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[Rev. 11/16/2020 9:28:33 PM--2020R1]



Bribery of, 207.290, 465.070

Industrial insurance, exclusions from coverage, 616A.110

Liability limited, 41.630

Occupational diseases, exclusions from coverage, 617.080


Amateur contests

Applicability of laws, 467.080, 467.105, 467.107, 467.170

Grants to promote, 467.108

Athletic Commission, Nevada

Adoption, revision or repeal of rules, 467.075

Ban from participation in unarmed combat, authority to impose, 467.158

Drug testing, recovery of costs related to disciplinary action, 467.158

Internet website, duties, 467.075

Jurisdiction, 467.070

Bribery of participants or officials, 207.290, 465.070

Civil penalties, 467.158, 467.159


Contracts, 467.030, 467.120

Insurance, 467.125

Payments, 467.130, 467.135

Criminal penalties, 467.180

Definitions, 467.010-467.0108

Disciplinary action, 467.110-467.117, 467.157-467.159

Drug testing of combatants, requirements, funding, 467.108, 467.153

Events in affiliation with gaming licensee, registration requirements, 463.169

Gaming licensee, tournaments or contests in association with, 463.169

Gate receipts, impounding, 467.120

Inspectors, 467.050, 467.120, 467.140

Length of contests and rounds, 467.150

Licenses for contest or exhibition

Applications, 467.080

Bond, requirements, 467.080

Fees, 467.080

Limited, restricted or conditional license, 467.080

Licenses for contestants, promoters, managers, trainers, officials and others

Applications, requirements, withdrawal, 467.100, 467.102

Child support obligations, effect, 467.101-467.102

Confidentiality and disclosure of information, 353C.1965, 467.1005

Debt owed Commission, effect, 467.1003

Debt owed state agency, effect, 353C.1965

Denial, 467.100, 467.1003, 467.101, 467.110


Commission to fix uniform scale of license fees, 467.100

Costs of issuing license, payment, refund, 467.100

Promoters, additional fees, payment, credit against license fee, 467.107, 467.109

Fingerprints, requirements, 467.100

Investigation of applicant, 467.100

Reinstatement, 467.159

Renewal, 467.1003

Requirement, 467.100

State Controller, receipt of information, duties, 353C.1965

Suspension or revocation, 467.1015, 467.110, 467.117, 467.157

Temporary license, 467.100

Live entertainment tax, exemptions, 368A.200

Managers, orders to withhold money from, 467.135

Minors, head injuries sustained during sporting activities, prevention and treatment, 385B.080, 392.452

Motor carrier laws, certain vehicles exempt, 706.736


Giving or accepting bribe, penalty, 207.290, 465.070

Industrial insurance, exclusions from coverage, 616A.110

Limitations on liability, 41.630

Occupational diseases, exclusions from coverage, 617.080


Advance against purse prohibited, 467.130

Contracts, 467.030, 467.120

Order to withhold purse, 467.135

Permits to present program, 467.105, 467.117

Reports to Nevada Athletic Commission, 467.109

Seating arrangements, 467.145

Tickets sold for live event, additional fee, 467.108

Regulations of Commission, penalty for violations, 467.135, 467.180

Rest periods between rounds, 467.150

Sanctioning organizations, registration, 467.136

Seconds, orders to withhold money from, 467.135

State business license, ch. 76, 360.417, 360.760-360.796

Televised or motion picture broadcasts, 467.104, 467.109, 467.136, 704.687

Traffic control, 480.340, 484A.800

Weigh-ins, 467.140, 467.155


Generally, 685B.020-685B.087


Generally, 685B.090-685B.110


Abandoned property generally (See ABANDONED PROPERTY)

Abandoned Property Trust Account, 120A.525, 120A.610, 120A.620, 120A.645

Administration of laws, 120A.140

Agreements to locate property, 120A.740

Burial accounts or funds, 120A.500

Business associations, property held by, 120A.500, 120A.505, 120A.690

Citation of laws, 120A.010

Civil actions

Action to establish claim, 120A.640, 120A.650

Administrator, action to collect unclaimed property, use of confidential information, 120A.690

Agreements to recover property, action to reduce compensation, 120A.740

Attorney General, actions involving other states, duties, 120A.720

Claims by Administrator against property holders, burden of proof, affirmative defenses, 120A.550, 120A.690

Enforcement of laws, 120A.710, 120A.720

Limitation of actions, tolling, 120A.680

Payment or delivery of property, defense of holder, immunity from liability, 120A.570, 120A.590

Sale, destruction, disposition or transfer of property, immunity from liability, 120A.610, 120A.670

U.S. savings bonds, escheat to State, 120A.525

Civil penalties, violations by holders, 120A.730

Claims for property paid or delivered to Administrator

Action to establish claim, 120A.650

Barred or limited claims, 120A.590, 120A.680

Bond and indemnification of State, when required, 120A.640

Defense and indemnification of holder against claims by third parties, 120A.590

Delivery of property or proceeds of sale, time for, 120A.640

Denial of claim, procedures following, 120A.640

Donations by claimants for educational purposes, 120A.645

False statements respecting right to claim property or money, penalty, 120A.737

Filing and handling of claims, 120A.640

Fraudulent claims, penalty, 120A.733

Holders, authority to reclaim property, 120A.590

Other states, claims by, 120A.590, 120A.630

Savings bonds, claims following escheat to State, 120A.525, 120A.620

Confidentiality of information, 120A.145, 120A.690, 120A.715

Construction of law, 120A.750

Courts, property held by, 120A.500

Crediting of dividends and increments to account of owner, 120A.600, 120A.640

Custody of property by State, 120A.530, 120A.590

Debts, certain property held by Administrator subject to, 120A.640

Definitions, 120A.020-120A.120

Destruction or other disposition of property, 120A.610, 120A.670

Dormancy charges by holders, deduction from property authorized, 120A.540

Enforcement of laws, 120A.680, 120A.690, 120A.710, 120A.720

Financial organizations, property held by, 120A.500, 120A.690

Gaming chips or tokens, applicability of laws, 120A.135

Genealogical libraries, transfers of property to, 120A.610

Gift certificates, 120A.520, 120A.560, 120A.610

Guardianship property, 120A.500

Income or gain accruing on property delivered to Administrator, recovery by owner, 120A.600, 120A.640

Insurance companies, unclaimed money held by, 120A.500, 120A.560

Interest and penalties, 120A.730

Intersection improvement project proceeds, applicability of laws, 120A.135

Interstate agreements and cooperation, 120A.690, 120A.720

Intrastate agreements and cooperation, authority of Administrator, 120A.715

Joint and reciprocal actions with other states, 120A.720

Lists of abandoned property, notice and publication, 120A.580

Millennium Scholarship Trust Fund, transfers to, 120A.620

Money orders or travelers' checks

Claim of other state to recover property, 120A.630

Definition of money order, 120A.098

Issuers, retention of records, 120A.700

Lists of abandoned property, publication, 120A.580

Presumption of abandonment, time, 120A.500

Reimbursement of holders for payments made, 120A.590

Taking custody, rules for, 120A.530

Museums, transfers of property to, 120A.610

Negotiable instruments, 120A.550, 120A.580, 120A.590, 120A.630, 120A.700

Nevada Historical Society, transfers of property to, 120A.610

Notice to apparent property owners, duties of holders of property presumed to be abandoned, 120A.560

Owner's interest in property, indications, 120A.500

Payment or delivery of property to Administrator

Custody by State, 120A.590

Election to take payment, 120A.660

Enforcement of laws, periods of limitation, 120A.680

Failure to deliver or make payment, penalties and interest, 120A.730

False statements for purpose of procuring property or money, penalty, 120A.737

Investment securities, procedures, 120A.570

Prior to abandonment, procedures, 120A.660

Procedures, electronic payments, 120A.560

Recovery of property by holder, 120A.590

Refusal to accept property, election by Administrator, 120A.660

Rules for taking custody, 120A.590

Safe-deposit box or other safekeeping depository, property held in, procedures, 120A.570

Presumption of abandonment, 120A.500-120A.525, 120A.560, 120A.660, 120A.680

Records, examination, retention, 120A.690, 120A.700, 120A.720

Regulations, general authority of Administrator, 120A.140

Reimbursement to holder for certain payments, 120A.590


Enforcement of laws, periods of limitation, 120A.680

Examinations, reciprocal agreements, 120A.720

Failure to report, penalties and interest, 120A.730

Fraudulent reports, civil penalty, 120A.730

Limitation of actions, 120A.680

Requests for reports, procedures, 120A.690

Time for making payment, use of business portal, 120A.560

Safe-deposit box or other safekeeping depository

Applicability of laws, 120A.125

Contents of box or other depository when presumed abandoned, 120A.510

Delivery of property to Administrator, 120A.570

Holding of property by Administrator, time, 120A.610

Presumption of abandonment, 120A.500

Reimbursement of holder for costs and charges, 120A.590

Reports by holders of property presumed abandoned, contents, 120A.560

Sale or transfer of property, 120A.610, 120A.640

Savings bonds, presumption of abandonment, claims following escheat to State, 120A.525, 120A.620

Securities, 120A.500, 120A.570, 120A.600, 120A.610, 120A.640

State, rules for taking custody of property, 120A.530

State Treasurer, Administrator of Unclaimed Property, 120A.025, 226.110

Travelers' checks (See Money orders or travelers' checks, this heading)

Trust accounts, 120A.500

Veterans Services, Department of, transfer of property to, 120A.610

Wages held by businesses, 120A.500

Wills or codicils, 120A.610


Assessment roll, 704A.312

Assessments, 704A.180, 704A.240

Boundaries of service districts, 704A.240-704A.260

Conversion of service facilities, 271.265, 271.800-271.850, 704A.300

Cost study

Basis for apportioning cost, 704A.180, 704A.240

Generally, 704A.180

Joint summaries, 704A.190

Petition of owners, contents, 704A.170

Summary of cost estimates furnished to owners, 704A.190

Definitions, 704A.020-704A.150

Establishment of service district, 704A.200-704A.240

Excavation or demolition near subsurface installation, 455.080-455.180

Existing improvements, use, 704A.300

Filing fees, 703.197

Impersonation of officer or employee of utility company, penalty, 207.345

Interim warrants, 704A.310

Legislative findings and purpose, 704A.010

Public utility corporations (See also PUBLIC UTILITIES)

Conversion of service facilities, 704A.300

Cost study, duties, 704A.170-704A.190

Definition, 704A.120

Rehearings, party to, 704A.270

Time for commencement of construction or conversion, 704A.290

Supervision and regulation by Public Utilities Commission, 703.150

Time for commencement of construction or conversion, 704A.290

Total construction cost, resolution determining, 704A.312

UNDERGROUND WATER (For specific provisions, see WATER)

Generally, ch. 534


Generally, ch. 642



Additional benefits (See Extended benefits, this heading)

Aliens, eligibility for compensation, 612.448

Appeals and judicial review

Appeal Tribunals

Appointment, 612.490

Back pay awarded for unlawful discharge, appeal of repayment, 612.371

Common ownership, management or control among employers, appeal of determination, 612.245

Consolidation of appeals, 612.505

Contribution rate based on experience, appeal of determination, 612.250

Decisions and findings, 612.510, 612.515

Depositions, 612.270

Employee's termination, appeal of determination, 612.551, 612.717

Employing unit constituting employer, appeal of determination, 612.245

Evidence, 612.500

Filing of appeal, time, 612.495

Insured status, appeal of determination or redetermination, 612.495

Intervention of any employing unit adversely affected, 612.495

Overpayment of benefits, appeal of determination, 612.365

Procedure, 612.500

Record, 612.500

Removal or transfer of appeal, 612.520

Self-incrimination, protection against, 612.280

Service constituting employment, appeal of determination, 612.245

Subpoenas, 612.270, 612.275

Trial de novo, petition for, 612.500

Withdrawal of appeal, 612.495

Witnesses, 612.270, 612.500

Appellate court

District court's decision on appeal of decision of Board of Review, appeal of, 612.530

Judgment for delinquent contributions, appeal of, 612.640

Board of Review

Appeal Tribunal's decision, appeal of, 612.510

Appointment and composition, 612.305

Decisions and findings, 612.515, 612.525, 612.530

Depositions, 612.270

Evidence, 612.515

Filing of appeal, time, 612.510

Right to appeal or review, 612.515

Self-incrimination, protection against, 612.280

Subpoenas, 612.270, 612.275

Witnesses, 612.270

District court, procedures, 612.525, 612.530

Attorney General, duties, 612.525, 612.745

Back pay awarded for unlawful discharge of employee, effect, 612.371


Additional benefits (See Extended benefits, this heading)

Amount of weekly benefit, 612.340, 612.350

Assignments void, exception, 31A.330, 612.710

Base period, 612.025

Child support payments, recovery from benefits due obligor, 31A.150, 31A.330, 612.457

Claims (See Claims for benefits, this heading)

Deceased persons, payment of benefits due, 612.360

Definition, 612.035

Disqualification (See Disqualification for benefits, this heading)

Duration of benefits, 612.355

Eligibility, conditions, 612.375

Encumbrances void, 612.710

Exemption from attachment and execution, 21.090, 612.710

Extended benefits (See Extended benefits, this heading)

False statements to prevent or reduce payment of benefits, criminal penalty, 612.730

Federal income tax, deduction and withholding, 612.357

Incompetent persons, payment of benefits due, 612.360

Independent contractors with State, ineligible, 333.700

Ineligibility, notice to insured worker, 612.470

Initial determination of insured status, payment of benefits, 612.465

Overpayments, liability, recovery, 612.365

Payment through offices of Employment Security Division, 612.335

Pension, retirement or annuity payments, effect on benefits, 612.375

Pledges unlawful, 612.710

Protection, 612.700, 612.710

Reciprocal arrangements, 612.295, 612.750

Reduction, 612.375, 612.730


Back pay awarded for same period benefits collected, 612.371

False statement or representations used to obtain or increase benefits, 612.445

Fraudulently obtained benefits, withholding of income by employers, 612.7102-612.7116

Retroactive payment, 612.434

Wages defined, 612.190

Waiver void, 612.700

Weekly benefit amount defined, 612.200

Board of Review (See Appeals and judicial review, this heading)

Claims for benefits

Appeals (See Appeals and judicial review, this heading)

Child support obligations, disclosure, 612.457

Conspiracy, penalties, 612.720

Determination of insured or uninsured status

Finality of determination or redetermination, 612.485

Initial determination, effective period, 612.465

Protesting employers, notice of determination, 612.475

Redeterminations, 612.480

Request, filing, notice to base-period employers, 612.460

Statement of status, contents, 612.460

Disclosure of information by Employment Security Division, 612.265

Employers to provide unemployed persons with statements and materials, 612.455

Evidence, use of administrative or judicial determinations as, 612.245, 612.533

Extended benefits, 612.3772

False statements or representations or failure to disclose material fact, penalties, 612.445, 612.715-612.735

Fees charged against claimants prohibited, 612.705

Ineligibility or disqualification for any week or weeks, notice to insured worker, 612.470

Insured worker defined, 612.170

Investigation of simultaneous claims for unemployment compensation and workers' compensation, 612.265

Notice to employers, 612.475

Procedure, 612.450, 612.455

Protests by employers, time for filing, 612.475

Reciprocal arrangements, 612.295, 612.750


Claimant's entitlement to information, 612.265

Retention and destruction, 612.260

Redeterminations, 612.480, 612.485

Violations, penalties, 612.735

Contributions by employers

Adjustments, 612.655, 612.665


Arbitrary assessments, levy and notice, 612.660, 612.665

Finality, 612.665

Jeopardized collections, 612.675

Modification or readjustment, 612.670

Contractors, liability for amounts due from subcontractors, 612.687

Definition, 612.045

Delinquent contributions

Action for recovery, 612.625

Appeals of judgments, 612.640

Attachment of property, 612.625

Creation of lien, 612.680

Creditors and debtors of employers, notice, duties, 612.685, 612.686

Disbursement following collection, 612.609

Document fees, imposition against employers, 612.645

Employment Security Division authorized to act on behalf of State, 612.645

Garnishment of employer's debtors, 612.685

Interest, 612.620

Payment under protest, time for commencement of action for refund, 612.630

Priority of liens, 612.650

Refunds and adjustments, 612.655

Sale or other transfer of employer's assets, liability for unpaid contributions, 612.690, 612.695

State's power to satisfy debts owed to State, 612.685

Summary judgment and lien, 612.630, 612.635

Dishonored payment, effect, fee, 612.618

Employee's agreement to pay, void, 612.700

Failure or refusal to pay contributions

Contractors, notice of judgments to State Contractors' Board, 612.645

Penalty, 612.730

Indian tribes, reimbursement in lieu of contributions, 612.553

Nonprofit organizations, reimbursement in lieu of contributions, 612.553

Payment, 353.1467, 612.535, 612.608, 612.618, 612.730

Plan or scheme to reduce contribution, penalty, 612.730

Political subdivisions, reimbursement in lieu of contributions, 612.553

Program for employment and training, 612.606-612.608

Public works contracts, effect of failure to pay, 338.016, 338.017


Administrative determination, 612.250

Appeals, 612.250

Assignment of predecessor's rate, 612.550

Base, 612.545

Classification of employers, 612.550

Determination to reflect experience and classification, 612.550

Experience record

Charging of benefits against record, 612.550, 612.551

Common ownership, management or control among employers, effect, 612.550

Termination of experience rating account, 612.550

Transfer of trade or business, effect, 612.550, 612.732

Individual statements, issuance, contents, 612.550

Maximum contribution rate plus 2 percent, authority to assign for certain prohibited acts, 612.732

Reduction, restrictions, 612.550

Reserve ratio of employers, effect, use, 612.550

Standard rate, 612.540

Unlawful acts to obtain more favorable rate, civil penalties, 612.732

Refunds, 612.630, 612.655, 612.760

State, reimbursement in lieu of contributions, 612.553

Definitions, 612.015-612.200, 612.377

Disaster of state of emergency, effect, 612.220, 612.242, 612.550, 612.551

Disclosure of information by Employment Security Division, 612.265

Disqualification for benefits

Academic years or terms, period between, 612.434

Alien status, exceptions, 612.448

Athletic events, 612.436

Crime committed in connection with employment, 612.383

Extended benefits, 612.392, 612.405

Failure to apply for or accept suitable work, 612.390, 612.392

False statements or representations or failure to disclose material fact, 612.445

Holiday recess, 612.432

Labor disputes, effect, 612.390, 612.395

Leaving work voluntarily, 612.380

Misconduct, 612.385

Notice to insured worker, 612.470

Receipt of benefits under other law, 612.400

Sabbatical leave, 612.434

Severance pay, 612.420

Sports events, 612.436

Vacations or vacation pay, 612.425-612.432

Wages in lieu of notice, 612.420

District attorneys, duties, 612.745

Domestic violence victims, prohibition on denial of benefits related to, 612.3755

Employing units

Administrative determination relating to status as employer, appeal of, 612.245

Agricultural employer, period or cessation of coverage, 612.555, 612.560

Cessation of status as employer, 612.560, 612.565

Civil penalties, 612.732

Common ownership, management or control among employers, 612.245, 612.550, 612.732


Employees of subcontractors, actions against original contractors, 11.209

Highway contracts, compliance with law required, 408.373, 408.377

Liability for contributions owed by subcontractors, 612.687

Names of subcontractors delinquent in contributions, availability, 624.605

Public works contracts, failure to pay contributions, 338.016, 338.017

Contributions (See Contributions by employers, this heading)

Definition, 612.060

Disclosure of information obtained from employers, 612.265

Domestic employer, period or cessation of coverage, 612.555, 612.560

Election to become employer, approval, cessation and termination of coverage, 612.565-612.580

Employee leasing companies, client companies, 616B.691

Employee misclassifications

Administrative penalties, 608.400

Agency communications and task force to address, 607.216-607.2195

Complaints, procedure, liability of employers, 608.410

Employer defined, 612.055

False statements or failure to disclose material facts, penalties, 612.717, 612.730

Highway contractors and subcontractors, 408.373, 408.377

Indian tribes

Definition, 612.168

Reimbursement in lieu of contributions, 612.553

Service performed in employ of tribe, 612.123

Intervention in appeal to Appeal Tribunal, 612.495

Nonprofit organizations

Period or cessation of coverage, 612.555, 612.560

Reimbursement in lieu of contributions, 612.553

Notice to employers

Charging of benefits to employer's account, 612.551

Claims filed, 612.475

Requests for determinations of benefit status, 612.460

Period of employer's coverage, 612.555

Protest of payment of benefits, filing, 612.475

Records, maintenance and inspection, 612.260, 612.730

Registration required, 612.535


Arbitrary assessments on failure to file or incorrect filing, 612.660

Criminal penalty for willful failure or refusal to file, 612.730

Forfeits and interest imposed for failure to file, 612.740

Requirement, 612.260

Sale or other transfer of assets, liability for unpaid contributions, 612.690, 612.695

State or political subdivisions

Definition, 612.055

Reimbursement in lieu of contributions, 612.553

Surety bonds, 612.670, 612.675

Termination of employers' election of coverage, 612.580

Violations, penalties, 612.700, 612.717, 612.730, 612.735


Agent-drivers, 612.142

Agricultural labor, 612.090

Appeal of administrative determination relating to employment, 612.245

Aviation services, 612.070, 612.100

City employees, 612.115

Commission-drivers, 612.142

Commission sales, applicability, 612.144

County employees, 612.115

Definition, 612.065

District employees, 612.115

Domestic service, 612.095

Election to include services as employment, conditions, 612.570

Federal system for compensation, exclusion of covered services, 612.125

Fraternity or sorority domestic services, exclusion, 612.140

Hospital services, 612.117, 612.167

Indian tribe, service performed in employ of, 612.123

Institutions of higher education, employees, 612.169

Local government employees, 612.115

Maritime service, 612.070, 612.100

Mining lessees, excluded service, 612.135

Newspaper delivery, excluded service, 612.130

Part-time service, excluded service, 612.145

Public employment

State of Nevada, political subdivisions or agencies, 612.115

United States, another state or political subdivision, service excluded, exception, 612.110

Real estate salesperson or broker, services excluded, 612.133

Reciprocal agreements, 612.125

Relatives' employment, excluded service, 612.105

Religious or charitable service, applicability, 612.120, 612.121

Sales services, applicability, 612.142, 612.144

Services included and excluded, 612.070-612.145

State employees, 612.115

Students and spouses, services included in certain cases, 612.118, 612.119

United States service, excluded service, 612.110

Universities and colleges, employees, 612.118, 612.119

Employment Security Division, administrative authority, 612.215

Extended benefits

Amended determination of entitlement, 612.3782

Amount of weekly extended benefit, 612.3776

Claim procedures, 612.3772

Commencement or termination of extended benefit period, notice of, 612.3784

Definitions, 612.377

Disqualification, 612.392, 612.405

Experience rating of base-period employer, payments nonchargeable against, 612.3786

High unemployment period, effect, 612.378

Interstate Benefit Payment Plan, benefits payable under, 612.405

Maximum amount payable during year, 612.378

Partial unemployment, 612.3778

Payment procedure, 612.3772

Federal tax becoming inoperative, effect on state program, 612.760

Fees charged against claimants, prohibition, 612.705

Foreign citizens, eligibility for compensation, 612.448


Employment Security Fund

Creation, use, 612.615

Forfeits and interest, deposit, 612.445, 612.615, 612.620, 612.740

Federal Unemployment Trust Fund

Bond issue for purposes of Fund, 612.6102-612.6134

Deposits, 612.445, 612.590

Requisition and use of money, 612.590, 612.617

Interest Repayment Fund, creation, sources, use, 612.6175

Unemployment Compensation Administration Fund

Appropriation of state money for replacement of federal money owed, 612.610

Contributions, deposit, 612.330, 612.606-612.608

Creation, receipt and use of money, 612.605

Delinquent contributions of employers, disbursement of payments, 612.609, 612.618

Document fees, deposit, 612.645

Program for employment and training, financing, 612.606-612.608

Requisition and use of federal money, 612.617

Small business start-up programs for senior citizens and veterans, financing, 612.607

Wagner-Peyser Act receipts, deposit, 612.330

Unemployment Compensation Bond Fund

Creation, deposits, use, 612.613

Definitions, 612.6102-612.6118

Issuance of bonds, procedures, 612.6122-612.6134

Legislative declaration, 612.612

Unemployment Compensation Fund

Accounts and deposits, 612.590, 612.6175, 612.732

Advances, application by Employment Security Division Administrator, 612.290

Benefits defined, 612.583

Delinquent contributions of employers, disbursement of payments, 612.609

Establishment and administration, 612.585

Management of money on discontinuance of Fund, 612.600

Reimbursement under reciprocal arrangements, 612.295, 612.300

Requisition and use of federal money, 612.617

Unemployment Compensation Bond Fund obligations, payment, 612.6124

Withdrawals, 612.595

Independent contractors with State, ineligible for benefits, 333.700

Industrial insurance

Election of base period following receipt of industrial benefits, 612.344

Exclusion of persons receiving industrial benefits, 612.185

Investigation of simultaneous claims for workers' compensation and unemployment compensation, 612.265

Records, disclosure of confidential information, 616B.012

Jury, list of recipients provided for selection, 612.265

National Guard members, service excluded from coverage, exception, 612.115

Partial unemployment, 612.185, 612.3778

Prisoners, employment excluded from coverage, 612.115

Program for employment and training, establishment and financing, 612.606-612.608

Public works contracts, failure to pay unemployment contributions, 338.016, 338.017


Protection, 612.280, 612.700, 612.710

Subject to legislative amendment or repeal, 612.755

Severance pay, 612.420

Tips included in wages, 612.190

Veterans, collection of data, reports, 417.0194, 612.237


Definition of wages, 612.190

Notice, wages in lieu of, 612.420

Severance pay, effect, 612.420

Unlawful deductions, 612.700



Legislative measures, inclusion of information, 218D.270


Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction, 159.1991-159.2029

Aeronautics, 493.010-493.120

Anatomical Gift Act, Revised, 451.500-451.598

Arbitration, 38.206-38.248

Assignment of Rents, 107A.010-107A.370

Athlete Agents Act, Revised, ch. 398A

Attendance of Witnesses From Without a State in Criminal Proceedings, Act to Secure, 174.395-174.445

Canadian Domestic-Violence Protection Orders Act, Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of, 33.110-33.158

Child Abduction Prevention, ch. 125D

Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement, ch. 125A

Child Witness Testimony by Alternative Methods, 50.500-50.620

Code of Military Justice, 412.196-412.584

Collaborative Law, 38.400-38.575

Commercial Code, ch. 104, ch. 104A

Commercial Real Estate Receivership Act, 32.100-32.370

Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, ch. 219

Common-Interest Ownership, ch. 116

Common Trust Fund, 164.070-164.100

Conservation Easement, 111.390-111.440

Contribution Among Tortfeasors, 17.225-17.305

Controlled Substances, ch. 453

Criminal Extradition, 179.177-179.235

Custodial Trust Act, Nevada, ch. 166A

Death Taxes, Interstate Arbitration of, 375A.450-375A.510

Death Taxes, Interstate Compromise of, 375A.400-375A.420

Debt-Management Services, ch. 676A

Declaratory Judgments, 30.010-30.160

Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act, 125C.0601-125C.0693

Digital Assets, Fiduciary Access to (Revised Uniform Act of 2015), ch. 722

Disclaimer of Property Interests, ch. 120

Electronic Legal Material, ch. 721

Electronic Transactions, ch. 719

Emergency Volunteer Health Care Practitioners, ch. 415A

Environmental Covenants, ch. 445D

Facsimile Signatures of Public Officials, ch. 351

Faithful Presidential Electors, 298.005-298.089

Family Support Act, Interstate, 130.0902-130.802

Federal Lien Registration, 108.825-108.837

Fiduciaries Act, 162.010-162.140

Foreign-Country Money Judgments Recognition, 17.700-17.820

Foreign Judgments, Enforcement of, 17.330-17.400

Foreign-Money Claims, 17.410-17.660

Fraudulent Transfers, ch. 112

Fresh Pursuit, Interstate, 171.154-171.164

Fresh Pursuit, Intrastate, 171.166-171.176

Insurers Liquidation, 696B.030-696B.180, 696B.280-696B.340

International Wills, ch. 133A

Interparty Agreements, ch. 102

Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act, 53.100-53.200

Joint Obligations, ch. 101

Legal Material, Electronic, ch. 721

Limited Partnership Act (2001), ch. 87A

Limited Partnerships, ch. 88

Military Justice, Code of, 412.196-412.584

Motor Vehicle Drivers' License, 483.010-483.630

Notarial Acts, 240.161-240.169

Partition of Heirs Property, 39.600-39.705

Partnership, ch. 87

Plumbing Code, 444.340-444.430

Power of Attorney, 162A.200-162A.660

Powers of Appointment, ch. 162B

Premarital Agreement, ch. 123A

Presidential Electors Act, Faithful, 298.005-298.089

Principal and Income Act (1997), 164.700, 164.780-164.925

Prudent Investor, 164.700-164.775

Prudent Management of Institutional Funds, 164.640-164.680

Real Property Electronic Recording, 111.366-111.3697

Real Property Transfer on Death, 111.655-111.699

Rule Against Perpetuities, 111.103-111.1039

Securities, ch. 90

Simplification of Fiduciary Security Transfers, 162.150-162.250

Simultaneous Death, ch. 135

Terminally Ill, Rights of the, 449A.400-449A.481

Testamentary Additions to Trusts, 163.220-163.250

Trade Secrets, ch. 600A

Transfers to Minors, ch. 167

Trustees' Accounting, ch. 165

Trusts, 163.010-163.200

Unclaimed Property, ch. 120A

Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act of 2008 (Revised Uniform), 81.700-81.890

Unsworn Foreign Declarations Act, 53.250-53.390

Vendor and Purchaser Risk, 113.030-113.050

Veterans' Guardianship, ch. 160

Wills, International, ch. 133A

Witnesses From Without a State in Criminal Proceedings, Act to Secure the Attendance of, 174.395-174.445


Applicable law, parties' power to choose, 104.1301

Article 1, scope, 104.1102


Article 2A (See LEASES — Uniform Commercial Code)






Article 8 (See SECURITIES — Investment securities)


Citation of laws, 104.1101

Construction of Code, 104.1103

Course of dealing, 104.1303

Course of performance, 104.1303

Damages, limitations, 104.1305

Definitions, 104.1201

Discharge of claim or right arising out of alleged breach, 104.1306

Documents issued by third parties, prima facie evidence of authenticity and genuineness, 104.1307

Effect of provisions, variation by agreement, 104.1302

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, relation to laws, 104.1108

Evidentiary matters (See EVIDENCE)

Forms, standards, fees, 225.105

Gender words, 104.1106

Generally, ch. 104, ch. 104A

Implied repeal of provisions, construction against, 104.1104

Lease distinguished from security interest, 104.1203

Notice or knowledge, when effective, 104.1202

Option to accelerate at will, 104.1309

Performance or acceptance under reservation of rights, 104.1308

Presumptions, 104.1206

Purposes and policies of Code, 104.1103

Reasonable time, 104.1205, 104.1302

Remedies to be liberally administered, 104.1305

Scope, 104.1102

Seasonableness, 104.1205

Severability, 104.1105

Singular and plural, use of words, 104.1106

Subordinated obligations, 104.1310

Supplemental principles of law, 104.1103

Territorial applicability, 104.1301

Title loans, applicability, 604A.5078

Usage of trade, 104.1303

Value, when given, 104.1204

Waiver or renunciation of claim or right after breach, 104.1306


Generally, ch. 689A


Applicability to elections, 293D.100

Citation of laws, 293D.010

Definitions, 293D.020-293D.090

Digital or electronic signature, use, 293D.130, 293D.200, 293D.230, 293D.300, 293D.420

E-mail address of covered voter, requests for, use, confidentiality, 293D.510

Electronic free-access system for use by covered voters, establishment, 293D.500

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, relation to laws, 293D.120

Eligibility of overseas voter to become covered voter, 293D.210

Injunction or other equitable relief, 293D.540

Internet publication of election notices, 293D.520

Local elections official, general duties, 293D.200

Military-overseas ballots and balloting materials

Failure to receive, procedures following, 293D.320

Methods of applying for ballots, 293D.300

Mobile devices, use to request ballots, 293.4688

Standing requests for electronic delivery, 293D.510

Timeliness and scope of applications, 293D.310

Transmission to covered voters, 293D.320

Mistake, omission or noncompliance, effect on validity of documents, 293D.530

Notice to local elections official of status as covered voter required, 293D.300

Preregistration to vote, form and content of application, regulation, 293D.200

Registration of covered voters

Address of last place of residence, use, assignment of precinct, 293D.220

Methods of registering, 293D.230

Secretary of State, general duties, 293D.200

Uniformity of application and construction, 293D.110

Voting by covered voters

Abbreviations, misspellings or other minor variations, effect, 293D.530

Declarations by voter, requirements, 293D.200, 293D.230, 293D.300, 293D.420

Federal write-in absentee ballot, use, 293D.410

Timely casting of ballot, 293D.400


Constables, duties, 258.070

Domestic workers, wage deductions for uniform prohibited, 613.620

Employees, employer to provide, 608.165

Exemption from execution, 21.090

National Guard, unlawful wearing of uniforms, 412.594, 412.596

Peace officers, reimbursement for repair or replacement of uniforms damaged or destroyed in performance of duties, 289.800

Public officers, use to impersonate, 199.430

Railroad employees, unlawful compulsion concerning purchase, 613.150, 705.230

School pupils, 386.855, 388A.246, 392.4634

State employees, 281.121

Transportation companies, unlawful coercion regarding place of purchase, 613.150




Abatement of action, effect of change in managers or members, 81.785

Advancement of expenses, 81.860

Claims, assertion and defense, 81.775

Judgment or order against association, effect, 81.780

Sue and be sued, capacity to, 81.775

Venue, 81.795

Agent for service of process, 81.785

Application and construction of Act, 81.885

Citation of laws, 81.700

Definitions, 81.705-81.740

Dissolution, 81.865

Distinct entity, association constitutes, 81.755

Dividends and distributions, 81.855

Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, relation to, 81.890

Governing law, 81.745, 81.750

Liability of association, 81.770


Claims by or against association, 81.775

Compensation, benefits and reimbursements, 81.855, 81.860

Duties generally, 81.840

Liability, 81.770, 81.840, 81.875

Liability insurance, 81.860

Management rights, 81.835

Meetings, 81.845

Records, inspection and copying, 81.850

Selection, effect of failure to select, 81.835


Admission as member, 81.820

Agent, status as, 81.800

Approval of certain acts of association, 81.805, 81.810

Claims by or against association, 81.775

Compensation, benefits and reimbursements, 81.855, 81.860

Duties generally, 81.815

Liability, 81.770, 81.875

Liability insurance, 81.860

Managers, selection, effect of failure to select, 81.835

Meetings, 81.810

Nontransferability of membership, 81.830

Records, inspection and copying, 81.850

Repurchase of membership by association, 81.855

Resignation, 81.825

Suspension, dismissal or expulsion, 81.820

Voting, 81.810, 81.820

Mergers, 81.875

Nonprofit associations, generally (See NONPROFIT CORPORATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS)

Perpetual duration, 81.755

Powers generally, 81.755

Profit activities, 81.755


Acquisition, ownership and disposition, 81.760, 81.765

Transfers, transitional provision, 81.880

Winding up and termination, distributions, 81.855, 81.870

Supplemental law, 81.745

Winding up and termination, 81.855, 81.870


Generally, 269.500-269.625



Common law of England (See also COMMON LAW)

Application in courts, 1.030

Homeopathic physicians, licensing requirements, 630A.240, 630A.320


Agriculture industry, agreements for financial aid, 575.050

Air pollution control, 445B.205, 445B.595

Allegiance of every citizen owed to, Art. 1 2

Ambulances or air ambulances operated by, exempt from state licensing, 450B.830

Appraisers of real estate, applicability of laws, 645C.150

Architects exempt from state certificate requirements, 623.035

Armed Forces (See ARMED FORCES)

Assault or battery committed upon federal prosecutors, penalties, 200.471, 200.481

Athletic trainers, state licensing laws inapplicable, 640B.145

Attorney General, cooperation concerning missing children, 432.210

Attorneys employed by, appearances in state courts, S.C.R. 43

Audiologists, state licensing laws inapplicable, 637B.080

Authority to

Compel obedience by armed force, Art. 1 2

Perpetuate and maintain its existence, Art. 1 2

Prevent secession, Art. 1 2

Bank deposits in state banks, pledge of security, 662.075, 662.175


Exemption from state licensing requirements, 659.115

Merger or consolidation with state banks, 666.035, 666.045

Benefits paid by direct deposit, exemption from execution, 21.105

Bills and notes, investments by local governments, 355.170


Deposit in lieu of surety bond for protection of State, 100.065

Legal investments

Local government money, 355.170

State Bar of Nevada, Board of Governors, S.C.R. 86

State money, 355.140

Savings bonds, presumption of abandonment, 120A.525

Building inspectors, applicability of state licensing laws, 645D.100

Cannabis establishments, prohibited conduct under federal law, enforcement of contracts, 678B.610

Census Bureau to receive vital statistics without charge, 440.700

Citizens' allegiance due to, Art. 1 2

Congress (See CONGRESS)



Exemption from state license requirements, 624.031

Federal aid contracts, applicability of state law, 624.033

Public works, effect of being excluded from receiving contracts from Federal Government, 338.017


Deeds or judgments for, recording and provision of certified copies, prohibition on fees, 247.320

Definition of United States

Civil practice, 10.095

Criminal proceedings, 169.205

Justice courts, 64.110

Special actions and proceedings, 28.100

Dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists, state licensing laws inapplicable, 631.115

Dietitians, state licensing laws inapplicable, 640E.090

Electors of Nevada in service of Federal Government

Absent voting, 293.3088-293.340, 293C.304-293C.340

Registration, 293.553, 293.555

Residence unaffected, Art. 2 2, 293.487

Eminent domain, 37.010

Energy auditors, state licensing laws inapplicable, 645D.100

Engineers, state licensing laws inapplicable, 625.095

Environmental health specialists, federal employees exempt from state laws, exception, 625A.0295

Equal employment opportunities law, exemption, 613.310

Exchange of lands under Taylor Grazing Act, ch. 323, 328.380

Farm mortgage loans, farm loan bonds and other obligations issued by federal land banks and banks for cooperatives, state investments, 355.120

Federal agents or officers

Arrest, authority, 171.124-171.1255

Carrying concealed weapons, authority, 202.350

Driver's licenses, issuance for undercover investigations, 483.340

Federal Agricultural Mortgage Association, state investments, 355.140

Federal Bureau of Investigation (See FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (See FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION)

Federal Home Loan Bank (See FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK)

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (See FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION)

Federal Housing Administration (See FEDERAL HOUSING ADMINISTRATION)

Federal land bank obligations, legal investments

Banks, 662.055

Credit unions, 672.760

Local governments, 355.170

Personal representatives, 143.185

Savings banks, 673.280

State, 355.120, 355.140

Federal Lien Registration Act, 108.825-108.837

Federal National Mortgage Association (See FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION)

Federal Public Defender for District of Nevada, attorneys employed by, limited practice certification, S.C.R. 49.1, S.C.R. 49.4, S.C.R. 53, S.C.R. 78, S.C.R. 79

Federal Reserve Bank

Membership by state banks or savings banks, 662.205, 673.2265

Stock may be purchased by state bank or savings bank, 662.135, 673.276

Fictitious name imitating government or agency name, adoption prohibited, 602.017

Firearms, sales or transfers to federal officials, exception to background check requirement, 202.2548

Food Security, Council on, representation by division of U.S.D.A., 232.4966

Freight may be transported and stored by public utility at reduced rates, 704.140

Geographic Names, Nevada State Board of, federal membership, 327.120

Government National Mortgage Association (See GOVERNMENT NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION)

Government shutdowns, protections for federal workers and household members

Energy assistance program, eligibility during period of shutdown, 702.260

Foreclosure of real mortgages, limitations, procedures, penalties, 40.4395, 107.500, 116.311627

Landlord and tenant

Default in payment of rent, certain provisions inapplicable upon proof of status, 40.2512, 40.253

Notice to surrender, extension of period of possession upon request, petition to court for relief, 40.251

Rental payments

Certain lease terms unenforceable, duty of landlord to accept late payments, 118A.310

Landlords, petition to court for relief from requirements, 118A.315

Retaliatory conduct by landlord prohibited, 118A.510

Manufactured home parks

Rental payments, late fees prohibited, 118B.140, 118B.150

Termination of rental agreement for failure to pay rent prohibited upon proof of status, retaliatory conduct prohibited, 118B.200, 118B.210

Repossession of vehicle prohibited, penalty, 482.5165

Governor's temporary powers to comply with federal law, regulation, 223.210

Hazardous materials

Disposal site and by-product material, transfer of title to Federal Government, 459.340

High-level radioactive waste, storage in Nevada prohibited, 459.910

Radiation control, federal-state agreements, 459.080

Health and Human Services, United States Secretary of

Agreement concerning absent parent or child, 432.220

Emergency medical care, agreement by hospital to accept payment through Medicare, 449.1821

Medicaid, dental care for certain persons, application for federal waiver to provide, 422.27247

Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, waiver of provisions, 686B.045

Health matters, agency designated for cooperation with, 439.150

Home Owners' Loan Corporation bonds legal investments for state banks, 662.055

Hospitals, state licensing laws inapplicable, 449.0301

Immigration laws, use of DMV records to enforce prohibited, 481.063

Industrial insurance, method of determining average monthly wage, concurrent wages earned from Federal Government, 616C.420

Interlocal Cooperation Act, 277.160

Irrigation districts

Cooperation with, 539.270-539.330, 539.480

Distribution of water to, 539.235

Power to contract with divisions of districts, 539.405-539.420

Labor, Department of, cooperation with, 607.120, 612.285

Land surveyors, state licensing laws inapplicable, 625.096

Law enforcement officers, private investigators' licensing laws inapplicable, 648.018

Livestock industry, agreements for financial aid, 575.050

Medical facilities, state licensing laws inapplicable, 449.0301

Medical laboratories, state licensing laws inapplicable, 652.071

Migratory Bird Conservation Act, acquisition of land, 328.195

Migratory bird hunting stamps, requirement for hunting, 503.135

Military installations, county traffic control, 244.356

Motor vehicle fuel tax exemption, 365.220, 373.068, 373.070

Motor vehicles owned by United States

Governmental services tax exemption, 371.100

Motor Vehicle Insurance and Financial Responsibility Act inapplicable, 485.370

Off-highway vehicles, registration unnecessary, 490.082

Registration fees, exemption, 482.503

Special fuel tax exemption, 366.200, 373.068

National security, inapplicability of equal employment opportunities law, 613.370

Nevada Coordinate System, National Geodetic Survey, 327.005-327.090

Nurses, state licensing laws inapplicable, 632.316

Occupational therapists, state licensing laws inapplicable, 640A.070

Off-Highway Vehicles, Commission on, federal membership, 490.067


Consular agent, commission to take depositions, NRCP 28, JCRCP 28

Ineligible for Office of Governor, exception, Art. 5 12

Ineligible for state office, exception, Art. 4 9

Osteopathic physicians, state licensing laws inapplicable, 633.171

Paramount allegiance owed to, Art. 1 2

Parole and Probation, Division of, contracts and agreements with federal agencies authorized, 213.1077

Physicians, state licensing laws inapplicable, 630.047

Podiatrists, state licensing laws inapplicable, 635.015

Police services, agreements to furnish or exchange with Federal Government, 223.240

Postal inspectors, arrest powers, 171.1257

Postal Service obligations, legal investments by

Banks, 99.070, 662.055

Fiduciaries generally, 99.070

Guardians, 99.070, 159.113, 159.117, 159A.113, 159A.117

Housing authorities, 315.470

Local governments, 99.070, 355.170

Personal representatives, 99.070, 143.175, 143.515

Savings banks, 99.070, 673.276

State bar, Board of Governors, S.C.R. 86

State of Nevada, 99.070, 353.280, 355.140

Power to compel obedience, Art. 1 2

Prisoners, detention in county jail, 211.060

Property tax

Abatement on property acquired by Federal Government, 361.484

Exemption, Const. Ordinance, 361.050

Public and Behavioral Health, Division of, contracts for cooperation with, 439.155

Public lands (See also PUBLIC LANDS)

Cession of state jurisdiction, appropriation of water, consent to use land or close public road, ch. 328

State consent to federal use, 321.736-321.739

Railroad laws, effect of federal preemption, 705.005

Real property transfer taxes, exemption, 375.090

Recreation and Public Purposes Act of 1926, state procedure, 321.605, 321.610

Recreational facilities, aid to counties, 244A.629

Rehabilitation Division, agreements with Federal Government, 615.220, 615.230


Respiratory care practitioners, state licensing laws inapplicable, 630.047

Sales and use tax exemptions

Personal property sold to, 372.325, 372.7285, 374.330, 374.731

Property loaned or donated to, 372.327, 374.331

Schools exempt from private school licensing laws, inspections, notice requirements, 394.211

Securities, legal investments, 349.304, 350.658, 353.280


Social Security Administration, agreements with Department of Motor Vehicles to verify accuracy of information in voter registration applications, 293.675

Solicitation of charitable contributions, entities exempt from registration, 82A.080

Speech-language pathologists, state licensing laws inapplicable, 637B.080

State Treasurer, duties as ex officio State Disbursing Officer for, 226.180


Documents of title, 104.7103

Judicial notice, 47.140

Secured transactions, applicability of laws, 104.9109

Subversion or resistance prohibited, Art. 1 2

Supreme authority, Art. 1 2


Surplus property, acquisition by State, 333.480

Transportation, Department of, authority to contract with, 408.250-408.260

Transportation facilities, authority of public bodies to accept money from and enter into agreements with the United States or any of its agencies, 338.1595

Unemployment compensation

Federal employment excluded from, 612.110

Interest Repayment Fund, creation, sources, use, 612.6175

Reciprocal arrangements, 612.295


United States Attorney for District of Nevada, attorneys employed by, limited practice certification, S.C.R. 49.1, S.C.R. 49.4, S.C.R. 53, S.C.R. 78, S.C.R. 79


Veterinarians, state licensing laws inapplicable, 638.015

Water and sewer projects, contracts with municipalities, 267.450-267.530

Water conservancy districts, contracts with authorized, 541.330

Water pollution control, federal aid, 445A.440, 445A.450

Water resources, agreements concerning development or use, 532.170, 532.180

Wildlife, Department of, cooperative agreements, 501.351


Certification of questions of law, NRAP 5

Jurisdiction over public offenses committed in State, 171.010

Real property actions, recording of lis pendens with county recorder, 14.010

Removed actions from state courts, entry of default judgment, NRCP 81(c)

Supreme Court, constitutional powers of Federal Government defined by, Art. 1 2


Common-interest communities, right to display flag, 116.320

Condominium hotels, right to display flag, 116B.710

Covenants or deed restrictions, prohibitions on display of flag void, 111.238

Local government employees, right to display flag, 237.250

Manufactured home parks, right of tenants to display flag, 118B.040, 118B.143

Ordinances, regulations, plans or actions restricting rights of real property owners prohibited, 278.02083

Tenants of dwellings, right to display flag, 118A.325, 118B.143



Abstract of votes, 293.393, 293.395

Canvass of returns, Art. 5 4, 293.395

Certificate of election, issuance, 293.395

Congressional districts, 304.060-304.120

Elective office, 281.010

Method of nomination and election, 293.167, 304.010

Nominations and candidates, 293.175-293.204

Stance on term limits, inclusion on ballot, Term Limits Act

Tie vote, determination of winner, 293.400

Time for, 304.010

Motor vehicle license plates, 482.370, 482.3745

Tahoe Basin, fire prevention and forest health, receipt of reports, 528.150

Vacancy in office, appointment to fill, 304.030


Special license plates, 482.379365


Inventory pricing labels, unlawful acts, 205.965






UNLAWFUL DETAINER (For specific provisions, see EVICTION)

Generally, 40.215-40.425


Definition, penalty, 205.0817

Presumption of knowledge of lack of permission to reside, 205.0817

Recovery of possession by occupant locked out of dwelling, 40.416

Unlawful reentry, penalty, 205.082

When owner may retake possession and change locks, notice requirements, 40.412


Definition, penalty, 205.082




Definition, 459.010

Licensing and regulation of uranium operations, 459.300-459.370

Mining generally (See MINES AND MINERALS)




Parties to agree to rate of interest, 99.050


Colorado River Compact, 538.010

Emergency communications technicians, leave for emergencies in adjoining states, 281.149

Red Cross disaster technicians, leave for emergencies in adjoining states, 281.147

Rocky Mountain Low-Level Radioactive Waste Compact, 459.007

Territorial court decisions, validation, 17.010

Thrifts, priority for acquisition of companies in receivership, 677.545

Western Interstate Higher Education Compact, member, 397.020 (Art. I)

Western Interstate Nuclear Compact, 459.001



Generally, 704.820-704.900