Bills and Resolutions by Effective Date


8 Results

Revises provisions relating to public office. (BDR 24-426)

Revises provisions governing the restoration of civil rights for certain ex-felons. (BDR 14-720)

Requires certain health and safety training for entertainment industry workers and supervisors. (BDR 53-151)

Revises provisions governing prescription drugs covered by certain policies of health insurance. (BDR 57-698)

Makes various changes to provisions relating to professions. (BDR 54-109)

Revises provisions governing the regulation of applied behavior analysis. (BDR 39-633)

Proposes to exempt sales of feminine hygiene products from sales and use taxes and analogous taxes. (BDR 32-631)

Makes various changes relating to the State Board of Oriental Medicine. (BDR 54-557)

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