 564.110

      Disfigurement unlawful, 564.140

      Earmarks, 564.020, 564.040, 564.050

      Estrays, examination of brand records, 569.060

      Grazing on open range, branding or marking required, 564.025

      Horse meat sales, hide containing brand to be in possession of seller, civil penalty, 583.050, 583.700

      Identical brands prohibited, 564.050

      Liens, 564.080, 564.110

      Obliteration unlawful, 564.140

      Penalties, 564.150

      Personal property, 564.110

      Position on animal, 564.055, 564.140

      Recording and rerecording, 564.060-564.080, 564.110, 564.120

      Removal unlawful, 564.140

      Sale, 564.110

      Security agreements, 564.080, 564.110

      Seizure of certain livestock by government agency, procedures, 565.125

      Sheep, inspection of brands, issuance of clearance certificates, 562.460-562.490, 575.230

      Similar brands prohibited, 564.050

      Transfer, 564.110

      Units, separate brands for, 564.050

      Unrecorded brand, branding with unlawful, 564.020


      Municipal courts, jurisdiction, 266.555

      Sheriff to quiet and suppress, 248.090

      Unlawful, 203.050



      Cause of action abolished, 41.370-41.420



      Informed consent requirements, 449.740, 449.750

      Silicone, prohibited acts and exceptions, 202.248, 630.306, 633.131, 634A.170


      Authorization to perform in public or private, 201.232

      Child care facilities, duty to provide appropriate space, regulation, 432A.1771

      Indecent or obscene exposure, breast feeding of child does not constitute, 201.220

      Legislative declaration, 201.232

      Open or gross lewdness, breast feeding of child does not constitute, 201.210



      Bond or deposit, 369.350

      Brew pubs, licensing and operation, 369.180-369.320, 597.230, 597.255

      Brewer’s license, requirement, fees, 369.180-369.320

      Commissioner of Food and Drugs, powers and duties, 585.200-585.290

      Intoxicating liquor generally (See INTOXICATING LIQUORS)

      Minors’ employment unlawful, 609.190

      Water, injury or obstruction of natural flow, 535.100, 535.200


      Generally, 176.09123-176.09129


      Appraisal management companies, 645C.730

      Appraisers, 199.010, 199.030, 645C.557

      Arbitrators, 199.010, 199.030

      Assessors, 199.010, 199.030

      Bank examiners, 668.095

      Commercial bribery, 207.295

      Common-interest communities, managers and board members, 116.31189

      Compounding crimes, 199.290

      Conviction disqualifies from jury service or holding office, Art. 4 § 10, Art. 4 § 27

      Elections, 205.125, 293.700

      Employers and employees

             Corrupt influencing of employees unlawful, 613.190

             Grafting by employees unlawful, 613.110

             Supervisory personnel, unlawful acts, 613.120

      Gaming, unlawful acts, 465.070

      Horse racing, 465.070

      Interception of communications, grounds, 179.460

      Judges, 1A.155, 199.010, 199.020

      Jurors, 199.010, 199.030

      Labor union representatives, 614.140, 614.150

      Legislators, 198.010, 218A.960, 218A.965, 218C.700

      Legislature to provide for punishment as felony, Art. 4 § 10

      Local government purchasing, penalty, 332.810, 334.080

      Meat or poultry inspectors, 583.543

      Offender a competent witness, 199.090

      Perjury, attempt to suborn, 199.150

      Petitions, unlawful acts, 205.125

      Physicians, 630.304

      Public officers and employees

             Grafting, penalty, 281.350

             Prohibited acts, penalties, 197.010-197.040

             Public employee retirement benefits, grounds for forfeiture, 286.668

             Purchasing, refusal and report of certain offers or promises, 334.080

      Racketeering, crime related to, 207.360

      Referees, 199.010, 199.030

      Sporting events, 207.290, 465.070

      State purchasing, 333.800, 334.080

      State Quarantine Officer, 583.543

      Thrift company directors, officers or employees, 677.810

      Witnesses, 199.240, 199.250


      Armed Forces, naming of bridge after deceased members, procedures, funding, 408.119, 417.400, 417.410

      BASE jumping, prohibited acts, penalty, 207.204

      Billboards, erection on bridges unlawful, exception, 405.110

      Boats, mooring to bridge unlawful, 535.110

      Cities, regulatory authority, 268.001-268.0035

      Construction required to prevent damage to highways by water, 405.120-405.180

      Costs, 405.130, 405.160

      County bridges

             Board of county highway commissioners, powers, 403.090

             Bonds, road and bridge bonds (See COUNTY ROADS)

             Claims for work done, procedure and certification, 403.550

             Construction and maintenance

                   Bids, notice, procedure and emergencies, 403.490, 403.600

                   County authorized to perform own work, 403.490

                   Districts or counties to maintain, 403.580

                   Inspection, 403.520

                   Materials, specifications, reports of defects, 408.480, 408.520

                   Order of construction, 403.480

                   Petitions, hearing, 403.610

             Contracts, 403.530, 403.540

             County commissioners, authority, 244.137-244.146, 244.155, 403.580, 403.600

             Equipment and machinery, inspection, 403.520

             Expenditures, 403.470, 403.490, 403.600

             Funds, county

                   General fund, use, 403.460, 403.590

                   Road and bridge fund, 403.210

                   Uses specified, 403.470

             Tax to pay for, 403.590

      Damage or destruction, unlawful, 405.210

      Disaster Relief Account, grants and loans to state and local agencies, 353.2705-353.2771

      Eminent domain, 37.010

      Flood control projects

             Bond laws, flood management projects, 244A.0297, 268.691

             Inclusion in master plan, 543.590

      Graffiti implements, carrying at certain locations with intent to vandalize, 206.335

      Naming after deceased member of Armed Forces, procedures, funding, 408.119, 417.400, 417.410

      Obstructing, public nuisance, 202.450-202.480, 269.210

      Overtaking and passing driver on left side, restrictions, 484B.213

      Parking restrictions, 484B.450

      Pedestrian safety zones, additional penalties for violations in, 484B.135

      Private development or operation of public facilities, 338.161-338.168, 408.5471-408.549

      Railroad bridges, penalty for obstruction or destruction, 705.460

      Speed restrictions, 484B.633

      Toll bridges (See TOLL ROADS AND BRIDGES)

      Work zones, additional penalties for violations in, 484B.130


      State tree, 235.040



      Employment brokers, fraudulent representations unlawful, 613.020



      Licensing and regulation in towns, 269.170-269.173


      Meat brokers, 583.339, 583.481

      Minors, transfers to, ch. 167

      Money and effects of broker defined as personal property, 361.030

      Mortgage (See MORTGAGE BROKERS)

      Motor vehicles (See MOTOR VEHICLE BROKERS)


      Securities (See SECURITIES)

      Surplus lines (See INSURANCE BROKERS)

      Transportation (See MOTOR CARRIERS)



      Environmental Covenants Act, Uniform, ch. 445D

      Fund for Brownfield Projects

             Administrative fee, 459.888

             Creation, sources and use, 459.878-459.886

             Definitions, 459.860-459.876

             Division of Environmental Protection, general powers and duties, 459.884-459.890

             Regulations, 459.892

      Hazardous materials, generally (See HAZARDOUS MATERIALS)

      Laboratories for detection of hazardous waste, 445A.427, 459.501

      Regional planning, incentives for development of brownfield site, 278.02535, 278.02632

      Southern Nevada Enterprise Community Infrastructure Act, Special & Local Acts Volume



      Adjudicated stream systems, 533.280, 533.285, 533.320

      Agriculture and home economics extension work, 549.020, 549.030

      Consolidated library districts, 379.025

      County advisory boards to manage wildlife, 501.320


      Injured Workers, Nevada Attorney for, 616A.445

      Judicial system, preparation of budget estimates by Court Administrator, 1.360

      Local governments (See LOCAL GOVERNMENT FINANCES)

      Medical facilities and related entities, duties, 449.490

      School districts (See SCHOOL FINANCES)

      State budget (See STATE FINANCES AND FUNDS)

      Water districts, 533.280, 533.285




      Actions against state or local agencies, 278.0233-278.0237

      Charter school facilities, requirements, 388A.360

      Child care facilities, revocation of license for failure to correct violation, 432A.190


             Construction and energy codes, 278.581, 701.220

             County code superseded by city code within certain areas, 244.368

             Ordinance, adoption, 268.012, 278.023

             Power to adopt, 268.413, 278.580

             Separate ordinances for specific parts of city territory, 278.023

      Commercial coaches, applicability of local codes, 489.461

      Common-interest communities, applicability of local regulations, 116.1106

      Compliance required, 278.580, 278.585, 278.610

      Condominium hotels, applicability of local regulations, 116B.250

      Consolidation of governmental services by interlocal agreement, 277.103, 277.105

      Construction codes, adoption and enforcement, 278.581

      Contractors, compliance required, 624.3017


             City code supersedes county code within certain areas, 244.368

             Construction and energy codes, 278.581, 701.220

             Ordinance, adoption, 244.105, 278.023

             Power to adopt, 244.3675, 278.580

             Separate ordinances for specific parts of county territory, 278.023

      Definition, 278.011

      Design professionals, immunity from disciplinary action for complying with certain codes, 701.220

      Electrical Code, National, 278.583

      Energy codes, adoption, duties, 278.581, 701.190, 701.220

      Enforcement by withholding of building permits, 278.570, 278.610

      Facilities for the dependent, violations, revocation of license, 449.160

      Factory-built housing and manufactured buildings, 461.170, 461.190

      Fire Marshal, State, duties, 477.030, 477.0325

      Fire retardant roofing materials required in certain areas, 472.100

      Fire sprinkler systems in structures, installation, 278.586

      Health and Human Services, Department of, duties, 449.345

      Health, State Board of, duties, 446.942

      Hotels and lodging places, 447.185

      Industrial Relations, Division of, duties, 455C.115


      Interior designers providing certain materials and furnishings, regulation, 477.032

      Landlord and tenant

             Habitability of dwelling unit, 118A.290

             Manufactured home parks, provisions in rental agreement, 118B.040

             Rental agreements to contain information for reporting code violations, 118A.200

             Violations by landlords, tenants’ remedies, 118A.355, 118A.380, JCRLV 44, JCRNLV 44

      Manufactured Housing Division, duties, 461.173

      Manufactured or mobile homes, applicability of local codes, 489.461

      Mausoleums, vaults or crypts, regulation of construction, 452.210

      Planned unit developments, compliance required, 278A.370

      Plumbing Code, Uniform, 444.340-444.430

      Plumbing fixtures, requirements, 278.582

      Public utilities, compliance required, 704.175

      Public Works - Compliance and Code Enforcement Section, authority of Deputy Administrator, 341.100, 341.145

      Public works, effect of failure to comply, 338.525, 338.560, 338.600

      Renewable resources, codes to allow use in construction, 278.580

      Rural Housing Authority facilities, compliance, 315.989

      Seismic provisions and standards, codes to include, 278.580

      Solar energy systems, codes to allow use, 278.580

      Specially benefited zones, modification of building codes, 274.130

      State and political subdivisions, compliance required, 278.580, 278.585

      Straw and other materials and technologies, codes to allow use in construction, 278.580

      Time shares, applicability of laws, 119A.174

      Towns, enactment of codes, 269.155

      Travel trailers, applicability of local codes, 489.461

      Violations, abatement of nuisances, 244.3603-244.3607, 268.4122

      Wind energy systems, codes to allow use, 278.580


      Appearance before Real Estate Administrator, required disclosures, 622.300

      Applicability of laws, 645D.100

      Appraisals, real estate appraisers’ law inapplicable, 645C.150

      Attorney General, duties, 645D.150, 645D.160

      Business licenses, prohibited acts by local governments, 244.335, 266.355, 268.095, 269.170


             Application, 645D.170-645D.195

             Child support obligations, effect, 645D.195, 645D.705

             Conditions placed upon, 645D.700

             Denial, 645D.195, 645D.200, 645D.210, 645D.700, 645D.703

             Expiration, 645D.230, 645D.690

             Fees, 645D.240

             Form, size and content, 645D.230

             Invalidation and surrender of certificates issued in error, 645D.220

             Issuance, 645D.200, 645D.230, 645D.700

             Qualifications, 645D.200

             Reapplication, petition for, 645D.210

             Renewal, 645D.190, 645D.195, 645D.230

             Requirement, 645D.160

             Suspension or revocation, 645D.200, 645D.690-645D.705

      Code of ethics, 645D.120

      Complaints filed against, 645D.135, 645D.160

      Comstock Historic District Commission, employment of inspector, 384.080, 384.190

      Conviction for certain crimes, duty to notify Real Estate Division, 645D.235

      Definitions, 645D.010-645D.090

      Disciplinary and other actions

             Authorized action, 645D.700

             Background checks authorized, 622.360

             Background checks, requirements if proceedings initiated, 622.360

             Consent or settlement agreements, conditions and limitations, 622.330

             Contested cases, applicability of adjudication procedures, 622A.120

             Expiration, revocation or surrender of certificate, effect, 645D.690

            Grounds, 622.360, 645D.700, 645D.703

             Medical use of marijuana, discipline prohibited, 453A.510

             Open Meeting Law, applicability, 622.320

             Records, 622.330, 645D.130, 645D.135, 645D.700

             Summary of action, availability to public, 622.100

      Electronic transactions with Real Estate Division, 645D.125

      Engaging in business without certificate, penalty, 645D.160, 645D.730, 645D.900

      Environmental health specialists, exemption from regulation, 625A.028

      Fees of Division, deposit and use, claim for attorney’s fees or costs of investigations, 645D.140

      Fines, 645D.690, 645D.700, 645D.730

      Fingerprints, 622.360, 645D.180

      Fraud, 645D.900

      Injunctive relief, 645D.720

      Insurance policies, 645D.190, 645D.200

      Limited-liability companies, licensure, 86.555

      Money owed to Real Estate Administrator, effect of failure to pay, 645D.125, 645D.703

      Penalty provision, 645D.900

      Property, exemption from execution, 21.090

      Records relating to inspectors, maintenance and inspection, 645D.130

      Standard of care, 645D.120


      Appointment, 278.570

      Billboards, issuance of permits for erection or use, 405.040, 405.060

      Building inspectors’ laws inapplicable, 645D.100

      Building permits, issuance, 278.610

      Certification and continuing education, 278.570, 278.577

      Citations, issuance, 171.17751

      City or county employees, supervision by certified persons, 278.577

      Compensation, 278.570

      Contractors to provide copies of bonds, 624.270

      Deed restrictions, enforcement in certain counties, 278.563-278.568

      Definition, 278.0115

      Design plans, notice to licensing board of submission of inadequate plans, 278.589

      Duties, 278.570

      Employees, 278.570

      Energy conservation standards, recommendations to Office of Energy, 701.220

      Engineering or surveying plans, notice regarding incomplete or rejected plans, 278.587

      Expenditures, 278.570

      Immunities relating to inspections or discoveries, 41.033

      Independent contractors, reviews and inspections by, 278.575

      Manufactured or mobile home standards, enforcement of regulations, ch. 461A, ch. 489

      Occupational safety and health, request for investigation, 618.425, 618.435

      Private buildings, inspection does not warrant absence of hazard, deficiency or other matter, 41.033

      Public Works - Compliance and Code Enforcement Section, service of Deputy Administrator as building official, 341.100, 341.105, 341.145

      Residential construction or alteration by owner, statement of restrictions, 278.573

      Special deputy state fire marshals, service as, 477.014

      Subdivision for commercial or industrial purposes, approval of certificates, 278.325


      Actions against state or local agencies, 278.0233-278.0237

      Advisory committee to review enterprise fund for issuance of permits, establishment, powers and duties, 354.59893

      Affordable housing, subsidization of fees, 278.235

      Air pollution control, withholding of permit until authorization given, 445B.320

      Alteration of building without permit unlawful, 278.610

      Annexed territory, prerequisites to approval of permit, 268.578

      Appeals, 278.310, 278.3195

      Applications, requirements for acceptance, return of incomplete applications, 278.02327

      Changing use of building without permit unlawful, 278.610

      Consolidation of governmental services by interlocal agreement, 277.103, 277.105


             Failure to obtain, presumption of violation of law, 624.3011

             Number of permits issued during preceding year, provision to State Contractors’ Board, 624.263, 624.264, 624.323

      County assessors, requests for and receipt of copies, 361.260

      Dedication of real property as condition of issuance restricted, 278.02317

      Erection of building without permit unlawful, 278.610

      Fees charged by local governments, 278.580, 354.59891, 354.59893

      Fire retardant roofing materials, requirement, 472.100

      Inspection of structures, 278.570-278.589

      Issuance, requirements, 278.610

      Manufactured homes, permits for placement in residential neighborhoods, 278.02095

      Redevelopment area, applicants to be advised of, 279.6035

      Renewable energy generation projects, extension of permits, 278.02073

      Residential construction or alteration by owner, statement of restrictions, 278.573

      Residential construction tax, valuation of permits, 278.4983

      School districts, requirements, exemption under certain conditions, 278.610, 393.110

      Unincorporated areas of certain counties, deed restrictions for subdivisions, 278.563-278.568

      Withholding to enforce zoning regulations, 278.570


      Advertising on buildings, authorization, 405.040

      Apartments (See APARTMENT HOUSES)

      Appraisers of real estate, ch. 645C

      Asbestos control (See ASBESTOS)

      Assembly, disturbing, 41.690, 206.140, 207.185

      BASE jumping, prohibited acts, penalty, 207.204


      Codes (See BUILDING CODES)

      Common-interest communities (See COMMON-INTEREST COMMUNITIES)

      Condominium hotels (See CONDOMINIUM HOTELS)

      Condominiums (See CONDOMINIUMS)

      Construction Control Law, ch. 627

      Dangerous structures or conditions

             City abatement, 268.019, 268.4122

             County abatement, 244.3601, 244.3605, 244.3607

      Defined, crimes and punishments, 193.0125

      Destruction or damage, 41.690, 206.010, 207.185

      Elections, designation of polling places, 293.2738, 293.437, 293C.2685

      Electric resistance for heating spaces, restrictions on installation of system, 701.230

      Energy conservation (See ENERGY CONSERVATION)

      Explosives, use to damage or destroy property, 202.830

      Fire protection (See FIRES — Protection)

      Firearms, unlawful discharge, 202.285, 202.287

      Green buildings

             Nevada System of Higher Education, instruction regarding, 396.514

             Property taxes, partial abatement, 701A.110

             Rating System, adoption, 701A.100

      Helicopters, facilities for landing on buildings, 477.170


      Hoax bombs, unlawful acts relating to, 202.263

      Hotels (See HOTELS AND MOTELS)

      Housing generally (See AFFORDABLE HOUSING; HOUSING)



      Local committee or task force on sustainable energy, duties, 278.02081

      Lodging in building without permission, penalty, 207.030

      Lotteries, penalty for permitting use of building for unauthorized lottery, 462.320

      Malicious mischief, 206.010, 206.140

      Manufactured buildings, ch. 461, ch. 489

      Nuisance, creating in buildings, 206.140, 207.185

      Parking restrictions, 484B.453

      Permits (See BUILDING PERMITS)

      Planned Unit Development Law (See PLANNED UNIT DEVELOPMENTS)

      Portable buildings, adoption of safety standards, 489.262

      Property tax, buildings defined as real property, 361.035

      Public buildings (See PUBLIC BUILDINGS)

      Real property generally (See REAL PROPERTY)

      Smoking restrictions, 202.2483-202.24925, 475.050

      State buildings (See PUBLIC BUILDINGS)

      State parks, destruction or removal of buildings unlawful, 407.250

      Trespass unlawful, 41.690, 207.185, 207.200

      Vending stands, operation by persons who are blind, 426.630-426.720

      Water to be provided through single connection, exception, 704.665

      Zoning restrictions (See ZONING)




      Secured transactions, subordination of rights, 104.9301





      Electronic communications device, bullying by use of, penalties, 200.900

      School pupils (See SCHOOL PUPILS)

      Transmitting or distributing images of, jurisdiction of juvenile court, 62B.320

      Week of Respect, proclamation, delivery of information to pupils, 236.073, 388.1395


      Construction and labor camps, sanitation, 444.130-444.200


      Boating generally (See BOATS AND BOATING)

      Colors and lights for mooring buoys, 488.257

      Permits for placement of mooring buoys, 488.259-488.263

      Prohibited acts, 488.285, 535.110



      Assault or battery, entry with intent to commit, 205.060

      Break, defined, 193.012

      Civil liability for loss or damage to property, 41.580, 205.980

      Commission of another crime while committing, 205.070

      Deadly force against intruder, presumption of fear of death or injury, 41.095

      Definition, 205.060

      Enter, defined, 193.0145

      Explosives, burglary with

             Civil liability, 41.690

             Penalties, 193.1675, 205.075

      Felony, entry with intent to commit, 205.060

      Firearm or dangerous weapon, possession or gaining possession, 205.060

      Forfeiture of property used in commission of crime, 179.1156-179.121

      Habitual felons, definition, punishment, 207.012

      Hate crimes, civil liability, additional criminal penalty, 41.690, 193.1675

      Innkeepers, liability for burglary of vehicle on premises limited, 651.011

      Intent, 205.065

      Larceny, entry with intent to commit, exception, 205.060

      Limitation of actions, 171.085, 171.095

      Military courts without jurisdiction, 412.562

      Money or property, entry with intent to obtain by false pretenses, 205.060

      Murder in committing, first degree, 200.030, 200.033

      Penalties generally, 205.060

      Probation limited, 205.060

      Public accommodations, liability of innkeepers, 651.010

      Racketeering, crime related to, 207.360

      Recovered property

             Disposition, 52.385, 179.125-179.165

             Restoration, 178.5696, 205.290

      Sexually motivated offenses (See also SEX OFFENDERS)

             Hearing to determine if act sexually motivated, 62F.010, 175.547

             Investigation, polygraphic examination of victim restricted, 171.1228

             Notice of release of defendant and disposition of case, 178.5698

      Stolen property, buying, receiving, possessing or withholding, penalty, 205.275

      Suspension of sentence limited, 205.060

      Theft constitutes single offense embracing similar offenses, 205.0833

      Tools or instruments used for commission of crime, penalty for possession, 205.080

      Venue, 171.060, 205.060



             Disciplinary action, 683A.451-683A.520, 689.535


                   Application, 689.520

                   Denial, 689.525

                   Expiration and renewal, 689.530

                   Fees, 680B.010, 680C.110, 689.530

                   Issuance, 689.525

                   Qualifications, 689.520

                   Requirement, 689.515

                   Suspension or revocation, 689.535

             Trade practices and frauds, ch. 686A

      Applicability of laws, 689.480, 689.595

      Definitions, 689.015-689.145, 689.450-689.475

      Exemption of person maintaining cemetery but not operating as cemetery authority on July 5, 1971, 689.590

      Guide for purchasers of services, publication, 642.066

      Penalties, 689.730

      Prepaid contracts

             Approval or disapproval of forms, 689.545

             Contents, 689.540

             Copy to be provided to person entitled to remains, penalty, 689.715

             Credit life insurance, 689.550

             Entirety of contract, 689.540

             Rescission, 689.540

             Sales commission, maximum, 689.555

             Termination, 689.575, 689.580

             Trust fund, 642.130, 642.5174, 689.560-689.580, 689.700

      Regulations, 689.720

      Sale of merchandise or services without permit or license, 689.480, 689.485, 689.515

      Sales commission, maximum, 689.555


             Bond or deposit, 689.495

             Disciplinary action, 683A.451-683A.520, 689.510

             Distributions from trust fund, 689.565

             Examinations, 679B.230-679B.300, 689.585


                   Application, 689.490

                   Denial, 689.500

                   Expiration and renewal, 689.505

                   Fees, 680B.010, 680C.110, 689.505

                   Issuance, 689.500

                   Requirement, 689.485

                   Suspension or revocation, 689.510, 689.565

             Records, 689.585

             Trade practices and frauds, ch. 686A

      Trust funds

             Abandoned property, presumption, 120A.500

             Exemption from legal process, 21.090, 689.700

             Maintenance and administration, 689.560-689.580

             Theft of misappropriation of money, grounds for disciplinary action, 642.130, 642.5174



      Bodies transported from other state, 440.550

      Communicable diseases, permit following death due to, 440.500

      Contents, 440.500, 440.510

      Denial when death certificate unsatisfactory, 440.220

      Disposal of body without permit unlawful, 440.750

      Disposition of permit, 440.520

      Endorsement, 440.580

      Failure to issue permit, penalty, 440.750

      Fees for issuance prohibited, 440.710

      Funeral directors, acquisition of permits, 440.450

      Issuance, 440.500, 440.710

      Removal of body to other registration district, 440.540

      Requirement, 440.530, 440.540, 440.560

      Return of permit to local health officer after disposition of body, 440.580

      Signature of sexton required, 440.580

      Transit permits

             Issuance before filing of death certificate, 440.500

             Out-of-state permit, acceptance by local health officer, 440.550

      Validity in other districts, 440.570


      Acceptance of legal and financial responsibility for burial, 451.024

      Authority to order burial of human remains, 451.024

      Cremation (See CREMATION)

      Family cemeteries, designation, 451.067

      Graffiti violations at protected sites, penalties, civil liability, 41.690, 193.1675, 206.330, 207.185

      Grounds (See CEMETERIES)

      Indigent persons, expenses paid by county, reimbursement, 428.070, 428.090


      Unclaimed human remains of veterans, procedures, 451.027, 642.0197

      Unlawful to require embalming or preparation of human remains, exception, 451.065


      Quarantine, 554.020



      Articulated joints, buses with, 484D.615

      Benches, shelters and transit stops

             Advertising on, use of proceeds, 405.030, 484B.313

             Construction, installation and maintenance

                   Cities, 268.081, 268.083

                   Counties, 244.187, 244.188

                   Regional transportation commissions, 277A.330, 277A.340

                   Towns, 269.128, 269.129

      Brakes, 484D.250-484D.280

      Bus stand defined, 484A.035

      Bus turnouts

             Construction, 278.02587

             Regional transportation commissions, authority, 277A.270

      Casinos, exemption of certain buses from motor carrier laws, 706.741

      Charter buses, applicability of certain motor carrier laws, 706.386, 706.391, 706.463

      Definition, motor vehicle laws, 482.013, 484A.030

      Disabilities, persons with

             Actions for personal injuries, 426.515

             Equal enjoyment of facilities, entitlement, 704.143, 706.361

             Free or reduced rates authorized, 706.351

             Unlawful acts regarding person accompanied by service animal, 704.145, 706.366


             Assault or battery committed upon, 200.471, 200.481

             Commercial driver’s licenses, 483.900-483.940


                   Prohibited acts, 484C.120

             Permits for certain drivers, 706.462-706.4624

      Explosive or incendiary device, possession prohibited, penalty, 202.262

      Firearms, unlawful discharge, 202.285, 202.287

      Free or reduced rates unlawful, exceptions, 706.351, 706.356

      Governmental services tax exemption for certain bus systems, 371.100

      Graffiti violations, penalty, 206.125, 206.335, 207.185

      Health and Human Services, Department of, contracts for transportation services authorized, applicability of laws, 422.27495, 706.745, 706A.070

      High school pupils, purchase of bus tickets by school districts, 386.800

      Infrastructure projects to support development of qualified projects, financing, 360.981-360.992

      Interlocal contracts, 277.180

      Intoxicating liquors, sales in interstate commerce, 369.175

      Lamps and lighting equipment, 484D.100-484D.220

      Length limitations, 484D.615, 484D.620

      Licensing and registration, 482.482, 482.485

      Master plans, contents of transit plan, 278.160

      Maximum width, 484D.690

      Motor carriers (See MOTOR CARRIERS)

      Motor vehicles generally (See MOTOR VEHICLES)

      Owner to maintain certain records, penalty, 482.218

      Parking regulations, 484B.513

      Pot torches, lanterns and reflectors, requirements, 484D.460

      Public transit systems generally (See PUBLIC TRANSIT SYSTEMS)

      Railroad crossings, requirements, 484B.560

      Regional transportation commissions (See also REGIONAL TRANSPORTATION COMMISSIONS)

             Operation of system, 277A.270, 277A.280, 706.745

             Tax for public transit systems

                   Economic development, abatement for certain qualified projects, 360.880-360.895

                   Special tax, ch. 377A

             Vehicles used to provide transportation, limits on weight, exception, 484D.645

      School buses (See SCHOOL BUSES)

      Smoking, restrictions, 202.2483-202.24925

      Special fuel tax exemption, 366.200, 373.068

      Stands, restricted use, 484B.517

      Taxes on passenger carriers, ch. 372B

      Traffic control generally (See TRAFFIC CONTROL)

      Vandalism of certain property, penalty, 206.125, 206.335, 207.185

      Vending stands, installation and maintenance, 277A.320

      Willful damage to bus unlawful, civil liability, 41.690, 205.2741, 207.185


      Administrative Procedure Act, ch. 233B

      Assistants of division chiefs, appointment, 232.535

      Athletic Commission, Nevada, ch. 467


             Base budgets, fundamental review, 218E.435-218E.450

             State Budget Act, 353.150-353.246

      Business Advocacy and Services, Center for, creation, duties, 232.522

      Business Finance and Planning, Office of, creation, duties, 232.522

      Charter school closures, receipt of notice, 388A.306

      Charter School Financing Law, 388A.550-388A.695

      Composition, 232.510

      Computers, establishment of written policy on appropriate use, 242.300

      Condominium hotels, jurisdiction, 116B.800

      Consumer Affairs Division

             Commissioner of Consumer Affairs

                   Administration of laws, 232.530

                   Appointment, 232.520

                   Assistants, appointment, classification, 232.535

                   Chief of Division, 232.520

                   Classification, other employment restricted, 232.530

                   Deputy Director, designation as Commissioner, 232.511

             Consumer reporting, duties, ch. 598C

             Dance studios, powers and duties, 598.940-598.966

             Deceptive trade practices (See also DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES)

                   Powers generally, 598.096

                   Temporary assumption of duties by Consumer Affairs Unit, 232.511

             Health clubs, powers and duties, 598.940-598.966

             Organizations for buying goods or services at discount, powers and duties, 598.840-598.930

             Revolving Account for Consumer Affairs Division, 598.0966

             Sightseeing tour brokers and operators, duties, 598.405-598.525

             Telemarketing, powers and duties, ch. 599B

             Travel sellers, duties, 598.305-598.395

      Consumer Affairs Unit, temporary creation, assumption of duties of Consumer Affairs Division, designation of Chief, 232.511

      Cooperation among entities of Department, 232.522

      Corrections, Department of, study of impact of offender employment programs, duties, 209.459

      Creation, 232.510

      Criminal actions, award of attorney’s fees and litigation expenses to prevailing party, 41.0393

      Definitions, 232.505

      Delinquent fees or penalties, procedure for collection, ch. 353C


             Appointment, classification and qualifications, 232.515

             Deceptive trade practices (See DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES)

             Division staff, deemed member of for budget and other purposes, 232.520

             Insurance, appointment of Acting Commissioner, 679B.080

             Labor Commissioner, appointment, 607.020

             Other employment prohibited, 232.515

             Powers and duties, generally, 232.520

             Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, membership, 695I.300

             Staff, employment, 232.525

             Taxicab Administrator, appointment, 706.882

             Veterans Affairs, Interagency Council on, member, 417.0191

      Dispute resolution, use of alternative means, 232.548

      Economic Development, Office of, cooperation and consultation, 349.560, 349.585, 349.800

      Economic development revenue bonds, issuance, 244A.720, 268.539, 349.400-349.670

      Electronic business, authority to transact, 232.547

      Exportation of goods, revenue bonds for financing, 349.700-349.870

      Exports, Advisory Committee on Financing, duties, 349.800-349.810

      Financial Institutions, Division of

             Access to business premises and records of persons under investigation, 657.210

             Account for Auditing Financial Institutions, creation, sources and use, 658.055

             Actions by and against, 658.195

             Appropriations and other money, deposit and use, account, 658.091

             ATMs, approval of applications to operate, 660.075


                   Administration of banking laws, 658.015, 658.105

                   Articles of incorporation, approval, 78.045

                   Name, approval required for change or use, 657.200

                   Records, 665.075, 665.095, 665.130, 665.133

                   Trust offices, regulation, 662.239

             Certified public accountant, employment, 658.055

             Check-cashing services, duties, ch. 604A

             Collection agencies, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 649

             Commissioner of Financial Institutions

                   Appointment, 232.520

                   Assistants, appointment, 232.535, 658.055, 658.065

                   Duties, 232.530

                   Oath, 658.035

                   Qualifications, restrictions on other employment, 658.021

             Conflicts of interest, 658.025, 658.165, 673.03531, 675.045, 677.145, 678.275

             Contested cases involving certain licensees, procedures, 622A.120

             Credit card issuers, regulations regarding notice to consumers, 97A.145

             Credit unions, ch. 678

             Debt-management services, regulation, ch. 676A

             Deferred deposit loans, duties, ch. 604A

             Depository institutions, power to take possession of business and property, 658.151

             Employees, 658.055

             Equal Credit Opportunity Law, administration, ch. 598B

             Exchange facilitators, duties, 205.960, ch. 622, ch. 645G

             Failure to perform duties, 658.155

             Foreclosures, notices from institutions serving as mortgagee or beneficiary of deed of trust, duties, 657.110

             Foreign corporations, certification of authority to do business in Nevada, 80.010

             High-interest loans, duties, ch. 604A

             Installment loans, regulation, ch. 675

             Investigation of businesses, 657.210

             Issuers of instruments for transmission or payment of money, regulation, ch. 671

             Legal services of Attorney General, assessments for costs, 228.091, 658.098

             Limited-liability companies, approval, 86.171


                   Audio or video teleconferences, notices, requirements, 622.340

                   Open Meeting Law, applicability, 622.320

                   Out-of-state meetings, restrictions, 622.350

             Mortgages, regulations regarding nontraditional loans, 658.190

             Name of financial institution, approval required, 657.200

             Oaths, authority to administer, 649.057, 665.135

             Offices, 658.045

             Payday Lender Best Practices Act, reports of violations, 604A.555

             Private professional guardians, ch. 628B

             Rates for supervision and examination, establishment, 658.101

             Reports to Governor, 673.042

             Rewards, powers, 658.145

             Sale of vehicles, establishment of forms, 97.299

             Savings and loan associations, administration, 673.035-673.060

             Subpoenas, 649.057

             Thrift companies, duties, ch. 677

             Title insurance, duties, 692A.100, 692A.1045

             Title loans, duties, ch. 604A

             Trust companies, duties, 78.045, ch. 669, ch. 669A

             Trustee’s financial statement, contents, 163.040

             Veterans Affairs, Interagency Council on, reports to, 417.0194, 622.120

             Witnesses, authority to compel attendance, 657.210

      Financial Institutions, Investigative Account for

             Creation, 232.545


                   Banks, 658.096, 659.045, 661.125, 666.015, 666.315

                   Check-cashing services, 604A.600

                   Collection agencies, 649.295, 649.330

                   Credit unions, 666.015, 678.800, 678.810

                   Deferred deposit loans, high-interest loans and title loans, 604A.600

                   Exchange facilitators, 645G.220

                   Family trust companies, 669A.190

                   Generally, 232.545

                   Installment loan licensees, 675.100

                   Issuers of instruments for transmission or payment of money, 671.050

                   Private professional guardians, 628B.310, 628B.530

                   Savings and loan associations, 666.015, 673.080, 673.112, 673.2176

                   Thrift companies, 666.015, 677.160, 677.420

                   Trust companies, 669.150

             Use, 232.545

      Gifts or grants, authority to accept, 353.335-353.339

      Housing Division

             Account for Low-Income Housing, administration, 319.500, 319.510

             Administrator, appointment, classification and general duties, 232.520, 232.530

             Advisory Committee, creation, 319.173

             Affordable housing, receipt of annual reports, 278.235

             Assistance to finance housing, duties, ch. 319

             Assistants to Chief, appointment, 232.535

             Assisted living facilities, certification, 319.147

             Chief Financial Officer, appointment, qualifications, classification, 232.540

             Energy assistance programs, duties, 319.145, 702.270-702.280

             Green Jobs Initiative, duties, 701B.900-701B.924

             HOME Investment Partnership Act, administrative agency, 319.145

             Housing credit agency for State of Nevada, designation as, 319.145

             Information services and equipment, 242.131, 319.140

             Loans of investment securities, authority, 319.167, 319.172

             Principal office, 232.538

      Industrial Relations, Division of

             Administrative Procedure Act, applicability, 233B.039


                   Appointment, qualifications, 232.610

                   Chief of Division, 232.520

                   Classification, 232.610

                   Delinquent debts owed to Division, annual reports, 232.605

                   Duties generally, 232.670

                   Prohibited interests and positions, 232.610

                   Responsibilities, other powers and duties, 232.620

                   Staff, employment, 232.535, 232.650, 512.020, 512.120, 618.255

             Advisory Council

                   Bylaws, 232.580

                   Compensation of members, 232.590

                   Creation, composition, 232.570

                   Delinquent debts owed to Division, receipt of report, duties, 232.605

                   Meetings, quorum, 232.580, ch. 241

                   Officers, 232.580

                   Powers and duties, generally, 232.600

                   Qualifications of members, 232.570, 232A.020

                   Terms of office, vacancies, 232.570, 232A.020

             Asbestos, control of, 353C.1965, 618.750-618.850

             Assessments levied on insurers, 232.680, 616A.425, 616B.584

             Assistant administrators, appointment and classification, 232.630, 512.020

             Boilers and pressure vessels, regulation, ch. 455C

             Building regulations, duties, 455C.115

             Consumer Health Assistance, Office for, duty to provide contact information to injured employees, 616A.404

             Cooperative agreements, 232.690

             Crane operators, duties, 353C.1965, 618.880-618.886

             Definitions, 232.550

             Electronic filing of documents, 616A.417

             Elevators, escalators and similar equipment, regulation, ch. 455C

             Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act, duties, 415A.280

             Employee leasing companies, regulation, 616A.465, 616B.670-616B.697

             Employment Security Division, receipt of information regarding claims, 612.265

             Enforcement of laws, reports, contents, 616A.403

             Explosives industry, duties, 278.147, 618.890-618.900

             Governor, report to, 512.140

             Highly hazardous substances, duties, 459.382, 459.3829

             Insurer defined, 232.550

             Legal counsel, 232.660

             Legislature, reports to, 616B.003

             Liquefied petroleum gas, promotion of safety, 590.645

             Mine inspection and safety, duties, ch. 512

             Mining Oversight and Accountability Commission, reports, duties, 512.140, 514A.060, 514A.070, 514A.110

             Nevada Industrial Insurance Act, administration, ch. 616A-ch. 616D

             Occupational Diseases Act, administration, 616A.403, ch. 617

             Occupational safety and health, duties, ch. 618

             Photovoltaic installers, duties, 618.910-618.936

             Prisoners, duties concerning modified program of insurance, 616B.028, 616B.029

             Public Works - Compliance and Code Enforcement Section, consultations with Deputy Administrator, 341.100, 455C.115


                   Inspection, 228.420, 239.001-239.030

                   Sharing of information with local governments, 232.670

             Responsibilities, 616A.465

             Schools, review of program to train employees who operate pressure vessels, 391A.300

             Scrap metal businesses, duties, 647.0945-647.0947

             Solar energy system installers, duties, 618.910-618.936

             State agencies required to cooperate and provide information, 232.700

             State Controller, provision of licensee information to, duties, 353C.1965

             Taxation, Department of, receipt of reports, 360.255

             Temporary total disability, duties regarding compensation for lost wages, 616C.477

             Uninsured Employers’ Claim Account, duties, 616A.430, 616C.220, 616C.223, 616C.453, 617.401, 617.4015

      Injured Workers, Nevada Attorney for, 616A.425, 616A.435-616A.460

      Insurance, Division of

             Administrative procedures, 679B.310-679B.370

             Advisory councils, authority to create, 679B.160

             Affordable housing entities, program to jointly self-insure and jointly purchase insurance or reinsurance, duties, 315.725

             Attorney General as legal counsel, 679B.180

             Authorization of other producer to transact business on one’s own behalf, notice, 683A.365

             Bad checks, fees, 679B.228

             Burial and cemetery service contracts, regulation, 689.720

             Captive insurers, ch. 694C

             Civil liability, limitation

                   Commissioner and Division employees, 679B.115, 685A.077, 686B.185, 686B.250, 696B.565

                   Persons communicating with Commissioner in good faith, 679B.287

             Civil process (See Service of process, this subhead)

             Commissioner of Insurance

                   Appointment, 232.520, 232.820, 679B.020

                   Assault or battery committed upon, 200.471, 200.481

                   Certificates and certified copies of documents, evidentiary effect, 679B.200

                   Classification, 232.820

                   Conflicts of interest, 679B.100

                   Criminal history records, receipt upon request, 179A.100

                   Decisions subject to judicial review, 679B.370

                   Delegation of authority, 679B.110


                          Appointment, classification, 232.535, 232.825

                          Assault or battery committed upon, 200.471, 200.481

                          Conflicts of interest, 679B.100

                          Peace officer powers, 289.310, 289.550

                          Powers and duties, 679B.080, 679B.110

                   Enforcement procedures, 679B.180

                   Ethics, 679B.100

                   Immunity from liability, 679B.115, 685A.077, 686B.185, 686B.250, 696B.565

                   Oaths, power to administer, 679B.250, 679B.340

                   Peace officer powers, exception to certification requirements, 289.310, 289.550

                   Political activities, 679B.020

                   Powers and duties generally, 232.530, 232.825, 679B.120-679B.125

                   Private ombudsmen, duties, 679B.170

                   Public employees’ group insurance programs, duties, 287.010, 287.025, 287.0434

                   Qualifications, 679B.030

                   Subpoenas, 679B.340

             Confidentiality of information

                   Actuarial opinions, documents and information in support of, 681B.260, 681B.400

                   Administrators, records of, 683A.0873

                   Annual statements filed by insurers, certain information, 680A.270

                   Assets and liabilities, certain information, 681B.400-681B.420, 681B.540

                   Conversion or reorganization of mutual insurers, 693A.480, 693A.615

                   Delinquent insurers, summary proceedings, 696B.550

                   Disclosure of nonpublic personal information in manner contrary to federal law, regulation, 686A.025

                   Examinations, reports of, 679B.285, 686B.170

                   Fees for medical or dental care determined to be usual and customary, 679B.152

                   Holding companies, certain information, 692C.180, 692C.190, 692C.3536, 692C.3538, 692C.3544, 692C.3546, 692C.420

                   Insurance Guaranty Association, insolvency of members, 687A.115

                   Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact, requirements, 687C.010

                   Investigations, documents relating to, 679B.190, 679B.690, 686A.289, 688C.480

                   Medical malpractice, prohibition against confidentiality of certain information, 690B.310

                   NAIC’s Regulatory Information System, information received from, 680A.270, 686C.306

                   Nonadmitted insurance, authority to classify certain communications as confidential, 685A.077

                   Reinsurance, summary of basis for refusal to issue license to act as intermediary, 681A.440

                   Sharing or receipt of information, authority, 679B.122

                   Title insurance, classification of information as confidential, 692A.117

                   Trade secrets, 686B.080, 689A.695, 692C.3536, 692C.354, 692C.3544

                   Viatical settlements, certain information, 688C.230, 688C.480, 688C.490

                   Violations, reports of, 679B.159

             Consumer credit insurance, powers, ch. 690A

             Consumer protection program, duties, 679B.510-679B.560

             Contracts for services, authority, 679B.090

             Cooperative agreements, 679B.122, 679B.220

             Credit personal property insurance, powers, ch. 691C

             Credit union accounts, approval of plan for insurance, 678.750, 678.755

             Criminal history records, authority to inspect sealed records, 179.259, 179.301

             Death benefits payable pursuant to certain contracts, duties, ch. 688D

             Definitions, 232.805

             Delinquency proceedings, 696B.255, 696B.360, 696B.370, 696B.415

             Dental care

                    Plans, regulation, 695D.100

                   Review of fees, 679B.152

             Deposits of insurers, duties, ch. 682B

             Employees, 232.825, 679B.090, 679B.100

             Endowment care cemeteries, regulation, 452.025, 452.027

             Essential coverage unavailable, duties, 686B.180-686B.320


                   Generally, 679B.230-679B.300

                   Industrial insurers, 686B.1784

                   Reinsurance brokers and managers, 681A.560

             Exchange enrollment facilitators, ch. 695J

             Fraud, investigation, 477.030, 679B.600-679B.700, 686A.015

             Funds and accounts (See INSURANCE)

             Funeral directors and embalmers, inspections of price lists and agreements, 642.0673

             Funeral service contracts, regulations, 689.720

             Guaranteed asset protection waivers, ch. 690D

             Health benefit plans, duties regarding carriers and network plans, 687B.490

             Health insurance

                   Administrators, approval of certain contracts to act as, 683A.0851, 683A.0852

                   Aged persons, counseling program, 679B.127

                   Credentials of health care providers, duties, 629.095

                   Dispute resolution programs, 689A.750, 689B.0285, 689B.029

                   Summaries of coverage, provision by insurers, 689A.390, 689B.027

             Health maintenance organizations, duties, ch. 695C

             Hearings, 679B.310-679B.370

             Holding companies, ch. 692C

             Independent review organizations, duties, 683A.3715-683A.373

             Industrial insurance

                   Appeals Panel, powers and duties, 616B.760, 616B.787, 616B.790

                   Assessments levied on insurers, 232.680, 616A.425, 616A.430

                   Association or organization of employers, approval, 616B.036

                   Associations of self-insured employers, regulation, 616B.350-616B.446, 616B.575

                   Consolidated insurance programs, 616B.710-616B.737

                   Independent review organizations, duties, 616A.469, 616C.363

                   Premium rates, duties, 686B.1751-686B.1799

                   Private carriers, powers and duties, 616B.005, 616B.030, 616B.460-616B.475, 616B.584

                   Self-insured employers, regulation, 616B.300-616B.330, 616B.554

                   Solicitors’ permits, duties, 616B.374-616B.383

                   State Insurance Fund, administration, 616B.040

                   Third-party administrators, powers and duties, 616B.500-616B.509

                   Violations by self-insured employers or third-party administrators, notification, 616D.130

             Insurance companies

                   Articles of incorporation, approval, 78.045

                   Limited-liability companies, approval, 86.141, 86.171

                   Review of proposed acquisition of control, 692C.355, 693A.320

             Insurance scores, publication of information, 686A.700

             Interstate cooperation, 679B.220

             Interstate Insurance Product Regulation Compact, duties, 687C.020, 687C.030

             Investments by insurers, ch. 682A

             Legal counsel, 679B.180

             Managed care

                   Complaint resolution system, duties, receipt of reports, 695G.200, 695G.220

                   External review of adverse determinations, duties, 695G.245, 695G.247, 695G.275, 695G.303, 695G.307

                   Quality of health care services, review of, receipt of reports, 695G.130

             Measures to enhance public understanding of coverages and to encourage price competition, 679B.150

             Medical care, review of fees, 679B.152

             Medical discount plans, duties, ch. 695H

             Medical malpractice

                   Closed claims, duties, 679B.144

                   Essential medical specialties, determination, 690B.350

                   Fines, imposition for failure to notify licensing boards, 630.3067, 633.526

                   Insurance claims, receipt of reports, 690B.260

                   Loss prevention and control programs, duties, 690B.370

                   Qualified risk management systems, regulations, 690B.330

                   Rate standards, collection and dissemination of compliance information, 690B.360

                   Settlements and judgments exceeding policy limits, review, 690B.340

             Motor vehicle insurance guide, publication, 679B.145

             Motor vehicle towing, consent form, duties, 706.4481

             Mutual insurers, conversion or reorganization to stock insurer, 693A.400-693A.665

             Nevada Insurance Guaranty Association Act, duties, ch. 687A

             Nevada Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association, ch. 686C

             Nonadmitted insurance, ch. 685A

             Nonprofit hospital, medical and dental service corporations, duties, 695B.380, 695B.390

             Notices, 679B.140

             Offices, 679B.060

             Policies, inspection, 679B.225

             Portable electronics insurance, ch. 691D

             Premiums, regulation of business to finance, 686A.330-686A.520

             Producers of insurance, ch. 683A

             Readability of policies, approval, 687B.126, 687B.128

             Regulations (See also specific kinds of insurance or insurers)

                   Administrative Procedure Act, ch. 233B

                   Adoption, 679B.130

                   Annual statements, 680A.265-680A.280

                   Assets, reports of acquisitions or dispositions, 681B.540

                   Cemeteries, 452.025

                   Electronic filings and signatures, use, 679B.136

                   Hazardous financial condition of insurer, 680A.205

                   Identification cards for prescription claims, 679B.133

                   Protection of purchasers and prospective purchasers, 679B.135

                   Public assistance benefit plans for employees of more than one employer, 679B.139

                   Records, maintenance, 679B.137

                   Reinsurance, 681A.130

                   Uniform claim forms and billing codes, use, 679B.138

                   Willful violations, penalty, 679B.130

             Reinsurance, 681A.110-681A.580

             Risk retention groups, 694C.390, 695E.140-695E.200

             Seal, 679B.050

             Service contracts, ch. 690C

             Service of process

                   Adjusters, nonresident, 684A.090, 684A.200

                   Authorized insurers, 680A.250, 680A.260

                   Bulk reinsurance, 693A.370

                   Certified reinsurers, 681A.1551

                   Consultants, nonresident, 683C.110

                   Delinquent insurers, 686B.260, 686B.370

                    Dental care organizations, 695D.120

                   Exchange enrollment facilitator, nonresident, 695J.230

                   Fees, 680B.010

                   Fraternal benefit societies, 695A.400

                   Health maintenance organizations, 695C.070

                   Holding companies, 692C.250

                   Industrial insurance, associations of self-insured employers, 616B.398

                   Insurance holding companies, 692C.250

                   Liability insurance, purchasing groups, 695E.120

                   Motor clubs, 696A.180

                   Premium financing companies, 686A.360

                   Producers, nonresident, 683A.281

                   Reciprocal insurers, 694B.130

                   Reinsurance, intermediaries, 681A.430

                   Risk retention groups, 695E.150

                   Surplus lines brokers, 685A.200

                   Unauthorized insurers, 685A.200, 685B.050, 686A.180

                   Viatical settlements, 688C.200

             Sharing of information, 679B.122, 679B.190, 692C.354, 692C.3542, 692C.3544, 692C.420

             Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, duties, 695I.500

             Stabilization of costs, 679B.400-679B.460

             State agencies, cooperation and provision of information by, 232.840

             Suitability of contracts and sales practices, duties, 679B.150

             Summary proceedings against delinquent insurers, 696B.500-696B.560

             Surplus lines insurance, ch. 685A

             Thrift companies, approval of contracts for insurance of deposits, 677.241, 677.247

             Title insurance, ch. 692A

             Unfair trade practices, enforcement of laws, ch. 686A

             Valuation Manual, authority to designate agent to assist in compilation of required data, 681B.510

             Viatical settlements, ch. 688C

             Withdrawal of insurance for particular class of insureds, duties, 687B.410

      Internet website, duties, immunities, 232.521, 237.360, 239.008, 239B.050, 239B.060

      Labor Commissioner, Office of, ch. 607

      Legislative review of public agencies, ch. 232B

      Manufactured Housing Division

             Abandoned vehicles, duties, 487.205-487.300

             Actions against Division, prohibitions, 118B.023, 461.280, 489.741

             Actions by purchasers, service of process, 489.4971

             Administration of laws, 489.201


                   Appointment, classification and general duties, 232.520, 232.530

                   Assistants, appointment, 232.535

                   Conflicts of interest, 489.211

                   Powers, generally, 489.231

                   Qualifications, 489.211

             Advance fees, establishment of trust account, 489.265

             Automobile wreckers, transmittal of certificates of ownership to Division, 487.100

             Building regulations, duties, 461.173

             Citations, authority to issue for violations of laws, 171.17751

             Commercial coaches, ch. 489

             Condition of mobile homes and parks, regulation, ch. 461A

             Construction of manufactured homes, mobile homes and commercial coaches, ch. 489

             Deputy Administrator of the Public Works - Compliance and Code Enforcement Section, consultations, 341.100, 461.173

             Employees, 118B.022, 489.221

             Factory-built housing, ch. 461, ch. 489

             Fund for Low-Income Owners of Manufactured Homes, 118B.211-118B.219

             Fund for Manufactured Housing

                   Account for Education and Recovery Relating to Manufactured Housing, 489.4971-489.4989, 489.596

                   Creation, use, 489.491


                          Administrative fines, 461A.260, 489.233

                          Manufactured buildings and homes, fees, 461.183, 489.491, 489.651

                          Manufactured home parks and mobile home parks, 118B.185, 118B.255, 461A.220

             Liens on manufactured or mobile homes or commercial coaches, notice, 108.310, 108.315

             Manufactured buildings, duties, ch. 461, ch. 489

             Manufactured home parks, duties, ch. 118B

             Manufactured homes and mobile homes, ch. 461A, ch. 489

             Mobile home parks, duties, ch. 461A

             Regulation of structures, 489.235

             Stored or parked vehicles, reports to Division, 487.010

             Subpoenas, issuance, 489.293

             Surrender of certificates of ownership of certain manufactured homes, duties, 278.02095

             Travel trailers, ch. 489

      Minorities, Office of Ombudsman of Consumer Affairs for, creation, 232.845

      Mortgage Lending, Division of

             Account for Mortgage Lending

                   Creation, administration, 645F.270

                   Sources, fees

                          Escrow agents and agencies, 645A.040, 645A.0405, 645A.085

                          Mortgage agents, 645B.410, 645B.430

                          Mortgage bankers, 645E.280

                          Mortgage brokers, 645B.050

                          Mortgage lenders and related professions, 645F.180, 645F.290, 645F.410

                          Mortgage servicers, 645F.540

             Administration of laws, 645F.250

             Advisory Council on Mortgage Investments and Mortgage Lending, 645B.019-645B.0192

             Assessments, 645A.067, 645B.075, 645E.320, 645F.180, 645F.290, 645F.291

             Attorney General as legal adviser, 228.091, 645A.193

             Attorney’s fees and costs, recovery, 622.400, 622.410, 645B.070, 645E.310, 645F.290, 645F.291, 645F.410

             Audits and examinations, duties, fees, 622.090, 645F.280-645F.291

             Commissioner of Mortgage Lending

                   Appointment, 232.520

                   Chief of Division, designation, unclassified service, 232.520, 232.530

                   Engaging in business as personal loan broker prohibited, 645F.160

                   Interest in regulated industries prohibited, 645F.160

                   Oath of office, 645F.170

                   Outside employment prohibited, 645F.150

                   Qualifications, 645F.150

             Contested cases involving certain licensees, procedures, 622A.120

             Credit service organizations, powers and duties, 598.741-598.787

             Criminal history records, inspection, 179.259, 453.3365, 645B.410

             Deputy commissioners, 622.210-622.230, 645F.180, 645F.190

             Employees, 622.210-622.230, 645A.224, 645F.180

             Escrow agencies and agents, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645A

             FBI, requests for criminal history records, 179A.075, 239B.010

             Foreclosure consultants and foreclosure purchasers, duties, 645F.300-645F.450

             Legislative Counsel Bureau, reports to, 622.100

             Loan modification consultants, duties, 645F.300-645F.450


                   Audio or video teleconferences, notices, requirements, 622.340

                   Open Meeting Law, applicability, 622.320

                   Out-of-state meetings, restrictions, 622.350

             Mortgage bankers, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645E

             Mortgage brokers and agents, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645B

             Mortgage recovery fund, duties, 645F.275

             Mortgage servicers, regulation, ch. 622, 645F.500-645F.540

             Mortgages, regulations regarding nontraditional loans, 658.190

             Oaths, authority to administer, 645A.060, 645B.070

             Persons performing covered services for compensation, duties, 645F.300-645F.450

             Regulations, 645F.255, 645F.275-645F.295, 645F.390, 645F.392

             Regulatory proceedings, 622.300-622.360

             Residential mortgage loan originators, duties, 645F.275

             Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act, duties, 645F.292-645F.295

             Servicing of mortgage loans, duties, 645F.277

             State Board of Finance, advisory duties, 645F.260

             State Controller, provision of licensee information to, duties, 353C.1965

             Subpoenas, 645A.060, 645B.070, 645E.310

             Veterans Affairs, Interagency Council on, reports to, 417.0194, 622.120

      Nevada New Markets Jobs Act, ch. 231A

      Nevada Rural Housing Authority, 315.961-315.99874

      Nonprofit corporation, creation to exercise powers of Department, 232.520

      Payments of money for services provided by state agencies, procedures, 353.146-353.148

      Private activity bonds, issuance, 232.520, ch. 348A

      Public engagement policy, adoption, requirements, 232.003

      Real Estate Division

             Administrative Procedure Act, ch. 233B


                   Appointment, 232.520

                   Assistants, appointment, 232.535

                   Conflicts of interest, 119.200

                   Duties, generally, 232.530

                   Qualifications, 645.120

             Appraisers of real estate, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645C

             Asset management companies, foreclosure property, duties, ch. 622, ch. 645H

             Attorney General as legal adviser, 116.620, 116B.810, 119.114, 228.091, 645.200, 645C.250, 645D.150, 645H.370

             Brokers and broker-salespersons, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645

             Building inspectors, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645D

             Campgrounds, memberships in, ch. 119B

             Commission (See REAL ESTATE COMMISSION)

             Common-interest communities, 38.300-38.360, ch. 116

             Community managers, ch. 116A

             Condition of residential property, adoption of disclosure form, 113.120

             Condominium Hotels, 38.300-38.360, ch. 116B

             Contested cases involving certain licensees, applicability of laws, 622A.120

             Crimes committed by licensees, receipt of report of certain convictions or pleas, 645.615

             Criminal history records, inspection, 179.259, 453.3365, 645.355, 645C.300, 645D.180

             Deposits, 119.118, 645.140, 645C.240, 645D.140


                   Assistants to Administrator, 232.535

                   Ethics, 119.200, 645.130, 645C.170, 645D.110, 645H.280

                   Generally, 116.620, 116A.210, 116B.810, 119.116, 645.130, 645C.170

             FBI, requests for criminal history records, 179A.075, 239B.010

             Financial Institutions Examination Council, payments to, 645C.240

             Financial support from legislative appropriation, 119.118, 645C.240

             Homestead declaration, duties, 115.025

             Inspectors of structures, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645D

             Investigative Account, deposits, 119.150, 119A.350, 119B.150

             Manuals or study guides concerning appraisals, publication and sale, 116A.200, 645.190, 645C.230, 645C.240


                   Audio or video teleconferences, notices, requirements, 622.340

                   Open Meeting Law, applicability, 622.320

                   Out-of-state meetings, restrictions, 622.350

             Offices, 645.170

             Owner-developers, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645

             Property managers, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645

             Public records (See PUBLIC RECORDS)

             Real estate licensees, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645

             Receipts, disposition, 645.140

             Residential sales, preparation of booklet concerning required disclosures, 645.194

             Salespersons, regulation, ch. 622, ch. 645

             Seal, 645.180

             State Controller, provision of licensee information to, duties, 353C.1965

             Subdivided land, sales of, regulation, ch. 119

             Subdivision of land, investigation of violations, 645.215

             Time shares, regulation, ch. 119A

             Trust accounts, 645.310, 645.630

             Veterans Affairs, Interagency Council on, reports to, 417.0194, 622.120

      Records, 237.370, ch. 239

      Records official, appointment, duties, 239.008

      Small businesses, certification program for local emerging businesses, duties, 231.14065

      Sovereign immunity waived, 41.0305-41.039

      Special Projects to Assist in the Development of Services for Business and Industry, Account for, 232.546

      Taxicab Authority, 706.8818-706.8819

      Transfer of functions of state agencies and local governments, regulations, 353.203

      Transportation Authority (See TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY, NEVADA)

      Venture capital, powers and duties, 349.900-349.929

      Water projects, financing, 349.935-349.961

BUSINESS COURTS (For general provisions, see DISTRICT COURTS)

      2nd Judicial District Court, dockets, WDCR 2.1

      7th Judicial District Court, business matters, 7JDCR 20

      8th Judicial District Court

             Cases, assignment, EDCR 1.61

             Dockets, EDCR 2.49

             Judges, assignment, EDCR 1.33

      9th Judicial District Court, definition of business matter, NJDCR 1.1

      Filing fees, 19.0302

      Venue, change to county with business court, 13.050


      Corporate directors and officers, immunity from liability, 78.138, 78.747


      Establishment by State Treasurer, 355.285


      Acquisition of business site by county, grant of license required on relocation of business in certain circumstances, 244.349

      Child support enforcement

             Applications for license, requirements

                   City licenses, 266.358, 266.368

                   County licenses, 244.33506, 244.33507

                   Town licenses, 269.171, 269.173

             Denial of license, grounds, 244.33506, 266.358, 269.171

             Division of Welfare and Supportive Services, requests for and receipt of certain information, 425.393, 425.395

             Identification of licensee in arrears, notice to licensing authority, 425.397

             Suspension of license, grounds, 244.33508, 266.362, 269.172

      Cigarettes (See CIGARETTES)

      Cities (See also CITIES — Licenses)

             Affirmative vote of majority of city council members required to take action on licenses, 266.250

             Contractors, 266.355, 268.095, 268.0951

             Fees, limitations, exceptions, 354.5989, 364.200-364.220

             Industrial insurance, affidavit of coverage or exemption, 268.0955, 616A.405

             Internet website, provision of applications and acceptance of information, 75A.100

             Occupational safety, receipt of document setting forth rights and responsibilities, 268.0955

             Powers of governing bodies, 266.355-266.368, 268.095-268.0975

      Collection of fees

             County taxes levied before incorporation of city, 268.460-268.510

             Deposit in county general fund, 364.020, 364.050

             Establishment of unit of specialized law enforcement, 280.125

             Order to lock and seal business, enforcement, 360.500

             Sheriffs as ex officio tax collectors, 360.250, 364.010

      Community theaters exempt, 364.130

      Consolidation of governmental services by interlocal agreement, 277.103, 277.105

      Counties (See also COUNTIES — Licenses)

             Consolidation of governmental services, 277.103, 277.105

             Contractors, 244.335, 244.33501

             County commissioners, powers, prohibited acts, 244.335

             Doing business without required licenses, penalties, 360.490, 364.150, 598.0923


                   Collection by county before city’s incorporation, 268.490-268.510

                   Deposit in county general fund, 364.020

                   Disposition of license money, 364.060

                   Limit on fees, exceptions, 354.5989, 364.200-364.220

                   Sheriff to pay money collected to county treasurer, liability, 364.050

             Industrial insurance, affidavit of coverage or exemption, 244.33505, 616A.405

             Internet website, provision of applications and acceptance of information, 75A.100

             Investigation of applicants, 244.345

             License department

                   Collection of fees without delivering license unlawful, 364.100

                   Establishment, 364.010

                   Issuance of other licenses unlawful, 364.080, 364.090

             Licensing boards, powers, prohibited acts, 244.335

             Occupational safety, receipt of document setting forth rights and responsibilities, 244.33505

             Posting of license required, penalty, 364.140

             Printing of licenses, 364.030

             Rules affecting businesses, procedure for adoption, 237.030-237.150

             Sheriff, duties, liability, unlawful acts, 364.010, 364.020, 364.050, 364.080

             State business registration, requirements, 244.335

             Unlawful acts

                   Civil penalty in lieu of criminal for violations, 244.33509

                   Collection of money without delivering license, 364.100

                   Insertion of name of more than one person or firm in license, exception, 364.100

                   Issuance, possession or circulation of unlawful business license, penalty, 364.090

                   Sheriff or employee of county license department, issuance of other licenses, 364.080

      Family trust companies, requirement, 669A.140

      Farm products, certified producers exempt from certain taxes and fees, 576.128

      Gaming (See GAMING)

      Internet website of state or local agency, provision of applications and acceptance of information, 75A.100

      Intoxicating liquors (See INTOXICATING LIQUORS)

      Local rules affecting businesses, procedure for adoption, 237.030-237.150

      Medical marijuana establishments, requirements, 453A.326, 453A.330

      Mobile home parks, issuance, 461A.225, 461A.227

      Notaries public, requirements for appointment of resident of adjoining state, 240.030, 240.031, 240.192

      Off-highway vehicles, requirements, 490.200, 490.310

      Pedestrian malls, special licenses for businesses operating within district, 268.821

      Penalties for operation without required licenses, 244.33509, 360.490, 364.150, 598.0923

      Personal information, confidentiality, 239B.030-239B.060

      Posting, 364.140

      Public utilities, limitations on fees charged to, 354.59881-354.59889

      Recycling programs, business to receive information upon license application or renewal, 444A.040

      Room tax (See ROOM TAX)

      Sales of tangible personal property, requirements, 244.335, 268.095, 372.220

      Scrap metal processors, requirements, 647.092

      Sheriffs, issuance of license, 364.040, 364.050

      State business registration (See BUSINESS REGISTRATION, STATE)

      Towns, powers of town boards or county commissioners, 269.170-269.175

      Transportation network companies, requirements, 706A.310


      Electronic documents and signatures, use, 719.345

      Employment Security Division, disclosure of information, 612.265

      Generally, ch. 75A

      Occupational safety information, submission of information to business owners, 244.33505, 268.0955


      Business tax, maintenance and examination of records, 363B.070, 363B.080

      Customer’s personal information, duty to destroy records containing, 603A.200

      Encryption of personal information sent electronically required, 603A.215, 603A.217

      Evidence, admissibility as, ch. 52

      Financial and mining business tax, maintenance and examination of records, 363A.080, 363A.090

      Financial Institutions, Division of, access to records of persons under investigation, 657.210

      Negotiable instruments, dishonor, 104.3505

      Personnel records, 613.075

      Public agencies required to accept copies, 281.380

      Wage records, contents, inspection and retention, 608.115


      Activities constituting conduct of business, 76.020, 76.100

      Application, 76.100

      Business identification number, assignment, 225.082

      Confidentiality of records and files, 76.160

      Contracts with State, registration requirement, exception, 353.007

      Corporations, declaration of compliance with law, 78.150, 80.110

      Definitions, 75.010-75.090, 76.010-76.040, 360.760-360.774

      Deposit of proceeds in State General Fund, 76.150, 360.790

      Document preparation services, requirements, 240A.170

      Exemptions from requirement

             Claims for exemptions, annual submission, exceptions, 76.105

             Exhibitions, certain participants, 360.780

             Governmental entities, 76.020

             Home-based businesses, 76.020

             Landlords renting four or fewer dwelling units, 76.020

             Motion picture production, 76.020

             Nonprofit religious, charitable, fraternal or similar organizations, 76.020

             Nonprofit unit-owners’ associations, 76.020

      Exhibitions, requirement for and exemptions from payment of registration fees, 360.417, 360.780, 360.787

      Failure to obtain or renew registration, effect, enforcement, 76.180

      Failure to pay required fees and penalties, effect, 76.110

      Fees, 76.100, 76.110, 76.130, 360.417, 360.787

      Foster care agencies, registration required, 424.099

      Limit on number of registrations natural person must obtain, 76.120

      Limited-liability companies, declaration of compliance with law, 86.263

      Limited-liability partnerships, declaration of compliance with law, 87.510

      Limited partnerships, declaration of compliance with law, 88.395

      Local business licenses, compliance with state registration requirements, 244.335, 268.095

      Notice and other communications, 75.150

      Operation of business without required registration, penalty, 76.110

      Professional associations, declaration of compliance with law, 89.250

      Public weighmasters, license renewal, requirements, 582.047

      Public works, requirements for subcontractors, 338.072

      Regulations, 76.140, 360.787, 360.796

      Renewal, 76.130

      Requirement, 76.100

      Revocation or suspension

             Child support obligations, nonpayment or noncompliance, 76.175, 425.530, 425.540

             Dental business, violation by provider of goods or services, 631.3457

             Generally, 76.170

             Lead participant in certain economic development projects, violation of agreements, 360.894, 360.970

             Solid waste disposal, violations, 444.630

      Sales and use taxes, registration of certain business license applicants, 372.220

      School personnel, requirements for renewal of professional license, 391.0345

      Taxation, denial of registration for liability to Department of Taxation, 360.205

      Transportation network companies, requirements, 706A.310

      Unlawful hiring or employment of unauthorized aliens, hearing, administrative fine, regulations, 360.796

      Waiver of fees and penalties, 76.130

      Weights and measures devices, persons who repair or adjust, requirements, 581.1036



      Abatement of tax for certain businesses

             Amount of exemption during initial period of operation, 363B.120

             Approval of partial abatement, 231.0695

             Audits of businesses, 360.755

             Biennial report to Governor, 360.137

             Cost-benefit analyses, reports to Budget Division, 353.207

             Enactment of certain abatements, requirements, 218D.355

             Investigation of eligibility, 360.225

             Locating or expanding business in State, 360.750

             Notice to local entities regarding applications, 360.757

             Qualified project in certain geographic area, 360.880-360.980

             Reports to Legislature, 218D.355, 231.0685, 360.137, 360.895, 360.975

      Administration and enforcement of laws, 363B.060

      Appeals, 360.245, 360.247

      Audits, 360.095, 360.232-360.235

      Captive insurers, applicability of tax, 694C.450

      Collection of tax

             Injunction or other process to prevent tax collection prohibited, 363B.170

             Joint and several liability, 360.297

             Procedures, 360.4193-360.560

             Remedies of State cumulative, 363B.250

             Uncollectible debts, 360.265

      Commerce tax, effect on amount of payment, 360.203, 363B.110

      Confidentiality of records and files of Department, exceptions, 360.255

      Credits against tax, 360.217, 363B.110, 363B.117, 363B.119

      Deductions, 363B.113, 363B.115

      Deficiency determinations, 360.300-360.400

      Definitions, 363B.010-363B.050

      Delinquent taxes

             Action for collection, 360.4193

             Annual reports, 360.264

             Designation as bad debt and removal from state books of account, 360.264

             Liens, 360.473, 360.475

             Notice of delinquency and demand for payment, 360.510, 360.520

             Seizure of property for payment of tax due, 360.530-360.560

             Summary judgment for amount due, 360.420-360.470

             Waiver or reduction of taxes, penalties and interest, 360.294, 360.419

             Warrants for collection, 360.483, 360.485


             Biennial report to Governor and Legislature, 360.137

             Notice of entitlement, 360.233

      Health insurance or health benefit plan, deduction of certain amounts paid for, 363B.115

      Imposition and rate, 360.203, 363B.110

      Jeopardized taxes, determination, 360.412-360.416

      Judgments for taxpayers, 363B.190-363B.210

      Legislation imposing or increasing tax, supermajority required for passage, referral to voters, Art. 4 § 18

      Natural resources projects in tax increment areas, use of proceeds, 278C.157-278C.170, 278C.250

      Nevada Insurance Guaranty Association, applicability of tax, 687A.130

      Overpayments and refunds

             Action for refund, 363B.170-363B.210

             Appeals, 363B.190

             Audit, refund or credit after, 360.235

             Cancellation of illegal determination, procedure, 363B.230

             Certification of excess amount collected, 363B.140

             Claims, 363B.150

             Credit against other taxes or fees due required before any refund, 360.236

             Credit and refund, 360.2935, 363B.140, 363B.150

             Erroneous refunds, recovery, 363B.220

             Interest on overpayments, 360.2935, 360.2937, 363B.160

             Notice to taxpayer, 360.233

             Offsetting of certain overpayments, 360.320

             Redeterminations, 360.395

             Standing to recover, 363B.210


             Compromise of taxpayer’s liability, 360.263

             Date due, 363B.110

             Dishonored method of payment, fees, 360.238

             Extension of time, 360.295, 363B.130

             Failure to pay, penalty, 360.417

             Installment payments, 360.2915

             Joint and several liability, 360.297

             Waiver or reduction of taxes, penalties and interest, 360.294, 360.419

      Policies and regulations of Tax Commission, principles for adoption, 360.095

      Priority of taxes and related liens, 360.480

      Production companies, transferability of tax credits, 360.759

      Public works, certificate of eligibility to receive preference in bidding, qualifications for design professionals, 338.173

      Rail projects in tax increment areas, use of proceeds, 278C.157-278C.170, 278C.250


             Examination, 363B.080

             Maintenance and availability for inspection, requirements, penalty, 363B.070

             Prohibited acts, penalty, 363B.240

      Returns and reports

             Filing, 363B.110

             Prohibited acts, penalty, 363B.240

      Rights and responsibilities of taxpayers, 360.2905-360.294

      Successor or assignee to withhold tax from purchase price, liability, 360.525

      Transferable tax credits

             Promotion of economic development, 231.0535, 231.1555

             Qualified projects in certain geographic locations, 360.880-360.980


      Administration of trusts generally, ch. 164

      Annual list, filing, 88A.600, 88A.620, 88A.732, 88A.734

      Applicability of laws, 88A.150-88A.170

      Beneficial interest

             Debts, liabilities, obligations and expenses, enforceability, 88A.380

             Distributions, 88A.320

             Evidence of ownership, 88A.320

             Execution, 21.080

             Grants and assignments to be in writing, 111.235

             Ownership, 88A.320

             Personal property, 88A.320

             Profits and losses, participation, 88A.320

             Transferability, 88A.320

      Beneficial owners

             Action in right of trust to recover judgment, 41.520, 88A.410

             Artificial person organized pursuant to foreign laws acting as, 88A.260

             Contributions to trust, obligations, penalties, 88A.330

             Death, incapacity, dissolution, termination or bankruptcy, effect on trust, 88A.260

             Definition, 88A.020

             Distributions, 88A.320

             Indemnification, 88A.400

             Liabilities, 88A.380, 88A.390, 92A.260, 92A.270

             List or ledger, duties, inspection, 88A.340-88A.350, 88A.7345

             Mergers, conversions or exchanges, approval, liability, 92A.165, 92A.260, 92A.270

             Powers, 88A.310

             Trust deemed entity separate from beneficial owner, 88A.210

      Business identification number, assignment, 225.082

      Business portal, state, ch. 75A

      Business registration, state, ch. 76, 88A.600, 360.760-360.796

      Business tax, ch. 363B

      Bylaws, inclusion in governing documents authorized, 88A.270

      Certificate of authorization to transact business, 88A.610

      Certificates of trust

             Amendment, 88A.220, 88A.250

             Cancellation of revoked certificate without additional fees or penalties, 88A.665, 88A.739

             Cancellation on termination of trust, 88A.250, 88A.420

             Contents, 88A.210

             Maintenance at principal office or with custodian of records, 88A.340

             Merger, effect, 88A.250, 92A.250

             Reinstatement or revival, 88A.345, 88A.650, 88A.660, 88A.950

             Renewal, 88A.950

             Restatement, 88A.220, 88A.250, 88A.345

             Revocation, 88A.640

             Signing and filing, 88A.210

      Certifications of trust in lieu of trust instruments, 164.400-164.440

      Commerce tax, ch. 363C

      Common-interest communities (See COMMON-INTEREST COMMUNITIES)

      Creation and validity of trusts generally, 163.002-163.009

      Creditors of beneficial owners, remedies against property of trust disallowed, 88A.320

      Criminal investigations, duty to cooperate, effect of noncompliance, 88A.345, 88A.7345

      Declaratory judgments, 30.060

      Defaulting trusts

             Assets held in trust, 88A.640

             Failure to file annual lists, effect, 88A.630

             Foreign trusts, 88A.7345-88A.738

             Forfeiture of right to do business, 88A.640

             Notices, 88A.640

             Penalty, fee, 88A.630

             Reinstatement or revival, 88A.650, 88A.660

      Definition, 88A.030, 666.065

      Dissolution (See Termination or dissolution, this heading)

      Doing business without filing certificate, 88A.215, 88A.750

      Encryption of personal information sent electronically required, 603A.215, 603A.217

      Fees of Secretary of State, 88A.600, 88A.650, 88A.732, 88A.900, 88A.930

      Fiduciaries, ch. 162

      Financial and mining business tax, ch. 363A

      Foreign and interstate commerce, applicability of laws, 88A.150

      Foreign business trusts

             Annual list, 88A.732, 88A.734

             Applicability of laws, 88A.700

             Cancellation of revoked certificate without additional fees or penalties, 88A.739

             Certificate of authorization to transact business, 88A.733

             Certificate of cancellation, filing, 88A.740

             Defaulting trusts, 88A.7345-88A.738

             Definition, 88A.040

             Doing business without filing certificate, 88A.750

             Domestication, 92A.270

             Failure to register, effect, 88A.750

             List of beneficial owners, maintenance, 88A.7345

             Mergers, conversions or exchanges (See Mergers, conversions or exchanges, this heading)

             Name, 88A.730, 88A.738


                   Applications, 88A.710

                   Cancellation, 88A.740

                   Denial, 88A.700

                   Illegal purpose or fraudulent intent, prohibition, 88A.710

                   Issuance of certificates, 88A.720

                   Requirement, 88A.710, 88A.750

             Renewal or revival of right to transact business, 88A.745


             Governing instruments

                   Contents, 88A.270, 88A.280

                   Definition, 88A.050

             Illegal purpose or fraudulent intent, prohibition, 88A.200

             Perpetual existence, 88A.260

             Procedure, 88A.210

             Purpose, 88A.200

      General powers, 88A.300

      Identity theft, trust as victim, prosecution authorized, 205.4653

      Investment of trust funds, 99.070

      Irrevocable trust not to be construed as revocable, 163.560

      Legislative intent, 88A.150

      Management, 88A.310

      Massachusetts trusts

             Business trust defined as, 88A.030

             Insurance holding companies deemed corporations, 692B.050

      Mergers, conversions or exchanges

             Abandonment of plan before articles filed, 92A.170

             Articles, 92A.200, 92A.205, 92A.220, 92A.230

             Authority, 92A.100-92A.110

             Benefit corporations, 78B.110, 78B.120

             Cancellation of filings, 92A.280

             Definitions, 92A.005-92A.092

             Duty when entire plan not set forth in articles, 92A.220

             Effect, 88A.250, 92A.250

             Effective date and time, 92A.240

             Facts ascertainable outside plan, effect, 92A.200

             Fees, 92A.210

             Filing requirements, 92A.200-92A.207

             Insurance companies, 692C.180-692C.250, 693A.290-693A.350, 693A.400-693A.665, 694B.250

             Liability of owner, 92A.260, 92A.270

             Notice and other communications, 92A.098

             Plans, content and form, 92A.100-92A.110

             Requirements, generally, 92A.190, 92A.195

             Service of process on surviving or resulting entity, 92A.190, 92A.195

             Signing of articles, 92A.230

             Termination, 92A.175, 92A.240

             Trustees and beneficial owners, approval, 92A.165

      Mortgage banker business, requirements for transacting, effect of noncompliance, 645E.910-645E.930

      Mortgage broker business, requirements for transacting, 645B.910

      Motor vehicles operated in State by employees of nonresident entities, permits, 482.3961, 482.500


             Availability of name of revoked, merged or otherwise terminated trust, 88A.230

             Defaulting trusts, reinstatement or revival under old or new name, 88A.660, 88A.738

             Distinguishable name required, 88A.230

             Fictitious name, doing business under, ch. 602

             Reservation of right to use name, injunctive relief, 88A.240

             Use of term "business trust," effect for purposes of federal law, 88A.210

      Notice and other communications, 75.150

      Officers, employees and managers

             Duties and liabilities, 88A.370, 88A.390

             Indemnification, 88A.400

      Perpetual existence, 88A.260

      Power of attorney, authority as agent, 162A.530

      Principal and Income Act (1997), Uniform, 164.700, 164.780-164.925

      Principal office, maintenance of records at, 88A.340, 88A.345

      Property, authority, 88A.210, 164.067

      Prudent Investor Act, Uniform, 164.700-164.775

      Real estate investment trusts

             Business trust defined as, 88A.030

             Deferred deposit loans, high-interest loans, title loans and check-cashing services, exemption from laws, 604A.250

             Domestication, 92A.270

             Financial and mining business tax, ch. 363A

             Installment loan laws inapplicable, 675.040

             Millennium Scholarship Trust Fund, investments, 396.926

             Mortgage banker laws, applicability, 645E.150-645E.170, 645E.280, 645E.900

             Mortgage broker laws, applicability, 645B.015-645B.018, 645B.050, 645B.900


             Definitions, 75.010-75.090

             Filings with Secretary of State

                   Cancellation, 88A.930, 92A.280

                   Correction, 88A.930

                   Electronic signatures authorized, 75.070

                   Electronic submission, 88A.890, 88A.910

                   Fees, refund of excess payment, 225.155

                   Forged or false documents, civil liability, procedures for correcting, 225.084

                   Form, requirement, effect of noncompliance, 88A.890

                   Immunities, 225.095

                   Notice of responsibilities and penalties, posting, 225.083

                   Replacement pages, 88A.920

             Maintenance and inspection, 88A.340-88A.350, 88A.7345

             Security of personal information, duties, ch. 603A

      Registered agents (See also REGISTERED AGENTS)

             Appointment required, 14.020, 88A.500

             Banks acting as agent, powers, 88A.520

             Certificate of acceptance of appointment, filing, 77.310, 88A.210

             Change of agent, 77.340

             Change of name, 77.350

             Corporations acting as agent, powers, 88A.520

             Resignation or termination of registration, 88A.530

             Service of process, demands or notices on, 14.020, 75.160, 77.390, 88A.520

             Street address, definition, requirement, 75.080

             Trust company laws inapplicable, 669.080

      Registered offices

             Definition, 88A.060

             Maintenance of records at office, 88A.7345

             Staffing, requirement, penalty for failure to comply, 14.020

      Rule against perpetuities, exclusions, 111.1037

      Savings and loan associations, notice regarding stock ownership, 673.2176

      Separate entity from trustees or beneficial owner, trust deemed, 88A.210

      Service of process on business trust

             Court rules, N.R.C.P. 4, JCRCP 4

             Foreign entities, 77.380, 88A.750

             Generally, 14.020, 14.030, 75.160, 77.390, 88A.520

             Interrogatories, N.R.C.P. 33, JCRCP 33

             Mergers, conversions or exchanges, effect, 92A.190, 92A.195

      Spendthrift trusts, ch. 166

      Technology, use in carrying out powers and duties, regulations, 88A.940

      Termination or dissolution

             Abandoned property, presumption, 120A.500

             Certificate of cancellation, filing, 88A.250, 88A.420

             Death, incapacity or bankruptcy of beneficial owner, effect, 88A.260

             Same person as sole owner and sole beneficial owner, effect, 88A.260

      Trade Secrets Act, Uniform, ch. 600A

      Transfer of supervision of trusts, 164.130

      Transfers to Minors, Uniform Act on, ch. 167


             Actions, real party in interest, N.R.C.P. 17(a), JCRCP 17(a)

             Annual list, filing, 88A.600, 88A.620, 88A.732, 88A.734

             Artificial person organized pursuant to foreign laws acting as, 88A.260

             Banks, power to act as trustee, 662.245, 666A.160

             Credit unions, power to act as trustee, 678.490

             Duties, 88A.310, 88A.360

             Indemnification, 88A.400

             Liabilities, 88A.360, 88A.380, 88A.390

             Mergers, conversions or exchanges, rights and duties, 92A.165, 92A.170, 92A.230

             Presumption, conveyance of real property, 47.250

             Private professional guardians, applicability of laws, 628B.110

             Trust company, power to act as, 662.245

             Trust deemed entity separate from trustees, 88A.210

      Trustees’ Accounting Act, Uniform, ch. 165

      Trusts Act, Uniform, 163.010-163.200

      Unclaimed Property Act, Uniform, ch. 120A

      Uniform Commercial Code, person defined to include trust, 104.1201


      Advertising of grade of meat or meat product, 583.472, 583.700

      Commercial preservation facilities, inspections, maintenance of records, 503.037

      Disposal of wild game if storage or processing charges unpaid, 503.035

      Meat, sales generally, 583.010-583.055, 583.070, 583.080, 583.700

      Return of processed carcasses, requirements, penalties, 583.476, 583.700

      Sawdust, use on floors, 446.841


      Adulterated or misbranded milk products, impoundment, 584.209

      Color, artificial coloring authorized, 585.350

      Distributors’ assessments, 584.648, 584.649

      Inspections, 584.130

      Organic agricultural products, certification of producers and handlers, 587.700-587.830

      Pasteurizing plants, equipment, 584.145

      Regulations, 584.135

      Sale of dairy product below cost prohibited, 584.583, 584.584

      Stabilization and marketing, butter included as fresh dairy product, 584.357

      Unlawful manipulation of prices, 584.582

      Wholesome butter defined, 584.125