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Revises provisions relating to the operation of a winery in this State. (BDR 52-228)

Revises provisions relating to children. (BDR 11-191)

Makes requirements for management of bad debts consistent among agencies of the Executive Branch of the State Government. (BDR 18-457)

Revises provisions concerning sexual conduct between certain prisoners in lawful custody or confinement and other persons. (BDR 16-343)

Authorizes payroll offsets to recover money related to delinquent balances on state-issued travel charge cards. (BDR 23-458)

Revises provisions governing crimes. (BDR 15-158)

Revises provisions concerning the solicitation of contributions. (BDR 7-447)

Revises provisions governing the persons responsible for a child's welfare. (BDR 38-192)

Revises provisions relating to justice courts. (BDR 1-492)

Revises various provisions relating to the Judicial Branch of State Government. (BDR 1-497)

Makes various changes to the Charter of the City of Reno. (BDR S-478)

Makes various changes relating to parentage. (BDR 11-301)

Revises provisions governing victims of sex trafficking. (BDR 14-750)

Revises provisions governing the policy concerning a safe and respectful learning environment for children enrolled in public schools throughout the State. (BDR 34-220)

Revises provisions governing the sealing of juvenile records. (BDR 5-444)

Revises provisions governing restitution. (BDR 14-560)

Revises provisions governing audiologists, speech-language pathologists and hearing aid specialists. (BDR 54-165)

Revises provisions governing punishment for crimes. (BDR 4-182)

Revises provisions governing massage therapy. (BDR 54-207)

Revises provisions relating to the administration of estates of deceased persons. (BDR 12-862)

Revises provisions governing contractors. (BDR 54-513)

Enacts a juvenile competency standard. (BDR 5-188)

Revises provisions governing certain domestic relations matters involving veterans with a service-connected disability. (BDR 11-519)

Revises provisions relating to the foreclosure of liens by a homeowners' association. (BDR 10-751)

Authorizes electronic verification of motor vehicle insurance. (BDR 43-28)

Revises provisions relating to the adoption of children. (BDR 11-757)

Revises provisions governing service animals. (BDR 38-638)

Revises and expands provisions relating to obtaining, providing and administering auto-injectable epinephrine in certain circumstances. (BDR 40-66)

Makes various changes relating to courts. (BDR 1-453)

Revises provisions governing general obligations. (BDR 30-917)

Revises provisions governing private investigators. (BDR 54-758)

Revises provisions relating to transportation. (BDR 43-703)

Revises provisions governing the discipline of pupils. (BDR 34-248)

Revises provisions related to real property. (BDR 10-621)

Revises provisions governing certain equipment for motor vehicles. (BDR 43-626)

Makes various changes relating to common-interest communities. (BDR 10-661)

Makes various changes relating to criminal procedure. (BDR 14-911)

Requires the Legislative Committee on Public Lands to conduct a study concerning water conservation and alternative sources of water for Nevada communities. (BDR S-805)

Increases the statute of limitations for sexual assault. (BDR 14-1062)

Revises provisions governing certain crimes against older persons and vulnerable persons. (BDR 15-566)

Revises provisions governing programs for reentry of offenders and parolees into the community. (BDR 16-45)

Revises provisions governing the practice of medicine. (BDR 54-412)

Revises provisions governing the practice of chiropractic. (BDR 54-701)

Regulates operators of unmanned aerial vehicles in this State. (BDR 44-8)

Creates the Women Veterans Advisory Committee. (BDR 36-579)

Revises provisions relating to testing for the human immunodeficiency virus. (BDR 40-117)

Provides an enhanced penalty for committing certain repeat graffiti offenses. (BDR 15-736)

Revises provisions governing cosmetology. (BDR 54-267)

Revises provisions governing reporting of information by physicians to the Department of Motor Vehicles concerning patients with epilepsy. (BDR 40-930)

Revises provisions governing the custody and support of children. (BDR 11-199)

Revises provisions concerning the sentencing and parole of persons convicted as an adult for a crime committed when the person was less than 18 years of age. (BDR 14-641)

Prohibits a person from making or causing to be made certain nonemergency telephone calls under certain circumstances. (BDR 15-922)

Revises provisions relating to domestic relations. (BDR 11-745)

Establishes provisions governing the destruction of certain physical evidence. (BDR 4-734)

Revises provisions relating to commercial tenancies. (BDR 10-126)

Revises provisions relating to sales and use taxes. (BDR 32-964)

Revises provisions related to tow cars. (BDR 58-967)

Revises provisions relating to real property. (BDR 3-921)

Revises provisions governing employee leasing companies. (BDR 53-766)

Revises provisions relating to the use of water in a federal reclamation project. (BDR 48-928)

Revises provisions governing the operation and equipment of motorcycles and mopeds. (BDR 43-1073)

Revises provisions governing emergency medical services. (BDR 40-702)

Makes various changes to provisions relating to local government purchasing. (BDR 27-1098)

Provides for the issuance of special license plates relating to the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of America. (BDR 43-1144)

Revises provisions governing continuing education of managers and assistant managers of manufactured home parks. (BDR 10-1127)

Increases the maximum speed at which a person may drive or operate a vehicle. (BDR 43-13)

Revises provisions governing elections for nonpartisan offices. (BDR 24-90)

Requires a mental health professional to take certain actions if a patient communicates an explicit threat in certain circumstances. (BDR 54-3)

Revises provisions relating to certain licenses pertaining to intoxicating liquor. (BDR 32-455)

Revises provisions governing unemployment compensation. (BDR 53-383)

Eliminates provisions relating to authorized maintenance stations licensed to install, repair and adjust devices for the control of pollution from motor vehicle engines. (BDR 40-380)

Revises provisions relating to business associations. (BDR 7-450)

Prohibits certain acts relating to wagering. (BDR 41-353)

Revises provisions governing certain safety requirements for driving across railroad tracks. (BDR 43-378)

Makes various changes to the regulation of contractors by the State Contractors' Board. (BDR 54-387)

Revises provisions governing waiver of the right of a criminal defendant to be present during sentencing proceedings. (BDR 14-432)

Revises provisions governing graffiti. (BDR 15-479)

Makes various changes relating to political advertising. (BDR 24-86)

Makes changes relating to prescriptions for certain controlled substances. (BDR 40-239)

Revises provisions relating to certain town advisory boards. (BDR 21-241)

Limits civil liability of certain persons for injuries or death resulting from certain equine activities. (BDR 3-611)

Revises provisions governing the compensation of certain court reporters. (BDR 1-639)

Revises provisions relating to witnesses. (BDR 4-44)

Revises provisions governing the forfeiture of property. (BDR 14-222)

Revises provisions governing traffic laws. (BDR 43-72)

Requires law enforcement agencies to adopt certain policies relating to certain training for peace officers concerning dog behavior. (BDR 23-10)

Revises requirements governing certain child welfare proceedings. (BDR 38-195)

Enacts the State and Local Government Cooperation Act. (BDR 22-706)

Revises provisions governing eligibility to be a candidate for or member of the executive board or an officer of a unit-owners' association. (BDR 10-617)

Allows a person to designate a caregiver when admitted to a hospital. (BDR 40-512)

Makes temporary changes relating to fire and related emergency services in certain counties. (BDR 42-121)

Provides for the recovery of attorney's fees and litigation expenses by certain prevailing parties in criminal actions. (BDR 3-205)

Revises provisions relating to the return of seized property. (BDR 14-204)

Revises provisions relating to sexual conduct between certain persons. (BDR 14-731)

Revises provisions relating to industrial insurance. (BDR 53-991)

Prohibits the filing of false or fraudulent liens or encumbrances against certain persons. (BDR 15-653)

Revises provisions relating to contractors. (BDR 53-984)

Revises provisions relating to the sale and distribution of tobacco products, vapor products and alternative nicotine products. (BDR 15-796)

Provides for the issuance of special license plates indicating support for Second Amendment rights. (BDR 43-713)

Revises provisions governing the payment of compensation to certain victims of crime. (BDR 16-1038)

Makes certain changes relating to public safety. (BDR 14-955)

Requires payday lenders to use best practices. (BDR 52-953)

Revises provisions concerning drivers of vehicles involved in accidents resulting in bodily injury to or the death of a person. (BDR 43-558)

Ratifies the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. (BDR 54-576)

Makes various changes relating to certain research facilities. (BDR 50-56)

Exempts spendthrift trusts from the application of the periods of limitation set forth in the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act. (BDR 10-780)

Revises provisions relating to the tax on live entertainment. (BDR 32-720)

Revises provisions governing medical marijuana establishments. (BDR S-996)

Revises provisions relating to the disposition of unspent campaign contributions. (BDR 24-596)

Revises provisions relating to liens on real property located within a common-interest community. (BDR 10-55)

Revises provisions governing public works. (BDR 28-255)

Revises provisions relating to dentists. (BDR 57-261)

Revises provisions relating to condominium hotels. (BDR 10-76)

Revises provisions relating to notaries public and document preparation services. (BDR 19-895)

Makes various changes regarding the use of decommissioned power plant sites. (BDR 58-236)

Revises provisions relating to businesses. (BDR 7-1088)

Revises provisions relating to real property. (BDR 3-1085)

Establishes an opioid overdose prevention policy for Nevada. (BDR 40-1199)

Revises provisions concerning personal financial administration. (BDR 3-1087)

Provides for the regulation of peer support recovery organizations. (BDR 40-1191)

Provides for the regulation of community health worker pools. (BDR 40-1190)

Revises certain deadlines relating to elections. (BDR 24-1149)

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